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White Light is Searching for Apollo at V & A Museum

November 20th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

On Monday 13th November, some of the biggest music acts of all time gathered at the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the unveiling of The Adoration Trilogy – Searching for Apollo. Created by acclaimed British Photographer Alistair Morrison and musician Roger Daltrey, Searching For Apollo is a piece of artwork which features photos of some of the greatest rock legends of all time. The historical photograph aims to support Daltrey’s charities, Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America. As an approved supplier to the V & A Museum, White Light was called upon to provide the technical support on the evening.

The event was overseen by WL’s Project Manager Phil Gladman. He comments: “The Adoration Trilogy – Searching For Apollo is a unique legacy photograph featuring over 70 of the most iconic music legends of the past five decades as street buskers. Our brief was to light the piece and ensure that it looked as magnificent as possible for its unveiling within the V & A”.

The artwork is presented as a 4 x 5 metre altarpiece-style structure, with a jukebox at its base – allowing viewers to enjoy their favourite music whilst reflecting on this impressive contemporary art piece. As part of its brief, WL also had to create a support frame in which the piece could be positioned during its construction on site. Phil explains: “We had to supply and erect two scaff towers in order for the piece to be put into place. That said, due to the V & A being open to the public, we had to put half of this in during the morning and then later that evening before the event itself”.

The evening took place in the Raphael Gallery with more than 350 people in attendance. These included music legends such as Ray Davies, Tom Jones, Paul Weller, Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, Donovan and Ali Campbell.

Following the drinks reception and unveiling of the piece, there was a live performance by Donovan, Joolz Jones and Danny Thompson. WL supplied the microphones, loud speakers and audio mixer for the live performances. WL also had to provide additional atmospheric lighting throughout the space.

Phil comments: “Having frequently worked at the V & A Museum, we have an intimate knowledge of the various spaces within the building. As a result, whenever we are asked to work there, we are able to draw on this experience and ensure that any event achieves its potential; as seen on this occasion”.

The artwork is the first in the Trilogy, with influential women musicians being featured in the second piece and the third work depicting today’s rising stars.


Photo courtesy of Allan Jenkins and Steve Gregson.

New name but the message stays the same – innovative solutions from zencontrol ltd

November 17th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Following the company’s appointment as the exclusive UK distributor of the zencontrol lighting control system, CP Automated Lighting (Northern) Ltd trading as cpn lighting control will trade as zencontrol ltd with effect from 1st November.

This name change has been implemented following the runaway success of the zencontrol range and, in keeping with the companies 10 year history,  zencontrol ltd  will continue to provide all of its innovative solutions with knowledgeable and deliverable support for lighting control and lighting control maintenance requirements.

zencontrol ltd is an industry leader in supplying and commissioning intelligent and fully addressable automated lighting control systems for the private and public sector industries. The company also offers energy management consultancy, commissioning, maintenance and full technical support.

zencontrol ltd uses advanced cloud technology available and encompasses the recent and forthcoming DALI standards. The zencontrol system has a simple commissioning process and has been designed to integrate easily with other building systems, can be easily adapted to any scale project, from large addressable installations to small stand-alone applications and is the most secure and advanced lighting control system on the market today.


November 17th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

LUX365 highlights how LEDs can be used to replicate the benefits of natural light, including vitality and alertness

Inadequate workplace lighting can impact mood, emotions and also result in health problems according to research undertaken by LUX365.

The UK’s 32 million-strong labourforce, works an average of 30.5 hours per week. Statistics show that between 2015 and 2016, 26 million days were lost due to self-reported, workplace related illness – an average of 16 days suffering per person.

UK productivity has fallen in every quarter since before the global financial crisis. The first half of 2017 was no different, and the reduction of daylight hours in the second half is expected to result in a further drop. On Sunday 29th October, the UK moves to daylight saving time and the workforce will have an even greater reliance on artificial lighting.

Billy Knight, CEO of LUX365 said, “When people don’t have a strong, regular light source, the body’s ability to regulate the body clock fails, which can result in symptoms of lighting deficiency. When natural sunlight isn’t an option, the constant light output provided by LEDs can be used to replicate the benefits of daylight.”

Studies show that exposure to bright light can induce alertness and vitality during regular office hours and provide a livelier, less tense and more pleasant environment to work in, while blue lighting stimulates production of hormones responsible for alertness and activity.

