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Hacel Lighting | +44 (0)191 280 9911 |

iMod® Inset Grid by Hacel Lighting

Presenting the new iMod Inset Grid Light designed and manufactured in the UK by Hacel. A distinctive module with a unique appearance, the iMod Inset features a host of innovative features including a flat micro prism refractor and superior UGR. Available with a wide choice of high quality control gear, delivering lumen outputs up to 5231 lumens and efficacies of 117 lm/W. A versatile lighting solution producing energy efficient illumination, functionality and the promotion of well-being.


MID Lighting | +44 (0)1494 437 962 | 

MID Lighting have released a new extruded aluminium luminaire, the SPACE2X. It is available as a continuous or modular luminaire. The unique end cap designs allow for continuous run integration. The SPACE2X has recently been installed on a number of major projects

Additionally, the product has a range of wattage and lumen outputs, dimming options, both Direct and Direct/Indirect distribution options, emergency protocol options and integral control gear available as standard. Should you require a bespoke solution, please contact the MID Technical department on +44 (0)1494 437962.


IST Ltd | +44 (0)121 362 1810 | | 

Centralise • Optimise • Economise

The Ethernet-based iDrive® centralised LED driver range provides the optimum power solution for the increasingly smart, connected world.  iDrive® centralised LED drivers drastically simplify maintenance and are designed for installation in 19” 1U server racks in maintenance rooms, enabling easy access when required. The centralised drivers are capable of driving up to 36 individual luminaires from a single driver, up to a distance of 300m away, which is particularly advantageous for installations involving high ceilings. Remote installation of the LED driver well away from the luminaires also reduces disruption caused by maintenance downtime. The range includes constant current and constant voltage variants, with each driver supporting multiple protocols, including DALI, DMX, RDM, Ethernet, sACN & Art-Net3 and Art-O


Elation Professional EU | +31 (0)45 546 85 66 |

Elation’s Artiste Picasso™ is all about creativity. This LED profile luminaire is packed with design features for greater artistic expression – 2 gobo wheels, animation wheel, 2 prisms, 2 frosts and more. A broad spectrum of color from a CMY color mixing system and extra color wheel can be fine-tuned with CTO color correction for more refined color temperature control. A 620W LED engine and advanced optics produce a crisp output of over 23,000 lumens – the brightest in its class. The Picasso’s rotating 4-blade framing system allows for precise beam shape control with no excess backlight.




Goodlight | +44 (0)1276 691230 |

Light Up and Down with Arc

With its polished curves, sleek lines and sheer, flawless body, the Arc uniquely provides a beautiful balance of light above and beneath it. This innovative, glare-free, surface-mounted LED Panel delivers up to 100Lm/W, providing 20% upward and 80% downward illumination, meeting UGR>19 for highly aesthetic environments, premium spaces and comfort-driven workplace lighting.

With simple fixings that twist and lock into place, Arc can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Available in three colour temperatures; Daylight (6,000K), Natural (4,000K) and Warm (3,000K), and in sizes; 610 x 610mm and 1200 x 260mm. Dimmable options also available (DALI and 0-10V).

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Arditi UK | +44 (0)1604 864615 |

Multi Purpose LED Retrofits

The Light range of Multi Purpose LED Retrofits (MPLR) provide a revolutionary solution to upgrade to the latest LED technology. With this patented design most existing ceiling fittings, wall fittings, pendants and portable lamps are easily adapted to LED without the need for re-wiring. It’s as simple as changing a light bulb.

Multiple mounting systems in a range of wattages from 16W to 25W allow users to plug and play. Dimmable and compatible with most major dimmers in the market MPLR is suitable for commercial or residential applications and comes in standard retrofit, Microwave retrofit and Emergency retrofit all with 5 years’ warranty.


ESP | +44 (0)1527 515150 |

ESP adds Self Test Fittings to Emergency Lighting range

ESP continues to develop its Duceri range of Emergency Lighting and the latest addition is a new range of Self Test Emergency Light Fittings which offers numerous benefits over standard fittings.

By opting for self test fittings installers and contractors can save valuable time and expense, with each self test fitting utilising an inbuilt processor to initiate ‘Self Tests’. Once an issue is discovered, the fitting will clearly display the fault via the status LED.

The new Self Test range of products has all been tested and complies with the latest standards. They are easy to install – without any need for key switches or data cables and offer convenience and reduced maintenance time and costs.


MEGAMAN® | +44 (0)1707 386000 | |

MEGAMAN® introduces ANNA

Megaman has launched its new integrated LED downlight range – ANNA. Featuring high colour rendering, enhanced beam control and seamless dimming, the downlight is an ideal solution for commercial applications.

