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Colour Meets Music

July 8th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

SARM Music Bank in North West London, has transformed their state-of-the-art rehearsal rooms into Covid compliant live streaming, recording and session spaces in partnership with local rental specialists, Colour Sound Experiment.

Each studio now has a fully equipped, modular and scalable lighting, video and multi camera system ready to go. FOH, Monitor and Broadcast mixing are taken care of in house. Dedicated leased line broadband along with Source Connect is available if needed, and a suite of breakout rooms including dressing room, artist lounge, manager’s office, interview rooms and a kitchenette are part of each studio.

Each step of the process has been carefully considered to ensure that artists and crew can operate safely, from a socially distanced chauffeur to contactless catering options.

Haydn Cruickshank, Managing Director of Colour Sound Experiment, was contacted by a band wanting to do a live stream. “Just down the road, Music Bank’s premises were already almost tailor made. They have a world class selection of Backline equipment for hire to complement Colour Sound’s vast Lighting and LED stock, it was a perfect choice.”

Music Bank Director Jimmy Mac had already been exploring the idea of setting up a semi-permanent flexible installation, to help artists still reach their fans. The rooms have been set up with a starting framework which can either support existing touring rigs or be enhanced using the two companies pooled resources. “As soon as it became clear the live sector would have to write off this year, I started to look at options for artists to connect with their audience. I set up a true one stop Music Bank Production House to cover all areas. Having successfully worked with Colour Sound on many other projects, and the fact we are literally neighbours, H was of course my first call. After that we continued to partner with other tried and trusted like minded suppliers and are now happy everything is in place.”

For shooting, they have the latest LED lighting and 4K Sony FS7 Cine cameras with lenses that deliver cinema quality, industry standard for high end TV. Traditional green screen is also available, or cutting edge walls can be set up using 2.6mm LED screen.

With the first artists now having christened the space, the studios at Music Bank are fully up and running. House production and stage managing the space to ensure everything runs smoothly is Emma Reynolds-Taylor. To find out more or book, email

LuxLive 2020 postponed until November 2021

July 8th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Today, 8th July, Clarion Events, owner of Revo Media, announced that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on large scale events, that the LuxLive 2020 trade exhibition will be postponed until November 2021.

In the absence of clear indication from the Government on the timeline for a return to large scale exhibitions, the UK has seen a continual postponing and cancelling of trade shows across all sectors.

The organisers of LuxLive believe that even if a green light is provided to run trade shows this year, there is not enough time remaining to deliver the high quality event that the industry expects and deserves.

However, the organisers are pleased to announce that in the absence of a physical LuxLive trade event, it is launching two exciting new digital events, scheduled to take place in September and November.

Taking place on September 22nd will be a special LuxLive Digital Kicker Conference on the timely and urgent topic of UV-C lighting and its role in helping building managers ensure the highest levels of safety and wellbeing.

Taking place during the original LuxLive dates of 11th and 12th November will be the LuxLive Digital Festival, representing the most ambitious and comprehensive digital education programme ever seen in the industry.

The festival will have a central theme of Health and Wellbeing.

Stressing that the lighting industry has a huge opportunity to be seen as a major facilitator of health and wellbeing to communities and societies, the organisers of the LuxLive Digital Festival have announced four strands to the event – Emergency Lighting, Smart Lighting, Workplace and the Lightspace Festival, focusing on lighting in architecture.

Each strand will take centre stage at certain times throughout the two-day festival and will deliver compelling educational headline content.

In addition to the headline acts, the festival will also offer sponsored keynote presentations as well as case studies and interactive learning.

The event will also allow one-to-one meeting facilities, roundtable discussions, video presentations, live polling and Q&A sessions throughout.

The popular Lux Awards will close the festival as it makes its digital debut edition in the award’s celebrated history.

James Samuel, Portfolio Director, Clarion Events stated: “It is obviously disappointing that running LuxLive in it physical state will not be possible this year.

Having seen so many events in the sector cancelled or postponed there was a real sense of excitement about bringing the industry together in November.

Unfortunately the Government’s current position where no restart date has been given to large events means that running the physical event is not going to be possible.

However, in preparation for this scenario the team has been working hard to ensure that the industry can still come together.

I am delighted that LuxLive will still bring the great and the good of the lighting industry to share, connect, learn and motivate each other through the LuxLive Digital Festival in November and prior to that via the very topical LuxLive Digital Kicker conference on UV-C Lighting.”