One in five people in the UK are on the SAD spectrum exhibiting symptoms such as depression, agitation and sleep deprivation which have been shown to reduce when treated with high levels of light. Giving control back to workers in open plan offices by providing a local level of control increases job satisfaction and decreases stress levels.

Gerry Howley, Managing Director of Brillianz International said “We recently installed custom LED lighting at multiple sites for a client and the feedback has been amazing. As a company they were thrilled to see a reduction in energy and maintenance costs, approximately 58% of their previous annual bill. However, it’s the impact on staff that has been outstanding. Morale has significantly improved as has productivity and attendance. One employee told me that the improved lighting felt like an investment in the team and made it so much easier to do the job.

“By engaging in careful discussions on design with LUX365 and by considering the environment and employee needs, we made sure we’d identified the optimum mix of lighting. Now not only have we exceeded the client’s expectations, but repeat business in another location is now likely.”

Knight continues, “LEDs have an accepted role in workplace efficiency, but few are aware of how lighting design can positively impact workplace wellbeing and productivity. However, we’re increasingly seeing smart employers invest in lighting as a way to improve health, boost  productivity and also save on operational costs.”

The lighting industry’s understanding of how light intensity and colours affect people is constantly evolving as products become smarter. LUX365 expects to see an influx of intelligent lighting systems including dimmable luminaires and sensors that are all digitally operable to aid with control and analysis, which will reinvent the way that wellness in the workplace is considered by 2020.


IoT pioneer Gooee launches in Europe

November 17th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Gooee, the ‘data brain’ for building activity, officially launched its ‘full stack’ ecosystem amongst its lighting and technology partners at one of Europe’s largest lighting events.

Using sensing hardware and cloud-based software, which is combined into a single solution for smart buildings, Gooee brings together lighting, beacon networking and space analytics to drive application-enabling intelligence for developers, building occupiers, property owners and managers. Scalable and interoperable, Gooee can be used across all sectors to significantly simplify installation complexity, transform human engagement and reduce energy costs by up to 80 per cent.

Neil Salt, Co-founder and MD of Gooee, says, “IoT lighting is transforming the built environment. We’ve talked increasingly about a new era in lighting, but finally that time has arrived. Today we are proud to be celebrating partnerships that are fundamental to the adoption of smart building solutions and pleased to be embarking on trials through our partners with global brands including BMW and CBRE.”

Using building data to monitor building occupancy, Gooee enables flexible working space to flourish, and facilitates working preferences, such as lighting, atmosphere and facilities across commercial assets, which increases employee productivity, health and wellbeing. In a retail environment, the ecosystem also gathers real-time analytics enabling retailers to create tailored experiences for consumers and increasing basket spend. The blend of occupancy and beacon data reduces the cost of managing retail spaces, through enhancing floor layouts and stock positioning to optimise store square footage.

“Gooee is a revolutionary system that is not only changing the way we manage buildings,” says Neil, “but the way we interact with the spaces we occupy. Designed to be interoperable with existing building systems and using Lighting-as-a-Host, Gooee’s platform allows developers of software based apps to build value upon our ‘data brain’ without any additional hardware being installed. This future-proofs the investment for the owner, occupier or manager,” he added.

At the event, Gooee announced that Aurora Lighting and Feilo Sylvania have become Platinum Partners, enabling full access to the platform for non-commercial use, dedicated support, access to Beta hardware and full use of the Gooee Florida IoT Test Centre for long-term testing. Other Gooee partners and sponsors of the Gooee IoT Arena at LuxLive included Utilitywise, Dell EMC, Vodafone, TUV Rheinland, Deltavation, Evrythng, Nordic, and Interlight.

Gooee’s technology has been tested and demonstrated by partners Aurora Lighting, which is currently running a trial with BMW, ABSA Bank, and others across warehousing, hospitality, office and retail environments.

