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Gearhouse South Africa Invests in Astera

October 11th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Gearhouse South Africa (GHSA) became the latest rental company in the country to invest in Astera wireless LED products since leading sales company DWR Distribution was announced as the distributor in June, with the purchase of 48 x Astera AX3 ‘Lightdrops’.

Gearhouse SA’s then sales manager, Bill Lawford, lost no time in placing their order with Duncan Riley and his team for the Astera fixtures … which were needed for a series of high profile weddings in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Johannesburg headquartered GHSA supplied the full technical production for these events in conjunction with, and working for, Israel-based event producer Tali Yacobi.

In total, there were nine events related to three different weddings spanning a five-week period, for which it was decided to source all the kit from SA.

One of the specific needs was table centre lighting for the banqueting / reception elements of the weddings, staged in the brand-new event venue Fête Parfaite and also in the ballroom of the Pullman Hotel, both in central Kinshasa.

This is an application for which the AX3 is perfect with its brightness, small dimensions, fabulous colour range, reliability, controllability and long battery life.

Bill and the team looked at the logistics of purchasing certain items of kit for the events and this was one of them. “We researched the options, gathered quotes and decided on Astera after some great recommendations and also the spec which met all our requirements” he stated.

The 48 x AX3 fixtures were delivered complete with charging cases and including all those nifty Astera rigging / mounting bits … and diffusers.

The whole exercise – from order to delivery – was completed in a few days which also impressed Bill.

For various reasons, by the time the decision to purchase was green-lighted, time was exceptionally tight. The shipment arrived from Astera factory in Shenzhen, China to Johannesburg’s OR Tambo Airport where it was cleared through customs, collected by Gearhouse and taken to their warehouse in Bez Valley.

DWR’s tech support specialist Jannie de Jager was on hand to give a crash course in the set-up and operation of the fixtures – which is extremely quick and straightforward using the Astera App! Then they were all checked, re-packed into flightcases and returned to the airport to catch the cargo flight to Kinshasa.

At the event, everyone loved the AX3s which added colour and lots of fun to the room with a range of twinkling and other effects that helped ramp up the excitement and atmosphere.

“They are a fantastic all-round light” declared Bill, “The magnetic base is super-practical and they can be rigged in so many different places and provide an ideal solution for almost any scenario.”

DWR has already made several major sales for Astera. “There is a real appetite for this technology here,” says Duncan Riley, adding that Astera’s have also been used on some major shows and events including the final of The Voice South Africa 2019.

Image left to right: Nhlanhla Nkabinde (Gearhouse), Pierre Huskisson (Gearhouse), Jannie de Jager (DWR), Peter Abrahamse (Gearhouse)

First products certified to new BSI Kitemark™ for Commercial Lighting

October 10th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

-Coco Lighting’s LED range is first to achieve this Kitemark for safety and performance-  

BSI, the business improvement company, has launched the BSI Kitemark for Commercial Lighting to help commercial lighting manufacturers demonstrate that their products meet the highest possible standards for quality, safety and performance.

In a competitive marketplace, it’s vital that commercial lighting manufacturers can differentiate their products from competitors. Whilst many manufacturers already demonstrate that their products meet the necessary safety requirements, this new scheme includes a series of performance tests to ensure that the product will perform as it should throughout its lifecycle. The voluntary scheme, developed by BSI in partnership with the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) will enable organizations to access new markets, as well as help to reduce the cost and time associated with product recalls and returns.

The first products to be independently assessed against the scheme include several of Coco Lighting Ltd’s internal and external LED bulkhead ranges.

Kevin Cooper, Managing Director at Coco Lighting said: “We’re thrilled to be the first organization to achieve this Kitemark. The BSI Kitemark is one of the most recognizable trust marks in existence today and demonstrates that the products we’ve had tested go above and beyond the normal requirements to achieve the highest standards.

“We are committed to ensuring our products are as safe as possible for users. By achieving this Kitemark, we are also able to demonstrate that our tested products in this range will continue to perform as they should.”

In order to achieve the BSI Kitemark for Commercial Lighting, products are assessed against the BS 60598 luminaires safety series of standards1, as well as the BS 62722 luminaires performance standards2. Organizations will also need to undergo an independent factory assessment from BSI. As will other Kitemark schemes, products will be tested annually to demonstrate ongoing compliance. Whilst internal and external LEDs are the first products to achieve the Kitemark for Commercial Lighting, flood lights, street lights, recessed office lighting and standard lighting for commercial buildings can all be assessed.