On the announcement of the event’s themes, Samuel added: “The topic of health and wellbeing is so important now more so than ever.

I am really looking forward to sharing with the industry our headline speakers, and other compelling initiatives that will allow the LuxLive Digital Festival to play a significant part in the lighting industry calendar.

In addition, I cannot think of a better way to finish the festival with the iconic Lux Awards where the industry can take time to celebrate outstanding achievement in what has been a very challenging year.

LuxLive will be different this year but what remains is our commitment to provide unparalleled learning, discovery and connections.

We invite everyone to be part of our digital gathering to really promote how the lighting industry will take the lead in providing health, wellbeing and safety to our communities and societies at large.”

TSL Lighting Joins #LightItInRed Campaign

July 7th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

© TSL Lighting

TSL Lighting joined the Light It In Red campaign on Monday 6 July, bathing its Gatwick and Basingstoke premises with light as part of the ‘red alert’ initiative lobbying the government to ramp up support for the arts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Light It In Red galvanised the entertainment technology industry to come together to loudly state that they cannot be ignored and warn that without financial aid, the supply chain for live entertainment and events is heading for catastrophe. The move comes in the weeks before the government’s furlough scheme is due to end, which is regarded by many as a potential ‘cliff edge’.

“It’s vital that we show solidarity with industry and raise awareness of the dire situation,” says TSL’s Loz Wilcox. “The supply chain does so much for theatre, TV and events and it goes without saying that the arts have been invaluable during lockdown, giving us streaming services. Now, the foundation of the businesses that contribute to producing much of that content is at risk.

“TSL is a proud member of our industry and we are working to support and lobby for positive action in any way we can.”

Theatres and production hubs across the country took part in the Light It In Red scheme, which came as the government announced a financial aid package for the arts after months of pressure.

© The Fifth Estate © Michael Baldwin

“The money is fantastic news, but detail on how it will be spent is still pending and there’s so much that needs to be done to secure not just the future of the venues, but all of the companies and people who make it happen,” Wilcox continues.

As much of TSL’s extensive lighting stock remains in its warehouses due to the shutdown, Wilcox gave the TSL crews free rein to use their fixtures to achieve the most striking and powerful looks on the buildings.

The company also sent a crew to light up the Identity Event Management warehouse just outside Eastbourne in Sussex, and the PLASA premises, also in the town.

Peter Heath, MD of PLASA, comments: “While the government’s rescue package indicates some progression in addressing the UK’s cultural catastrophe, there is still a vast amount of more tailored support needed. There are hundreds of hidden people involved in live productions, outside of theatres, who are not being taken into consideration and do not know when they will be returning to work. The #LightItInRed campaign is a warning to the government, that we can expect the production ecosystem to collapse before spring next year unless we see an extension of the self-employed scheme, at the very least.”

The Light It In Red idea was created and managed by Clearsound Productions Ltd in partnership with the Backstage Theatre Jobs forum.

The collective of companies that participated are lobbying for grants to be made available to businesses in the events supply chain, and extended furlough scheme until the live entertainment industry is back to work, and extension of the self-employment scheme tailored towards the industry.

Helping Chicago Unite at Night

July 7th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Chicago, USA-based Charles Ford and his business partner Brandon Clark from Creative Live Control have been busy using creativity and lateral thinking during the coronavirus pandemic to help maintain positive energies.

First off, the two have been helping light up different areas around Chicago embracing the “Unite at Night” initiative, with Robe moving lights from their rental partner, JRLX.

This nightly sing-along, make-some-noise and DIY lightshow – interpreted as bring what you can fairy-lights, glitter-balls, LED battens, etc. – started spontaneously in and around the city to bring communities together in uncertain times and celebrate the efforts of all heroes on the frontlines helping to keep everyone safe.

Immediately when Charles and Brandon saw what was happening they thought … “let’s DO this and get some real lights out and about!” explains Charles.

They chatted to JRLX and worked out a good deal for what they could fit into their car which was two MegaPointes and two Spiiders …

They then rocked up over two weekends at different locations including two neighborhood ‘hot spots’, one in the South Loop adjacent to the downtown area, and the other in Lakeshore East just north of Millennium Park.