Gary Bennett, Managing Director of Aurora Lighting, says: Aurora’s strategy to create exceptional Value Beyond Illumination continues to provide our commercial and retail customers with a strategic lighting partner and platform solution that delivers a full suite of lighting technology and solutions powered by Gooee, enabling buildings to become connected spaces and immersive experiences that deliver value unachievable through other products. With our global presence, speed to market and industry leading innovations and project service, Gooee is the perfect technology partner to match our vision, ambition and IoT core component and software capabilities that enable us to offer a scalable, wireless connected lighting platform now and in the future. A Gooee Platinum Partner we now aim to work together further to continue to enhance opportunities and maximise benefits that transform environments and customer experiences. This partnership has already led to exciting retail and commercial projects, such as BMW, which is already seeing the multiple benefits that our AXiO platform, powered by Gooee, can offer.”

Christian Schraft, Global CEO Feilo Sylvania: “As a global leader in lighting solutions, we are at the forefront of intelligent lighting. Advances in readily available technology are having a huge impact on lighting solutions and creating new business opportunities for forward-looking organisations. We are in the best position to share this knowledge and expertise with our customers and have taken a strategic approach to this revolution; our business is steadily becoming an holistic provider of lighting services and a myriad of connected solutions.  Our partnership with Gooee reflects our ambitions and passion to create smarter more cost effective buildings by integrating smart technologies.”

Bastiaan de Groot, Global Director Strategy & New Business Development at Feilo Sylvania: “The benefits of smart lighting and the value it offers can be 7-10 times larger than the value that energy efficient lighting alone brings to our customers. As we are developing more smart lighting propositions, the value that these services deliver to clients will only increase and therefore grow in importance. We recognise that there are innovative companies out there developing ground-breaking solutions, which is why we’ve taken a collaborative approach and partnered with Gooee along with many others. Gooee is showing a lot of promise to become one of the leaders in IoT solutions and we are delighted to be partnering with them.”

Rick Jacobs, Managing Director, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions: “The built environment has always been open to new technologies to enhance estate management, sustainability, energy savings and occupier satisfaction. However, technological advancements are occurring faster than ever and the introduction of location-tracking technology embedded in luminaires will transform spaces significantly. What Gooee and others are doing is revolutionary and through being interoperable with other systems, it is likely that we will see a rapid adoption rate in our industry.”

This launch follows the recent announcement that Gooee and IoT cloud software pioneer Evrythng have strengthened their partnership agreement with a US$7.5m+ deal, which provides Gooee with a perpetual licence to use Evrythng’s technology in the smart buildings where Gooee is used.


Ptarmigan and White Light Come Together to Form ITPS

November 17th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Having worked extensively within the Middle & Far East region, Ptarmigan and White Light have now joined forces to form Integrated Technical Production Services LLC (ITPS): a new company which offers installations, technical support and state-of-the-art technology to venues and projects across the GCC. Based at Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina, ITPS will couple expert teams with the latest technology to provide service and support to past and ongoing projects.

Ptarmigan is renowned for providing integration and system design to large-scale projects. White Light is the complete technical solution specialist, with more than 45 years industry experience and huge purchasing power and expertise. ITPS will combine the two companies’ greatest strengths in order to offer a unique service within the region.

WL’s Special Projects Director Simon Needle comments: “We first worked with Ptarmigan back in 2008 when we supplied and installed the technical solutions for the City of Dreams House of Dancing Water Show in Macau along with the Universal Studios Theme Park in Singapore. Over the years, as Ptarmigan has worked on a whole range of system integration projects, we have continued to share resources and ideas in pushing state-of-the-art technology”.

Last year, WL was approached to work on the brand-new Warner Brothers Theme Park in Abu Dhabi and asked Ptarmigan to join forces on the project. WL and Ptarmigan subsequently decided to form ITPS, which will draw on each companies’ strengths for future Projects and opportunities.

Simon explains: “With ITPS, we will offer three areas of service: local service contracts, integration and installation along with the sale of equipment. Our aim is to offer the complete technical solutions to projects which encompasses all of these”.

For local service contracts, ITPS will work with buildings such as theatres, theme parks and studio spaces in order to ensure their systems are maintained to the highest standard possible. ITPS’ trained technicians will be able to work closely with clients to create a maintenance plan that ensures their systems will stay in the best possible condition.

For integration and installations, ITPS’ experienced team of site managers, system designers and installation technicians will offer the most suitable technical solutions to any space. The team will oversee every element of the installation process; from the commissioning stage through to fitting the final fixture. Alongside this, they will offer complete system integration, bringing different technical elements together to ensure they work holistically; allowing a space to achieve its full potential.