BSI has engaged the services of the LIA to complete part of the product assessment for this schemeThe collaboration will enable both parties to share their extensive expertise in assurance and testing respectively and is part of a broader partnership which will see both parties develop Product Testing and Certification solutions for the lighting industry.

Graham McKay, Global Head of Gas & Electrical Products at BSI said:

“We are committed to helping manufacturers deliver lighting products that are highly efficient, safe to use and crucially will perform as they should. We are delighted that Coco Lighting Ltd is the first organization to achieve the BSI Kitemark for Commercial Lighting for its products.”

“The BSI Kitemark is a symbol that around 70% of the British public recognize, and one that has given millions of Britons over the last century the knowledge and comfort that the products they come into contact with are safe and reliable.”

For more information, please visit

1BS EN 60598-1 Luminaires. General requirements and tests, BS EN 60598-2-1 Luminaires. – Part 2-1: Particular requirements – Fixed general purpose luminaires, BS EN 60598-2-2 Luminaires. Particular requirements. Recessed luminaires, BS EN 60598-2-3Luminaires. Particular requirements. Luminaires for road and street lighting, BS EN 60598-2-5 Luminaires. Particular requirements. Floodlights

2BS 62722-1 Luminaire performance. General requirements and BS EN 62722-2-1 Luminaire performance. Particular requirements for LED luminaires

Latest news from PLDC 2019

October 10th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

The programme for the Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 in Rotterdam promises to be more diverse and exciting than ever before. And the programme for the pre-convention meeting days is just as good!

The Cities’ Forum has become a traditional part of the pre-convention meeting day. This year the session, targeting municipalities and all involved in the planning and design of lighting the urban realm, has been extended to a two-day session, including presentations, work-in progress reports, discussion workshops and an excursion.

At the end of the training session, participants will have gained an understanding of the importance and responsibilities in urban planning and amending lighting strategies/masterplans so that there is a positive context for designing lighting for and in the public realm. They will also gain an understanding of their role in the design process/decision making and the impact that well designed lighting can have on people living and working in their towns and cities.

The full programme of the Get Smart session is available at

Further meetings taking place on the pre-convention meeting day are the Educators’ and Researchers’ meeting, and a workshop on “Element: light and water”, hosted by Filix.

All six Keynote Speakers have confirmed their participation – and they are as diverse as the overall programme.

Itai Palti from Israel will start off on Thursday morning, opening the overall event. Itai is a practising architect and researcher, based in Israel and the UK, focusing on science-informed design with the human experience in mind. Janet Echelman is an inspirational American artist who reshapes urban airspace with monumental, fluidly
moving sculptures that respond to environmental forces including wind, water and sunlight.

The second conference day will be opened by Sascha Pfau, who will provide insight into his strategic ideas for digital advertising locations and what this has to do with lighting.

For Jan Rotmans PLDC is a home game. The socially engaged scientist encourages individual action to promote a better and sustainable society and the approach necessary to achieve this transition. This can be directly projected to the status quo in the world of lighting!

Ute Besenecker is a researcher and educator, who was recently appointed Professor at KTH University in Stockholm/SE. She will be sharing anecdotes describing and illustrating some of the interesting challenges and opportunities that she discovered/encountered during interdisciplinary work endeavours.

The last session at PLDC in Rotterdam will be introduced by Keynote Speaker Marc Engenhart. AI is developing at a seemingly unstoppable rate and becoming more and more part of our everyday lives. But what does this have to do with light, lighting or (for better or for worse) lighting design?

PLDC will conclude with a Gala Dinner on Saturday. The evening comprises a seated dinner and the Awards Show, during which the Professional Lighting Design Recognition Awards will be presented to individuals, organisations and institutions to recognize their work, actions and achievements that have contributed to the advancement of Architectural Lighting Design.

Awards will be presented in the categories
– Best Newcomer
– Best Partner in Industry
– Award for Research
– Award for Education
– Best Daylighting Award
– Best Project
– Award at Large
– Liftetime Award

The shortlisted nominees in the first seven categories can be viewed at

There are no nominees for the Liftetime Award – all winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner.

Online registration for PLDC 2019 closes on 18th October – get your ticket online now!

