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Z-Wave Alliance Demonstrates Smart Home Ecosystem for International Integrators at ISE 2020

February 13th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments


Alliance members will demo new control, security, and other products for the international residential smart home market.

The Z-Wave Alliance, a global membership organization dedicated to advancing the popular Z-Wave wireless smart home protocol, will host the Z-Wave Pavilion at ISE 2020.

ISE attendees will have the opportunity to learn about new member products for the pro channel and speak with Z-Wave Alliance representatives and spokespeople on-site to learn more about recent Z-Wave initiatives and ecosystem updates, including the decision to open up the Z-Wave specification as a ratified, multi-source wireless standard available to all silicon and stack vendors for development. With this change, semiconductor and software developers will be able to join the Z-Wave ecosystem, contribute to future advancements of the leading smart home standard, as well as develop and supply sub-GHz Z-Wave radio devices and software stacks.

“We’re excited to host members in the Z-Wave Pavilion — including three of our Principal members — sharing product demos and information about devices that are new to the market for European integrators,” said Mitch Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance. “Many of these new-to-market products were built using the latest Z-Wave Plus v2 certification, designed specifically to support devices built on the Z-Wave 700 platform with features to streamline and simplify the setup process for integrators.” 

The Z-Wave Alliance is comprised of more than 3,200 certified and interoperable products from over 700 leading smart home and IoT manufacturers who are committed to expanding and supporting Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave boasts interoperability, backwards-compatibility, and high levels of security in every device, enabling integrators to offer the most secure products with the most diverse ecosystem of global brands to their customers.

Below is a full list of new smart home solutions being announced and/or showcased in the Z-Wave Pavilion at ISE 2020.

Pavilion participants include:

  • Fibaro Benelux will demonstrate the new Home Center 3, a Z-Wave controller, as well as the Walli series of smart outlets and switches.
  • Leedarson will demonstrate a range of smart software, hardware and system solutions, including the Spotlight Cam which is cost-effective and offers built-in and external power adapter options, professional lighting design, easy installation and setup, two-way talk, multiple ways of protection, and the ability to arm and disarm on schedule. They will also provide live demos of the IPcamera and DIM/CCT/RGBW bulb.
  • Ring will showcase Ring Alarm, the Z-Wave enabled smart security system which will be released in Europe later this year. They will also demonstrate X-Line, a special product line tailored for professionals.
  • Yale (ASSA ABLOY) will demonstrate the Door for Digital Monoblock smart locks, as well as the Keyless Connected and Conexis L1 smart locks.
  • Z-Wave.Me will demonstrate the newly updated smart home controller software, Z-Way. With new features, Z-Way supports Z-Wave S2, SmartStart, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Yandez Alice. They will also demonstrate two new Z-Wave modules, one for A/C and one for home ventilation, as well as Z-Uno and Z-Uno Shield.
  • Silicon Labs will also be demonstrating the Z-Wave 700 series platform and features in the Z-Wave Pavilion at ISE.

For more information on the Z-Wave Alliance, please visit Follow the Z-Wave Alliance on Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Spencer Lavoie Lights Dreams at Springfield Magnet School with CHAUVET Professional

February 13th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Aedificatum Ut Lux Splendesceret, the words are Latin for “Erected That Light Might Become Brighter.” Chiseled on the central frieze over the entrance to the stately neoclassical structure on Springfield’s State Street, they glistened on the morning of February 15, 1926 when the building was dedicated as one of New England’s largest Masonic Temples.

Fast forward almost a century, and the hopeful phrase on the frieze has taken on new meaning. The building it marks, which had been abandoned and allowed to fall into disrepair, has now been reborn as the Springfield Conservatory of the Arts Magnet School, a place where hopes and dreams shine brightly.

In the building’s fifth-floor theatre, a different, more literal kind of light, is aiding students’ creative quests in the form of an advanced stage lighting system featuring Ovation LED fixtures by CHAUVET Professional.

Spencer Lavoie and his team at 4Life Entertainment designed and installed the new system using 28 Ovation B-565FC static washes, 15 Ovation E-930VW six-color ellipsoidals, and 15 Ovation H-605HC pendant house lights. The system is run with the help of the Net-X node.

Using this gear, Lavoie and his team have transformed the dormant 1,000-seat auditorium into a vibrant theatre and learning center. “Originally the engineering firm in charge of the property brought us on as theatrical consultants, but they asked us to stay and do the entire project from curtain motor rigging, to wall control,” he said. “Before we began there was no electricity, data cable, or rigging options in the room. We were responsible for designing electrical riser diagrams, and developing creative rigging solutions with our own team of engineers.”