Both locations are replete with tall buildings, so they set up – about half a mile away from the main structures – using the Spiiders for general wash lights and the MegaPointes to blast spectacular razor-sharp gobo patterns which climbed up and down the buildings to the delight of onlookers and residents as they whooped and partied.

The gobos included some custom designs – like hearts – supplied by their friends at Rosco.

“We were delighted to be involved, and it’s great to see light generally celebrated during this time as something that’s positive and a sign of hope for the future,” enthused Charles, adding that the mood was shared by local media who were happy to report some uplifting news!

Charles and Brandon have also set up a 2-person socially distanced professional live streaming service to deliver lighting, sound cameras and broadcast to artists wanting to look amazing onscreen during their streams. This is currently available in a pop-up studio or as a mobile system.

Photos courtesy of Creative Live Control.

Ayrton WildSun K25-TC light up Iceland’s Hallgrimskirkja Church

July 7th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

At 75m tall, Hallgrimskirkja Church in the centre of Reykjavik is the largest church in Iceland. Its sweeping frontage and steeple dominate the skyline of the city both with its height and its dramatic architecture. The design is the work of state architect, Guðjón Samúelsson, who was inspired by the crystalline structures of the basalt rock that is so prevalent in this volcanic country.

First commissioned in 1937, the edifice took 41 years to build with the iconic spire completed in 1974. On 16 January 2020, Hallgrimskirkja formed the stunning backdrop for the celebrations marking the centenary of the Icelandic Midwives Community.

Icelandic full-service sales and rental company, Exton, was called upon to illuminate the huge façade of the church for the evening with a brilliant white light that would symbolise the bringing of new life into the world.

To achieve the required drama and brightness, Exton’s lighting designer, Erling Þorgrímson, chose 12 Wildsun K25-TC LED fixtures as the sole lighting fixtures for the project: “The WildSun units were the only ones capable of covering such a large expanse at the required intensity,” he said.

The Wildsun K25-TC were placed at ground level approximately 20m from the front of the church, from where they were able to wash the full length and breadth of the tower and wings with a brilliance that could be seen across the city.

“The power of the Wildsun K25-TC is unprecedented compared to other brands,” confirms Exton’s technical Sales manager, Vignir Hreinsson. “We were able to supply our clients with a fixture that delivers a massive amount of light with a zoom that no other brand can match. WildSun K25-TCs are very specific fixtures with a defined kelvin colour temperature and we have also used them successfully in productions at our City Theater. On all occasions they have been extremely reliable and without any issues what so ever.

“Ayrton is the only brand that could supply us with this kind of luminaire. Today, with Ayrton’s fabulous line-up of fixtures, we feel very lucky to have them in our inventory and they definitely help us win projects in Iceland.”

For more information on Ayrton and its full range of LED lighting fixtures, visit

Photo: Ayrton’s WildSun K25-TC fixtures illuminate the exterior of Reykjavik’s Hallgrimskirkja Church for the centenary of the Icelandic Midwives Community.

How lighting can create a bright, clean, no-nonsense hospital environment

July 7th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Different spaces have very different priorities, which need to be carefully balanced. Graeme Shaw, Technical Application Manager at Zumtobel Group discusses how good quality healthcare lighting can support patients’ wellbeing and help them recover from treatment more quickly and meet the needs of the medical staff.

The bright, clean, no-nonsense environment of a hospital supports the meticulous work going on – and lighting is a major part of this. Providing clear, high quality light for medical work is only half the challenge for lighting in healthcare settings and making sure light has a positive effect on the wellbeing of patients and staff is vital. Lighting plays an important role in the realisation of healthcare and the effect of treatment, rehabilitation of patients and relationship between doctors and patients, hospital operation management and cost control.

Nowhere is it more important to have the right light than in a medical environment, where diagnosis and treatment require the highest possible precision. That requires clear, powerful, accurate light with a recommended colour rendering index (CRI) of >90and glare and flicker prevented. At the same time, light plays a key role in keeping patients comfortable and well and play a part in helping them recover as quickly as possible. It’s a tricky set of priorities to balance, especially when we add the requirements for lighting to be energy efficient, easy to maintain, and easy to clean to help prevent infections spreading.