A message from Recolight CEO, Nigel Harvey, explaining his principled stand for action on the climate emergency

October 10th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

I was arrested on Monday afternoon, for alleged wilful obstruction of the public highway in Trafalgar Square. The police warned me in advance that I was likely to be arrested, but I chose to remain where I was.

Compliance with the law is in my DNA:

  • I manage the Recolight WEEE compliance scheme
  • I have relentlessly exposed the problems of non-compliant product sold through online platforms. Those efforts have resulted in proposals to change UK law to close this loophole.
  • I have been chair of the UK WEEE compliance schemes trade association for 10 years

Although I was released without a police interview, caution, or charge, the process of being arrested was distressing, and a night in a police cell is not pleasant. So what on earth could drive someone committed to compliance, to take this action and put himself in harm’s way?

As David Attenborough put it “…the scientific evidence is that if we have not taken dramatic action within the next decade, we could face irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies.”

This is not just about polar bears and penguins. This is about the collapse of our societies resulting from mass migration, food riots, flooding, fires and more. For the last decade, many of us have tried to reduce our carbon footprints and encouraged others to do likewise. And yet carbon emissions keep rising. All the usual ways of encouraging politicians to take really difficult decisions to address the issue have largely failed.

So we need to try something different. And the urgency means it needs to be radical. So drawing on the example of peaceful civil disobedience that drove change in the US civil rights movement, and many other similar movements, Extinction Rebellion (XR) are encouraging large scale peaceful protest to drive the issue up the agenda.

It has already started working. After the April protests, XR met with Government, and a climate emergency declaration followed. But little real action followed. More is needed. And that is why I was prepared to do what I did. It would be great to see more from the waste and resources industry involved in the protests, which will run until 19th October. I know already from the emails/texts/retweets I’ve already had, that there is real support out there.

Telensa and Eaton Lighting Enter Partnership to Deliver Smart Street Lighting and Smart City Solutions

October 10th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Alliance provides maturity and mass-scale capability to utilities, cities and Departments of Transport

Telensa and Eaton Lighting has announced that they will work together to deliver connected solutions for outdoor LED lighting and related smart city applications.

“The outdoor lighting controls market is fragmented, with many vendors having a limited deployment footprint. We know the industry is looking for resilient turnkey solutions that are proven at scale and with the largest city and utility lighting networks, which is why we are excited to join forces with Eaton Lighting as smart LED street lighting enters the mainstream,” said Will Gibson, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Telensa. “By combining our companies’ proven leadership in LEDs and smart controls, we will accelerate the path to smart cities driven by streetlight infrastructure.”

The partnership between these companies is key to expanding the implementation of integrated lighting, control and smart city solutions that are easy to deploy, massively scalable and offer long-term value to utilities, cities and Departments of Transport.

“Cities and utilities are looking for simple, scalable solutions for smart LED street lighting that can grow into a full smart city infrastructure,” said Bob Smith, director of connected communities, Eaton Lighting. “Streetlights are an ideal location to deploy connected technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to work with Telensa to make the vision of the smart city a reality.”

Connected street lighting serves as the gateway to a range of smart city applications, from traffic analytics to air quality. Outdoor lighting is one of the largest, most energy intensive elements of city infrastructure, and is rapidly converting to LED technology. Adding wireless controls to LED conversion projects saves money, improves service levels and provides sophisticated lighting adaptation and automation.

To learn more about Telensa, visit

To learn more about connected solutions from Eaton Lighting, visit

Elstead Lighting Selects Epicor ERP to Unify Systems and Drive International Growth

October 8th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Epicor ERP has enabled Elstead Lighting to prepare for their next stage of growth as a global provider of decorative lighting

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced that Elstead Lighting has chosen its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Elstead Lighting has implemented Epicor ERP across a broad spectrum of business processes—from sales to distribution, and design to manufacturing, as well as retail—to support sales across 50 different countries.

After witnessing a sustained period of accelerated growth in the last five years—and rapidly expanding its product portfolio Elstead Lighting was in need of a diverse solution that provided complete visibility across all of its operations. Previously operating on a 15-year-old legacy system was proving to be unnecessarily complicated, and the system was becoming outdated. Due to the changing needs of the business, the software required frequent modifications to keep up with day-to-day business processes. With each country operating on different systems and databases, Elstead Lighting needed one unified solution that would simplify and support the business, both now, and in the future.