Given the realities of the project and the demands that would be placed on the system once the magnet school opened, a color rendering LED lighting system was the clear choice, according to Lavoie. “By going with LED fixtures, we were able to spec a more realistically priced electrical plan that would allow us to support eight fixtures on one 15 15 circuit, which was a huge plus for bringing the fixture count up and staying within budget,” he explained.  “Energy efficiency was also a factor as was the low heat generated by the units, since we hang some of the pendants low above the seats.”

The Ovation H-695FC pendants serve as the main source of illumination for the entire theatre. Evenly spaced throughout the room, the RGBA-Lime house lights are often used to immerse the audience in the show taking place on the stage. “They are very versatile,” said Lavoie. “Aside from serving as energy efficient house lights, they can also become a focal element of the show.”

Also immersing the room in color are the B-565FC washes.  Positioned in custom made boxes on the walls as well as on the stage deck, the RGBA-Lime fixtures work in concert with the pendant units to create uniform colorscapes throughout the theatre. “We have eight of these washes per line set to create a fully balanced wash with three layers of separation between the borders,” said Lavoie. “Having some of them hidden in the boxes, creates a seamless effect, where you just see the color wash and not the fixtures.”

Providing key light and adding more color to the stage are the rig’s Ovation E-930VW ellipsoidal units. Drawing on the unit’s six-color engine, which includes red, orange-red, green, blue, royal blue and lime LEDs, designers working on productions at the school can create an array of hues to accent different moods and scenes.

“We hung the E-930VW about 80 feet from the stage above the balcony seat front,” said Lavoie. “Utilizing a custom-made bracket, we placed supports through the ceiling off of the I-beam structure. This gives us flexibility when positioning these fixtures.”

Hanging fixtures and running conduits was especially challenging in this project, given the nature of the building, which is on the National Registry of Historic Places. “There were quite a few regulations we had to deal with,” said Lavoie. “Plus, since the building is so old, there was cement under the plaster, which presented challenges, especially since the theatre starts on the fifth floor.”

Still, the rewards of being a part of this project made it well worth the effort. Lavoie recalls how he was inspired when he first saw teachers and students take over a newly remodeled space where ‘they could plant their garden of light.” So, it appears that the building’s original Latin inscription about light becoming brighter still rings true after all.


ISE and TNW announce strategic content programming partnership

February 12th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments


The Next Web to bring ‘tech festival vibe’ to Barcelona


Integrated Systems Europe and global media brand TNW (The Next Web) has announced a multi-year strategic relationship aimed at bringing the best of tech and innovation to ISE 2021 and its new Barcelona home.

Formed in 2006 and now one of the world’s largest online media brands, TNW is primarily known for its news outlet and award-winning tech event TNW Conference. The company also incorporates a co-working label, a global startup database and delivers custom innovation programmes to corporates and governments. The annual TNW conference in Amsterdam attracts senior executives from the world’s leading business and technology brands.

As part of ISE’s 2021 edition at Gran Via, Fira de Barcelona, on 2-5 February, TNW will program three new content tracks focused on technology and its impact on society. This will run in parallel to the Professional Development Programme produced by ISE, AVIXA, CEDIA, media partners and associations.

Pieter Paul van Oerle, Strategy Director at TNW, commented: “We’re excited to be joining forces with the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration in shaping their next generation of conferences in their new hometown. Injecting the special TNW tech festival vibe into this world-leading event is a huge win for both of our organisations and audiences.”

For ISE 2021 TNW will produce three distinct tracks exploring scalability, business development, government legislation, and innovation. The TNW program will be curated by TNW’s content editors, working closely with the ISE conference team. The three TNW tracks will be designed to appeal to both exhibitors and attendees. These are:

Growth Quarters, a newly launched TNW media brand and content track that will bring together global experts and entrepreneurs to share insightful takes on scaling a business.

Startup City Summit, a platform to share insights and discuss the current and future role of local governments. This will be aimed at fostering the growth of tech ecosystems.

The Assembly, a gathering of leading European policymakers and business leaders to discuss how to balance regulation and innovation.

Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, commented: “TNW is at the cutting edge of producing insightful and exciting technology content. We are delighted to be working with them and to bring their unique perspectives to the ISE community. The TNW tracks will perfectly complement our vertical market sector conferences and professional development programmes of AVIXA and CEDIA. It’s a winning combination.

Robe Helps Crystallise New Škoda Octavia Launch

February 11th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Lighting designer Michael Kuehbandner worked closely with creative director Achim John from Jack Morton Worldwide and the show direction team from Quinton’s Concept to deliver a spectacular visual extravaganza for the VIP launch of the new fourth-generation Škoda Octavia car at the Prague National Gallery’s Trade Fair Palace in the Czech Republic.

Assisting Michael was over 180 x Robe moving lights – a mix of MegaPointes, Spiiders, LEDWash 1200s and DL4S Profiles.

The eye-catching event was production designed / produced by marketing and communications agency Fischer Appelt in collaboration with leading global brand experience specialist, Jack Morton Worldwide.

Michael was working directly for adhoc engineering, German-based interdisciplinary events and technical specialist, who were responsible for coordinating the full technical production and implementation led by Maik Ragheb as technical director.

The Octavia is considered the “heart & engine” of Škoda and is the top-volume benchmark model for the iconic Czech brand which is now part of the Volkswagen Motor Group. 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the first Octavia being produced.

The ethos of the Octavia 4 is “crystalline, sculptured and timeless” an elegant design embodying the practical, comfortable, economical, and sustainable spirit of Škoda.

The 6-minute reveal show reflected these core values and starred three new Octavias, one of which emerged from a crystal-shaped set piece that split apart!

Two of the cars were driven along a ‘crystalline light tunnel’ created by Michael using the MegaPointes and Spiiders to the sounds of “Opus Octavia” a specially composed piece by Jazz musician Jesse Milliner, performed by the Prague Philharmonie (Pražská komorní filharmonie) orchestra and the Time for Three string trio.

Two cars were parked up on turntables onstage, with the third positioned in front of the ‘open’ crystal, also on a rotating podium. They revolved gracefully in all their glory to the hugely impressed guests … plus tens of thousands of fans following the live video stream.

The ‘crystalline light tunnel’ was approximately 25 metres long and in the centre of an overall performance space 60 metres long by 25 metres wide which also included all the tiered guest seating and platforms for the amassed global press and media.

The walls at the back of the seating tribunes were clad with projection screen surface, and there was a large LED surface at the back of the presentation stage which flew up to reveal the orchestra. This LED screen also tracked sideways to make room for the cars when they were driven onstage.

A network of trussing – trimmed at 9 metres above the performance area – was installed in the roof to provide the lighting positions, and the key areas that Michael needed to light were the crystal set piece, the light tunnel and the reveal stage.

The crystal was lit with around 12 of the MegaPointes and 12 of the Spiiders.

The MegaPointes’ two prisms and animation wheel helped Michael create the specific crystalline ‘sharded’ look that the client wanted for this stunning creation.

The other 52 x MegaPointes and 82 x Spiiders were mainly distributed on the trusses above the crystalline runway.

The MegaPointes were used to produce a variety of intense beam looks required to make the crystalline light tunnel a dynamic environment and a dramatic visual centrepiece of the reveal sequence. They were also used in conjunction with 16 specially adapted moving mirror devices installed around the space and some static mirror panels along the floor of the runway.

These acted as bounce surfaces to bend, reflect, and refract the light coming from the MegaPointes in multiple directions, creating dazzling sparkling and shimmering effects evoking the “clean crystalline” look at the essence of the presentation aesthetic.

The Spiiders were also used as beams; the nice, fat high-quality light output was ideal for the job.

Michael researched thoroughly before finding the optimum mirror devices that would act exactly the way he wanted, and he conducted a test setup at Robe Germany in Munich to determine the best gobo / prism combinations and measure the output at various distances.

“The MegaPointe was a clear winner to its effects and the beautiful white light colour of the discharge lamp,” he commented.

The Spiider also proved its flexibility with Michael utilizing it for powerful beams as well as with the flower effect from the 60W central LED for softer more ephemeral looks.

They also served as classic wash lights to evenly illuminate the cars along the light tunnel and onstage. “The Spiider is a very versatile tool,” he stated.

The ten DL4S Profiles were rigged above the stage and used to illuminate the various speakers during the presentation section of the event, and the 24 x LEDWash 1200s, a long-time favourite in the world of automotive lighting, were used to highlight the cars on the revolves.