For example, angles of view must be carefully considered when designing lighting. Imagine lying on a hospital bed, facing the ceiling, being pushed down a corridor. Lights glaring in your face will make this experience much less comfortable. Careful positioning of luminaires, and selection of products with the right light distribution properties, will help. In spaces designed for rest, recuperation and relaxation, light can provide a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere, with a gentler distribution and a warmer colour temperature.

People love daylight – it feels bright, natural and healthy. This usually comes with a view out of a window, so we associate it with a connection to nature and the outside world. Studies have shown that patients in beds closer to windows and have view out tend to leave hospital sooner. Patients with conditions like dementia, will benefit particularly from natural light that helps keep their body clock in check.

Daylight should be incorporated into lighting designs wherever possible, complemented by artificial light. Controls can be used to dim or turn off artificial lights when they’re not needed. However, it’s not always possible to use daylight, so artificial light can also be made patient-friendly. In clinical areas, light may feel harsh because it needs to be very bright and clear. In areas where patients are recuperating, lighting should be soft and diffuse to flatter people’s appearance and colours should feel natural. When people see others around them, or themselves in a mirror, they want to see people who look healthy and well.

The colour temperature of light – how “warm” or “cool” it appears – also makes a difference. A neutral 4000K will be preferable in many clinical areas, but in areas where patients need to relax, a warmer 3000K may be more appropriate. Of course, different patients have different preferences and needs. For instance, as we get older, we tend to prefer higher levels of light. Giving patients’ control of light helps to accommodate their needs.

Quality LED light sources use surprisingly little electricity, keeping costs and carbon emissions down. Lighting controls based on ambient light levels and room occupancy will help to get energy usage down even further. Timers, light sensors and occupancy sensors can help make sure lights are only on when they’re needed. Luminaires can be controlled individually or as groups, and wireless control can make installation and operation easier. Well-designed lighting controls can cut energy costs while also making spaces more flexible and suitable for specialised activities. If lights fail or require maintenance in a healthcare environment, important work may be disrupted and the use of lighting controls can also help to extend the lifetime of products and make it easier to prevent and manage faults.

When balancing the need for healthcare spaces to be clinical yet comfortable, it’s not always a case of one or the other. Some areas in a healthcare building will host a variety of tasks and activities, so lighting needs to be flexible. Well-designed controls can also make spaces more comfortable for patients and, of course, can help get energy consumption and carbon emissions down by making the most of daylight, or keeping lights off when no one is around. An investment of time and effort in selecting the right lighting products and designing a thoughtful lighting scheme will reap benefits by making sure that a hospital environment is always as practical as possible for patients and staff.

Zero 88 and iLight Manufacturing for the Future

July 7th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

UK entertainment and architectural lighting control manufacturers Zero 88 and iLight have consolidated and streamlined the production facilities and processes at their shared factory in Cwmbran, Wales.

This is to generally boost efficiency and ensure full compliance with the new post Covid-19 health and safety at work directives related to social distancing and general hygiene.

Products from both brands – Zero 88 for entertainment and iLight for architectural / built environments – are fully designed and manufactured in the UK and – proudly – a British industry success story.

Furthermore, with both brands now operating under the Cooper Lighting Solutions umbrella, this recent reorganisation offers complimentary ranges of lighting control solutions for a diversity of projects, scenarios and applications.

Having the fully integrated workspace in Cwmbran means Zero 88 and iLight product volumes can quickly and easily be ramped up and custom projects can be undertaken more cost-effectively, offering all clients better value and service.

With the PCB manufacturing also in house, the shortening of supply chains has become further refined, a move giving Zero 88 and iLight full control, ultimate flexibility and a real edge over the quality control and the complex technologies involved to build their market leading ranges. They also have the capacity to accelerate new product designs and implementation.

The recent increase in production capabilities saw a 17% increase in the workforce last year with new employees taking on numerous roles from production to finance, and several of them being based locally has also been an additional morale boost!


Product marketing manager Jon Hole, comments “All our hardware, firmware and software design and developments in-house equal a large investment in our facilities, local community and the future.”

Being part of CLS is another huge plus as a dynamic and progressive thinking global enterprise dedicated to making lives and environments safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

Having been sister brands for nearly two decades, Zero 88 and iLight are now more closely aligned than ever, and the “stronger together” philosophy is underscored by the recent rationalisation of resources and talent, together with R ‘n’ D and product development.