After an extensive and competitive evaluation process, the decision was made to go with Epicor ERP. One of the key drivers behind choosing Epicor was the ability to customise the solution without the need for multiple, third-party add-ons.

Chris Coogan, IT manager at Elstead Lighting, comments, “Having the ability to customise the system and change things as we see fit is proving invaluable. Epicor ERP fit the bill straight out of the box.”

Elstead Lighting has already witnessed a number of benefits since implementing the software  the last month including increased automation across the factory floor, which is underpinned by the ERP system “We were a small lighting manufacturer—now we are much more than that. We needed a system that could not only cope with our current growth, but one that could adapt and support the growth to come.” Alistair Ingall-Tombs Senior Operations Manager Elstead Lighting and drives increased efficiencies for Elstead employees.

“Daily processes, which used to take three hours to complete, can now be done in less than 30 seconds. This is freeing employees up to focus on higher-value tasks and adds up to a lot of saved time,” said Coogan. “Not only is the software providing valuable benefits to the business, but it is also having a positive impact on the environment. By ensuring operations are streamlined and gathered in one unified system, paper usage has been reduced dramatically,” added Coogan.

Following the successful implementation of Epicor ERP within its UK facilities, Elstead Lighting now plans to roll out the software to its international subsiduaries, including those in Poland, Slovakia, Dubai, and China.

Alistair Ingall-Tombs, senior operations manager at Elstead, commented, “As we continue to use Epicor ERP, we are excited to see the control and visibility echoed across our different regions, languages, and cultures. To support our future growth, it is important we have a one-stop-shop tool that can provide us with everything we need to know, whenever we need to know it. Epicor ERP is that tool.”

Hager’s training academy celebrates 1st birthday

October 7th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Hager’s UK training academy, based at the company’s Telford headquarters, has celebrated its first anniversary since its official opening in 2018.

During its first year, the training academy has welcomed over 550 electrical contractors who have taken the opportunity to boost their skills and knowledge across a range of subjects, including the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations.

The interactive learning environment, which provides courses for both domestic and commercial installers, means attendees can immerse themselves in a number of technical subject areas to build on their knowledge and gain certification from City & Guilds accredited courses and seminars.

The training sessions are led by Hager’s expert training team, which is dedicated to supporting electrical professionals maintain the highest standards and better understand the changing regulatory landscape brought about by the 18th Edition.

Paul Collins Technical and Training Manager at Hager, comments: “The Hager training academy has proven really popular in its first year.  The high demand for attendance at the training facility is testimony to the fact that many across the industry are keen to improve their knowledge and skills. The fact we’ve also managed to achieve a pass rate of 99% too is further proof of the dedication those working in the sector have for their profession.

“We have received many positive comments from course attendees about the training facility and how it provides a superb environment in which to learn.  We look forward to welcoming even more electrical professionals over the next year.”

For further information about the range of training courses available at Hager’s training academy, including those specifically covering the 18th Edition, please go to:

Lux Awards 2019 Shortlisted projects

October 7th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Designed to celebrate and reward both creativity and sustainability in lighting, the Lux Awards will take place from 19:00 on the final day on the show, Thursday 14th November at the new location of The Hilton, Park Lane in London. The Lux Awards recognise clients and end users that have used lighting in exceptional ways to improve their lit environment, reduce energy and achieve business objectives. This year’s shortlists include…


Hospitality, Leisure and Faith Project of the Year

Illuminate, London

Sutton Vane Associates

Recognised for their creativity, innovation and commitment to sustainable solutions, Sutton Vane Associates responded to Illuminate’s brief of a dedicated, future-proofed events space that would meet all manners of event requirements while being aesthetically sleek and customisable. The grid lighting system installed by SVA in Level 4 and halo lights in Level 5 have been designed to be controlled as a whole or individually, with each line of the grid and each halo having the option of a standalone colour and brightness.

SVA also developed a hybrid system combining DMX lighting control with Bluetooth LE buttons. All lighting systems can also be controlled via an intuitive app for an additional cost when hiring Illuminate, which allows the in-house production team to easily customise and adjust every aspect of the lighting in the space for their needs.

Image courtesy of Sutton Vane Associates.