All the Robes plus another 400 odd fixtures – some other LED washes, over 200 LED spots, LED floods, LED flood strobes and some small tungsten fresnels – were used in the show space and the reception / feeder room, car display and after-show areas.

They were controlled by two grandMA2s. The show console was programmed by Markus Axmann and run to timecode, while the second console ran all the periphery area lighting and was operated by Marek Papke.

The event’s lighting equipment was coordinated by AVE-PRO, the set was built by Nuessli and the architectural event space designers were Formkontor.

Michael has been using Robe products in his work for about four years. He thinks they are manufacturing some very innovative products and is further convinced of the “quality and passion” synonymous with the brand since recently visiting Robe’s HQ in the east of the Czech Republic.

Check the official Skoda video of the show here:

Photos: © ŠKODA AUTO a.s. 2020

Lutron expands luxury product category at ISE 2020

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Lighting control pioneer Lutron will be showcasing the newest in lighting, blind and temperature control at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020 in Amsterdam. At booth 5-R50 in Hall 5, Lutron will display additions to its luxury category.

Lutron has embraced the art of bespoke finishing, following customer demands for elevated aesthetics. Expansions in the luxury category include the Palladiom keypad and thermostat range seeing a new Antique Brass finish added to the portfolio as standard, the most highly-sought after finish in Europe.

The company has partnered with UK-based designer of electrical wiring accessories Focus-SB. Lutron will add a new raw brass faceplate kit for Palladiom keypads, to allow installers to offer bespoke finishes to specifiers and end-users. In addition to 20 standard finishes, there’s potential for hundreds of different customised finishes, which can be designed to match any projects aesthetic, coordinating with or complementing other hardware, fixtures or accents in a space.

Luxury elements have not been limited to control systems, but also extend into Lutron’s shading range. There are now additional finishes for Palladiom blinds, and new aesthetic options across several styles, such as sheer fabrics, more colour options, and wood slats for venetian blinds. The company has also made technological improvements to its most popular drive, the Roller 64, by making it even more quiet.

“We’re constantly keeping an eye on industry trends, whether those are technology or design-based,” said Steve Detmer, Residential Product Manager at Lutron. “ISE is the perfect place to debut our latest innovations in residential and commercial spaces, as we can educate European installers, electrical engineers and integrators, not only on where we see the European market, but also on consumer demands.

Lutron will be at booth 5-R50 in Hall 5 during ISE (RAI Amsterdam, 11-14 February 2020). The company will additionally display enhancements to wireless solutions Vive and RA2 Select.

During ISE, Lutron will also sponsor the Hospitality Technology Summit (Hotel Okura Amsterdam, 13 February 2020).

AV Career Day – Developing the Next Generation of AV Talent

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AV Career Day aims to highlight the power of audiovisual experiences to students, and the many exciting career opportunities within the AV industry. We talked to key people from ISE, co-owners of the show AVIXA and CEDIA, and this year’s sponsors to find out more about what the programme is hoping to achieve.

The audiovisual (AV) industry is always looking for new and creative people to bolster its ranks. At ISE each year, leading trade associations AVIXA and CEDIA partner to host students and educators from around the world for a day of delving into careers in this exciting industry. Students from across Europe will spend the day exploring the show floor, engaging with AV professionals and learning more about commercial and residential audiovisual technologies related to areas of academic study.

“AV Career Day offers a chance for students, educators, and community organizations to explore the AV industry at ISE 2020,” says Joseph Valerio, Program Director of the AVIXA Foundation. “Our primary objective is to promote greater awareness of AV careers, while also building bridges between schools and industry companies seeking new talent. We hope attendees will be inspired and see themselves working in our dynamic industry.”

“AV careers provide good opportunities for people who want a creative, yet challenging career that does not require a traditional college or university education,” comments Aneta Armova-Levin, CEDIA’s Education Manager. As the world’s largest professional AV and systems integration show, ISE provides the perfect backdrop for students to find out about the career opportunities available to them in both the residential and commercial AV sectors.”

Over the past few years, the AV Career Day programme has grown from the support of a few local Netherlands universities to welcoming upwards of 200 international students.

Along with their faculty, students will get to see first-hand how AV professionals use the newest technologies to create incredible experiences in our daily lives. These events are designed for young people (16 years old and up) who are exploring career options and are not already in the AV industry. Last year, 200 students and faculty visited ISE 2019. Connections made at the event led to some student internships and new pipelines for the companies involved. Participants were also connected with AVIXA training following the event.