Having this full control over the production process has been instrumental to this achievement, especially in the current climate, where methodology has had to change as the world adjusts to life after the pandemic, and the entertainment and leisure industries explore ways to restart and return to business as well as seeking out new markets and opportunities.

Zero 88 will celebrate 50 years of enterprise and product creativity in 2022, a landmark that everyone is relishing.

The company’s origins lie right at the essence of the modern ‘production and entertainment technology’ industry and reinforce a great history of innovation in the world of entertainment lighting control solutions.

Numerous and fertile long-term business relationships have been established via a stable and effective international dealer network – chosen for great customer support among other attributes – which constantly ships products to over 90 countries worldwide.

Zero 88 has also been dedicated to providing proper and genuine people-focused customer relations and superlative client service from the get-go, complete with a wide variety of in-person product training and awareness programmes and initiatives to support that approach and maintain another cornerstone of the company’s enduring market presence.

Zero 88 products today are still known for being user friendly and intuitive, designed for new users to quickly get up to speed and more experienced lighting professionals to easily programme complex lighting effects.

NAPIT Trade Association Release Guidance on Returning to Work Safely

July 7th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

NAPIT Trade Association have created detailed guidance for tradespeople, offering support and direction for a safe return to work in the building services industries.

During the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic, NAPIT have been delivering regular updates to members to ensure they are up to date with the latest industry news and COVID-19 developments. Moving forward, NAPIT wanted to be able to provide tradespeople with some guidance that would help relieve the stresses of returning back to ‘normal working life’, whilst making sure they have the most accurate advice to hand to do so safely.

NAPIT’s website now contains the newly published ‘Working During COVID-19 – NAPIT Guidance Document’. The 19-page document includes details on carrying out work in people’s homes safely, deciding when to return to work, contracts and insurance, and general COVID-19 safety information. It also includes specific guidance for tradespeople in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who are following slightly different restrictions to England.

Frank Bertie, NAPIT’s Chief Technical Officer and Trade Association Charmain commented: “The safety of NAPIT members, others working in the industry and consumers is paramount right now. COVID-19 still poses a risk to us all, particularly the vulnerable in our society so the aim of this guidance is to help settle any confusion tradespeople may have when returning back to work in these unprecedented times, and help them to provide confidence to their consumers that they are following due process.”

Click here to see full Working During COVID-19 –Guidance Document:

G.I.S. Sound and Light Brings Rijeka’s Town Centre Back to Life with Help from ChamSys

July 7th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

For centuries, Trg Rijecke Rezolucije has stood as the “town square,” and cultural hub of this bustling port city, hosting events, concerts and rallies. But with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing ban on public gatherings, the picturesque plaza fell eerily silent.

All that changed recently, when it hosted “All For Our Kids,” an annual charity concert that raises money for the medical care of children. The crowd was small, and people sat 1.5 meters apart in observance of social distancing rules, but music rang out, followed by cheering, laughter and applause at the historic venue for the first time in months.

Supporting the on-stage performances with a rich mix of hues and soft glows that played off against the lemon meringue masonry background of the Municipal Palace, a former Augustinian monastery, was a supple a varied Mateo Kustić MattGarret design powered by his ChamSys QuickQ 20.

A ChamSys user for five years, Mateo, who works for G.I.S. Sound & Light, decided on the compact control console because its size and versatility made it well-suited for this application. “I have been lighting this event for some time,” he said. “This year, we had a small audience, perhaps 150 people, and fewer performers, so a compact console fit my plans nicely. Its small footprint was perfect.”

However, Mateo was not willing to give up performance for the sake of compactness. His 21- piece rig was made up primarily of RGBW fixtures, and changing color gradients was critical to his plan to reflect the varied moods of the show. Being able to achieve precise control of LED color mixing was important to his design plans, as evidenced by the vivid palettes he used to create visual separation between different performers and speakers at the event.

Also essential was the QuickQ 20’s ability to, detect and patch RDM-compliant fixtures using the QuickQ app. “The remote app was one of the most important features to me in this job,” said Mateo. “It made the process go a lot easier, given that we had a small crew because of social distancing. The large screen and simple ways I could scroll and zoom were also helpful.”

When all was said and done the 2020 version of All For Our Kids was not the biggest show in the history of this event. But it raised much needed funds for local children’s hospital, and for the people of Rijeka, it was a hopeful sign that their beloved cultural hub was indeed gradually coming back to life.

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