Office, Education and Healthcare Lighting Project of the Year

Värde Partners Office, London

Susan Lake Lighting Design

Susan Lake Lighting Design worked with interior architects KKS Strategy to create a lighting design scheme for the London office of Värde Partners. Being an international company, Värde require video conferencing facilities in all the meeting rooms. Although it was necessary to provide light to tables and even illumination to faces, it was essential that members of a video conference could see to work and would not be seen on the cameras in shadow or silhouette. To achieve this objective, Susan Lake Lighting Design used a combination of light sources that produce the effect of layering the lighting. The meeting rooms have also been transformed with a unique ceiling feature which washes light around the edges of the pale timber slat ceiling perimeters.

In the reception, Susan Lake Lighting Design created a sense of drama and understated elegance by turning the main focal point of the space, the reception desk, into a spectacular visionary by creating a “floating” effect by concealing linear LED in the top element of the desk.


Image courtesy of Susan Lake Lighting Design.


Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year

Kimpton Fitzroy, London

Lighting Design International

The Kimpton Fitzroy is a landmark Grade-II listed building. The striking grandeur of the terracotta facades and immaculate detailing required a restrained lighting design, respecting the building’s illustrious history.

Lighting Design International were tasked with forming a strategy to lighting the exterior of the building without overcomplicating an already busy façade and ensuring the lighting effects didn’t merge together. The key to the success of the scheme was balancing the intensity of each lighting effect. Senior Designer on the project, Ben Ferris, repeated general lighting effects at high-level, collectively creating linear compositions of light across each level, framing each façade and outlining the architectural form of the building with areas of intrigue created at street level for guests.

Image by Gavriil Papadiotis.

For the full list of shortlists, more information and to book your ticket, visit

UK Construction Week unveils its latest surprises

October 4th, 2019 | Latest News | 0 Comments

With the final touches to next week’s UK Construction Week (UKCW) show now in place, the organisers are issuing a final reminder for visitor registrations.

Billed as construction’s largest industry event, the organisers are expecting more than 30,000 people at the show next week, from Tuesday to Thursday at the NEC in Birmingham.

Among the latest speakers to be confirmed, Lord Digby Jones, a cross bench peer in the House of Lords, former head of the CBI, developer, and lover of construction will be wading into the Brexit debate on day one, on Wednesday 9 October. He will be part of the session on ‘Brexit boom or bust? Industry Economic Forecast 2020’ on the main stage in Hall 12.

Also, on day two, the new construction minister Nadhim Zahawi MP is also set to make his first industry appearance. Advanced booking is being advised for both these events.

This year’s UKCW also promises some big numbers, including more than 300 expert speakers,150 hours of free CPD, a celebration of 98 industry role models, 500 exhibitors and new product launches, and more than 30 major new innovations on display in the Innovation Zone, from brick laying robots to crane simulators, from quieter and more efficient heat technologies to new software.

As part of a major focus on MMC (modern methods of construction), there are also full-scale builds at the show, a SIPS panel home, a factory-finished modular bathroom pod for the high-end hotel sector, ground breaking systems like Project Etopia, and offsite solutions for the education sector.

Nathan Garnett, event director at UKCW said:

“UKCW opens in just a few days with a greater diversity of features than ever before, including innovation zones with over 50 brand new products from well-known brands and start-ups, a Wellbeing Information Zone, cycling and sporting challenges, an electric vehicle arcade, awards and construction summits, all on top of the trade show and major seminar programme you would expect.

“With Brexit drawing closer by the day, we also have packed the show full of practical advice on how to adapt and take the opportunities around over the coming months. It is well worth  a day of your time to see what you can learn from the event. It’s a place where business gets done, new contacts are made and the networking is fantastic. If you have yet to RSVP, it’s time to get your skates on.”

The usual printed show guide is being switched for an environmentally friendly app as part of UKCW‘s sustainability push. To help reduce single-use plastic, free water fountains will be installed around the show and 3,000 reusable bottles will be made available to visitors. And to offset the carbon footprint of the show, UKCW is planting 2,500 trees.

UKCW is one event with many sections, including Build sponsored by Easy-Trim, Building TechCivilsEnergy and HVACSurface and Materials, and Timber. It also features Concrete Expo (8-9 October only) and Grand Designs Live (9-10 October only). Single registration gives free access to all areas of the show. Pre-booking is also strongly recommended for the extensive seminars and CPD programme.

Last minute tickets are still available via the website

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