AV Career Day also gives companies the chance to spread the message of the plethora of interesting jobs available in AV, as well as getting in front of students to network. One prominent ISE exhibitor that has taken advantage of this offer is AVI-SPL.

“The AV industry is vibrant and full of possibilities – once people are in the industry, they rarely leave it,” says James Shanks, CTS, managing director at AVI-SPL, and sponsors of this years’ AV Career Day. “We have a skills shortage in our industry. Our job, as professionals, is to uncover and promote the opportunities available to those who haven’t heard of or considered AV before. In particular, AVI-SPL is focused on building a culture of collaboration, using workplace technology to connect people on a human level. We’re even starting our own initiatives such as an internship programme to encourage young people into the industry, and so are very pleased to be sponsors of ISE’s AV Career Day for 2020 as it aligns with our wider goals.”

Many pro AV jobs align with existing passions for many students, in areas like esports or video games, music and DJing, digital media, and even graphic design.

“On the residential side, the expansion of the home technology market is creating a growing demand for skilled labour, creating significant opportunities for the workforce of tomorrow,” Armova-Levin continues. “Students represent the future of our industry, and we’re committed to providing resources to support the next generation of home technology professionals. At the AV Career Day, students can find out how current training opportunities, career pathways and course options can progress their career in the fast-developing world of AV. There is also the opportunity to network with other students on similar courses, as well as leading manufacturers in on the guided show floor tours. We’re looking forward to welcoming students to this year’s AV Careers Day program at ISE 2020.”

“We hear time and again a concern our members have is the need for more qualified personnel,” adds Valerio. “This is driven by the fact our industry is doing so well, and with it an increased opportunity for work. Employers can’t find enough talent to help meet that demand.  On the other side of the equation, many young people aren’t aware AV is a viable career path.  This isn’t much different in other skilled trades like nursing, HVAC, or construction; it’s still a side effect of stigma against the trades. While a traditional degree may be right for some, others are perfect for AV.  We therefore want students to see that with a little training and some hard work, a person can make themselves very appealing to employers in this field. We hope through AV Career Day students open their eyes to the exciting possibilities awaiting them in AV.”

For 2021 and beyond, AVIXA and CEDIA encourage companies to get involved with sponsorship of food, travel, technology or space. This gives them the opportunity to get in front of the future talent of the AV industry, while educating students on the opportunities available to them.

AV Career Day takes place at Thursday 13 February from 09:30–16:30 at the Amsterdam RAI, beginning in Room G106 & G107.

Recolight appoints new Board Members

February 7th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments


Recolight, the leading WEEE compliance scheme for lighting, is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Clark of Feilo Sylvania and David Nauth of Tungsram to the Recolight Board.

David, a Commercial Director at Tungsram brings with him over 20 years of experience in lighting and electronics. Andrew, an Accountant at Feilo Sylvania has worked for the company for 15 years.

On Joining Recolight, Andrew said;

“ I join Recolight in exciting times.  Scheme membership is increasing, and there is a great team of dedicated staff.  I look forward to working with the board as the business continues to grow.”

David commented;

“I am delighted to be joining the Recolight board.  I look forward to contributing to Recolight as the company responds to the challenge of an expanded WEEE scope with a new range of services. ”

Announcing the news, Recolight Chief Executive, Nigel Harvey said;

“We are delighted that Andrew and David are joining our Board. Their breadth of knowledge of management in the lighting sector will be a significant help as Recolight’s strategy continues to evolve.” 

Also on the Recolight Board of Directors are Andreas Adam Senior Director of LEDVANCE who joined in 2016, and Maurice Spee Director for Collection & Recycling of Signify who joined as Chair of the Board in 2019.

A shining example – the Light + Building Trend Forum 2020-21

February 6th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments


Longing, delight, hope – few factors shape innovative design as much as strong emotions. Most of them have their origins in economic or political circumstances. In addition to this, the influence of ecology has grown exponentially over the last few years. This is reflected in the number of prominent activists all around the globe.