Possessing strong relationships with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, ITPS will have access to the very latest lighting and AV technology; allowing clients to draw on ground-breaking equipment. ITPS will also offer advice, make suggestions and arrange demonstrations to ensure that everything is perfectly suited to the client’s needs.

The company will begin operating immediately and is already involved with a range of upcoming projects. Canna Gray, ITPS’ General Manager, comments: “We are really excited about this venture and how we can utilise both companies’ previous experience and skills to drive future projects. We will be offering a service that was previously unavailable in the UAE region and look forward to working with old clients and forming new relationships”.

White Light Enrols at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

November 14th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) offers vocational training for actors, stage managers, designers and technical stagecraft specialists. It was established in 1904 and has built an outstanding reputation as a world-renowned centre of excellence, offering exceptional teaching, strong industry links and the best possible facilities. In order to offer the most influential training possible, the institution has recently partnered with White Light, meaning its lighting students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in such a competitive industry.


RADA is unique in being the only UK drama school to be founded by the industry that it aims to serve, inspiring a creative, inquiring community. Neil Fraser, RADA’s Director of Technical Training , comments: “To ensure we deliver the highest standards of training and that our education is accessible to all, we rely on the generous support of key industry figures and partners. Having worked with WL previously and knowing their own commitment to training the next generation of theatre practitioners, it seemed like a natural step to move into a partnership together”.


As part of the partnership, WL will be supporting the technical training of students over the course of the next year. This means the company will supply the equipment on internal productions, offer demonstration equipment for lectures and classes, introduce students to key industry members, as well as give talks regarding the workings of the lighting industry.


WL’s Managing Director Bryan Raven comments: “This partnership means we are able to combine RADA’s expert teaching with our own experience and resources; resulting in the best education for its students. As seen with our own apprenticeship scheme, we are passionate about seeking out the next generation of theatremakers and those who are the future lifeblood of our industry. By having the most efficient training now, this will benefit them enormously as their careers progress”.


The partnership will also benefit WL’s existing Apprenticeship scheme, with RADA tutors running masterclasses and the WL apprentices embarking on a training opportunity at RADA in the summer.


Bryan adds: “There is a fantastic programme already established for the lighting students at RADA this year. That said, as a company, we are open to allowing further collaborative activities should the need arise. Whether it’s work placement opportunities, or a last minute demonstration, we are willing to adapt to the needs of the students”.


Annually RADA delivers lighting for 16 major productions, a festival, four studio productions and numerous extracurricular events. They also collaborate regularly with other Conservatoire for Dance and Drama schools.


Neil comments: “This is a really exciting opportunity for both organisations to support one another and ensure that the next generation of theatre technicians receive the very best start possible. We are delighted to be working with WL and look forward to starting this important collaboration”.

Photo courtesy of Linda Carter.


Department of Infrastructure, Isle of Man, selects Zeta’s Solar Shelter Lighting Kits

November 13th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

15 bus stops along the main service route from Douglas to Ramsey have been fitted with Zeta Specialist Lighting’s Solar Shelter Lighting Kit. The rollout is part of a three-year plan that will see a total of 50 bus stops across the island benefiting from solar-powered illumination, an initiative designed to enhance passenger comfort and safety. 

Bus stops across the island are response stops. In addition to improving passenger comfort and safety, the Department of Infrastructure wanted to minimise the risk that bus drivers would miss waiting passengers in an unlit shelter during the hours of darkness. Some areas don’t have street lighting and in many locations where bus stops are sited, there is no mains connection, all of which pointed to a non-light polluting solar-powered system as the best solution.

Zeta’s Solar Shelter Lighting Kits had been fitted on shelters in the bus station in Douglas two years previously and had proven to be an effective, maintenance free solution, which made the decision to utilise the same system across the island an easy one.

This bespoke solar-powered lighting solution for bus shelters features specially manufactured, vandal resistant, solar panels which are attached to the roof of the shelter to harness the sun’s energy throughout the day. The solar energy charges the in-built long-life maintenance free batteries and powers the high luminance Zeta LEDs to illuminate the shelter from dusk till dawn.  To ensure reliable, year-round performance, Zeta’s innovative and unique Energy Management System (EMS) optimises the energy collection; maximising power to the batteries during the day, and regulating the amount of power consumed by the LEDs at night.