With a 30° tilting angle, 36° beam angle and hybrid reflector technology, the ANNA LED downlights can deliver precise but versatile beam control whilst minimising light spill and reducing glare. Crucially, ANNA has high luminous efficacies of up to 100 lumens per system watt and an average rated life of 35,000 hours at L70.

The track lights have been developed with a Megaman Ultra RichColour option which ensures an excellent colour rendering index of up to Ra 90 with the Megaman Ultra RichColour option – perfectly replicating the effects of standardised daylight.


TE Connectivity | +49 6151 607 3756 | |

TE Connectivity enables luminaires without limitations with LUMAWISE Endurance S

TE Connectivity has introduced a new compact connectivity solution that matches a new standardised interface between an outdoor LED luminaire and a sensing/communication module that sits on the outside of the luminaire. TE´s LUMAWISE Endurance S connector system consists of a standardised interface connection according Zhaga Book 18 and includes a receptacle to be mounted on the luminary and a base-and dome combination to function as enclosure for the control-electronics, making it possible to create a luminary with sockets allowing compatible sensing and/or communication modules that can easily be removed and replaced. Internal wiring is connected by well-known poke-in wire connection.


Polymer Optics Limited   +44 (0)2476 937394 

POL Hybrid Reflector products, developed by a novel in-mould production process to make the reflector and integration features in one process thus provide easy assembly and modular LED mounting.

Highly reflective metal shim used with 95-98% reflectivity.

Hard anodized metal has very good chemical resistance and scratch resistance.

For perfect colour mixing use the POL Colour Mixer Hybrid Reflector optics, allowing an infinite range of illumination colours to be produced with a constant and stable beam geometry. The emitted light from the optic is a uniform mixed colour too, removing the usual visible spots of RGB seen in other colour mixing approaches.


Recolight | +44 (0)208 253 9750 |

Get switched on to WEEE

From 2019 and on, producers, importers, and own-branders of consumer lighting equipment must comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

As a Producer Compliance Scheme, Recolight will manage all your WEEE obligations. We have a team of WEEE experts to guide you. And with Recolight, there are no hidden costs.

Set up by the lighting industry, and operating as a non-profit organisation, Recolight understand WEEE and works to get the regulations right for lighting.


Scolmore | +44 (0)1827 63454 |

Scolmore’s ‘one fitting for all’ lighting solution a hit with Edinburgh Council

Undertaking an upgrade programme of 22,350 social housing properties, Edinburgh Council selected Scolmore’s Inceptor EVO standard bulkhead because according to the council’s electrical and design teams, it provided an overall solution that no other competitor product could offer. The ability to remove the surface mount adaptor ring means that the fitting can be easily semi-recessed to overcome the problem of low ceilings and are now being installed in all the kitchens and bathrooms in the properties being renovated.

The emergency and microwave sensor versions of the EVO bulkhead are also being installed in the communal areas of the two, multi-storey dwellings that make up part of Edinburgh Council’s social housing stock.

The council is also upgrading the switches and sockets and has opted for Scolmore’s Mode range of electrical accessories to provide a highly cost-efficient replacement solution for all rooms and areas of the properties.


Calon | +44 (0)1925 320320

Active Wiring Centre makes installation simple!

Calon’s Active Wiring Centre is a versatile DALI lighting control module designed to reduce installation time and increase resilience in lighting control systems based on Calon’s SmartBridge and SmartSensor solutions.

Active Wiring Centre is housed in a sturdy moulded enclosure for installation above a false ceiling or in a riser. With capacity for 12 DALI luminaires plus 2 sensors, the unit provides DALI power and simplifies installation with standard connectors and a range of prefabricated leads.

Active Wiring Centre combines with SmartSensor to form a plug-and-play DALI lighting control solution that works straight from the box without commissioning, but can be quickly set up for more complex applications such as classrooms, offices and meeting rooms, with up to 60 lamps.


Collingwood | +44 (0)1604 495151 | |

The revolutionary, next generation floodlight from Collingwood Lighting

Whether for commercial, residential or security use, the MKII floodlight has unique new features which make it easier to install than any other floodlight before it.

With a 360° rotating bracket, there’s no need to fumble around with a spirit level – simply mount to the wall and adjust to suit. Furthermore, it can be switched between three colour temperatures, is flicker free for visual comfort and maximum CCTV performance and has market-leading efficiency – up to 124lm/W!

An incredibly popular product in 2018, the expert research and development team at Collingwood have taken the already successful floodlight and enhanced it even further for superior quality and value for money.


Simpson Springs | +44 (0)118 978 6573 |

Simpson Springs & Pressing Ltd specialise in the manufacture of springs, pressings and wireforms for the Lighting industry.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry over the last 40 years, providing them with bespoke solutions to their needs, they have a level of expertise that is second to none.

We welcome all enquiries from both Designers and Manufacturers.


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