The Light + Building Trend Forum is the visionary starting point for all design-oriented designers. (Source: Messe Frankfurt / Petra Welzel)




Three scenarios for the ears – the Light + Building Trend Forum audio guide explains the background behind the impressions. (Source: Messe Frankfurt / Petra Welzel)



It comes as no surprise then that topics such as holistic thinking, future products and recycling are omnipresent in all areas of design. These can also be clearly seen in lighting design, but new materials and innovative processing techniques are often needed to implement these aims. In this respect, working materials that are either particularly durable or that can be easily returned to the resource cycle are also experiencing a renaissance. Stone is an example of this, as are wood and metal. In addition, designers like to work with alternative raw materials, such as bioplastics. Another trend: digital technology is increasingly meeting the needs of modern users as the centrepiece of modern lighting design –even if light fixtures are kept classic in style. This is made possible with ever more delicate and powerful LED and OLED lights.


The Light + Building Trend Forum will be showcasing all the living trends of the future in Hall 6.2. Innovative lights and luminaries will play a central role here. From 8 to 13 March 2020, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology will be showcasing the trends in three scenarios – ‘Organic Sculptures’, ‘Studied Masterpieces’ and ‘Inventive Collages’. These are being researched and put together by the prestigious Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano.


Three scenarios for the ears – the Light + Building Trend Forum audio guide explains the background behind the impressions. (Source: Messe Frankfurt / Petra Welzel)

Organic Sculptures

This trend scenario describes objects and lights with a sculptural appearance. They emanate a feeling of calm and naturalness. Soft curves create an organic flow and interesting silhouettes. Primarily white and neutral shades of colour draw the attention to shape, materials and surface finish.

Studied Masterpieces

The architectural aspiration can be seen immediately in this scenario. Functional and systematic concepts and an awareness of revolutionary materials come together to form its core element. This results in creative archetypes and accurate workmanship. ‘Studied Masterpieces’ is manifested in shaded tones, which create a darkened, atmospheric ambience.

Inventive Collages

The ‘Inventive Collages’ scenario playfully follows influences from the world of art. The experimental development process of the pieces is made visible, so viewers are deliberately given the opportunity to see more than just the final product. In terms of colour, everything that contributes to the interior collage is allowed. And the materials are also experimental, intuitive and, in part, unpredictable.

In addition to the Light + Building Trend Forum itself, the detailed trend cards will also provide a full analysis of the trends. An audio guide will take trend enthusiasts on a journey through all three scenarios, providing background information and opening up perspectives. In addition, at 12.00 each day, Annetta Palmisano will be inviting visitors to a ‘Summary Report’ in the trend lounge and café bar. Also using a large projection screen, she will categorise the trends and point out concrete products. In the same place, there will also be a video loop giving long-lasting insights into tendencies, colours and trends.

The Light + Building fair will be taking place from 8 to 13 March 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

Chroma-Q Space Force is in Tune with Lighting Needs of American TV Shows

February 6th, 2020 | Latest News | 0 Comments


Cinematographer, Donald A. Morgan utilised Chroma-Q® Space Force™ LED fixtures to provide tunable soft lighting for filming the latest seasons of Netflix television show, The Ranch – for which he won a Primetime Creative Arts Emmy for ‘Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series’ – and ABC series, The Conners.


Both filmed at Warner Brothers Burbank Studios in LA, Donald was keen to switch from conventional space lights to LED for filming The Ranch. The show stars Ashton Kutcher as Colt, who returns home to his family’s ranch in Colorado after his semi-pro football career ends in failure.


He commented: “In the past I had used tungsten space lights for filming the show. However, as they weren’t tunable, it meant having to change the gels constantly, to differ the glows produced. This was important as even though it was filmed inside of a studio, the storyline of the programme was set across different weather seasons and times of day.”


Donald spoke to his gaffer about tunable LED lighting alternatives. After trying out various options, they came across the Chroma-Q Space Force LED space / soft light, which was supplied for the project by MBS Equipment Company.


Donald commented: “I am very impressed by the spread of light that the Space Force gives out, the distribution is fantastic and the color temperature is really on point.


He added: “I am very with happy with how smooth the dimming is, and no matter what color temperature I ask for; my programmer is easily able to change it.”


When Donald later came onboard as Cinematographer for primetime show, The Conners – a spin-off of the long-running series Roseanne – he learned that Warner Brothers had recently invested in ten Space Force, so was happy to use them after his experience on The Ranch.


Donald concluded: “I like the Space Force’s innovative design. I would recommend it for any production, big or small, because of its reliability and the fact that the color temperature is so on point. So far, I have only really used the fixture as a space light, but I know there is a lot

more that I can do with it.”


The Chroma-Q LED lighting range is distributed in North America by A.C. Lighting Inc. Visit for more information.

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