The 15 shelters along the main service route from Douglas to Ramsey have been programmed to turn on/off according to operational timings. For the next phases which will see the solution rolled out along the high commuter Douglas to Castletown route, and shelters from Peel to Ramsey, being fitted with Zeta’s solar solution, the Solar Shelter Lighting Kits will include Passive Infra-Red technology (PIR) sensors. The shelters will maintain a constant low level of illumination until a passenger enters and activates the sensor, the light levels will gently increase and remain fully activated until the passenger leaves the immediate area.

Ian Bates, Head of Operations, Public Transport Division, Department of Infrastructure, Isle of Man said: “We are delighted with Zeta’s easy to install, maintenance free solution. We are working closely with the island’s parish councils getting them involved in initiatives to safely illuminate their areas and look forward to the wider roll out of this solar-powered system across the island.”


Luminex Provides Show-Critical Networking Solution for Queensferry Crossing Bridge Reveal

November 9th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. recently supplied Edinburgh-based rental & production company, Black Light, with Luminex GigaCore switches to provide a dual redundancy fibre network for the stunning ‘reveal’ of the new £1.35bn Queensferry Crossing bridge.

The lighting scheme, designed by event production company JMP Productions and supplied by Black Light, was switched on by First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon to commemorate the completion of one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Scotland in a generation.

With the structure spanning 1.7 miles / 2.7 kilometres over the River Forth, and the launch event attracting a huge amount of media interest, Black Light needed to ensure that the technical infrastructure for the ambitious lighting scheme performed seamlessly.

The ultra-reliable system they chose consisted of Luminex GigaCore network switches, plus 1km of fibre-optic cabling, to deliver control data to the 60 wash/beam lighting fixtures positioned along the central reservation of the bridge.

With the entertainment and event industries increasingly reliant on networking solutions, the Luminex range of high performance Ethernet devices are designed to offer the security of redundant backup cabling for show-critical connections in a simple, robust, “plug and play” manner.

Image credit: © Ryan Buchanan


Ten reasons why you should visit LuxLive

November 9th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

From Li-Fi to human-centric lighting and wireless controls, this year’s LuxLive is a festival of cutting-edge technology. The latest lighting, the top experts and the best case studies will all be at the biggest ever LuxLive, on 15-16 November at London’s ExCeL. This year the focus will be on smart lighting and the exciting possibilities that are being opened up by technology. The key features for 2017 include:

Gooee IoT Arena

Discover the digital future of lighting and the exciting possibilities it opens up to engage with occupants, to understand customers and to intelligently control our world.

lightspace arena

The lightspace arena – in association with Amerlux – will feature two days of curated content on architectural lighting including debates and presentations from inspirational designers and architects. Keynote speakers for 2017 are Mark Major of Speirs + Major and Mark Middleton of Grimshaw.

Smart Spaces Campus

Powered by Holophane, the Smart Spaces Campus focuses on connected outdoor lighting. Here you’ll see sophisticated lighting systems with advanced features such as environment monitoring, asset management, parking information, lamp and ballast failure reporting and integration with third party systems and software.

Escape Zone

At a time of heightened concern about building safety, the Escape Zone will focus on emergency lighting requirements and standards. Here you’ll learn how to do a risk assessment, best practice procedures, the latest innovations and how to ensure you installation is compliant with the regulations.

Strategies in Light Investor Forum

CEOs of innovative lighting companies unveil their market strategies before an audience of venture capitalists, fund managers, investors and industry leaders. Who’s delivering value? Who are the disruptors? And who will be disrupted? This is a must-attend event for senior management.

LIA Zone

The Lighting Industry Association is showcasing its many services for members. The LIA Labs is demonstrating its testing procedures and its precision equipment, Lumicom is showing off its mobile recycling facility and the training division is discussing the unprecedented availability of qualifications.

Li-Fi Experience

Wireless connectivity delivered by the visible light from LED lighting – known simply as Li-Fi – is creating a lot of excitement in technology circles. No wonder. This breakthrough development could transform lighting into a backbone for information and free up congestion on traditional Wi-Fi networks.

LIA Lighting Academy

Taking place every morning in theatres 6 and 7, this special educational programme will see experienced tutors from the Lighting Industry Association take you through the fundamentals of light, light sources and lighting design. Sign up at

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