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Sentro Frameless Floodlights

Ovia’s Sentro is a range of IP65-rated Frameless LED Floodlights designed to thrive in the most demanding environments. These versatile luminaires are supplied in a black finish as standard and they are available in a variety of wattages – 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W – in standard or PIR variants. 

A choice of warm white or cool white colour temperature options is also available with all wattages. 

Sentro is the first frameless IP65 rated floodlight that offers a PIR version. The PIR version has a 120-degree PIR detection angle and an 8m detection range and features an override function. The luminaires are supplied pre-fitted with one metre of cable and come with an adjustable and angled bracket for installer convenience. A three-year warranty is offered.

Pharos Architectural Controls 

Dynamic lighting control

Pharos Architectural Controls – celebrating its 20th anniversary year in 2024 – is an award-winning and independently owned British manufacturer of dynamic lighting control solutions for architecture, themed entertainment, and other specialist industries. Our hardware and software solutions are designed and built in-house, backed by a 5-year warranty, and supported by an experienced technical team. Pharos products are trusted to run day and night, illuminating iconic installations around the world.

MID Lighting

Central London Office – Spaceline60

MID Lighting recently supplied it’s Spaceline60 suspended luminaire to a major London office development.

The Spaceline is a 60mm wide extruded aluminium luminaire ideal for office spaces where surface or suspended luminaires are specified. The luminaire is available in modular or continuous lengths and can be supplied with Polar White or Microprismatic diffusers.

For this office project the luminaire body was required to sit flush with the underside of the tile, a further complication was a restricted void depth to allow the luminaire to be installed. This was achieved by milling the back of the body to a suitable depth. 

In addition, MID Lighting supplied their ILS F6 78mmØ downlighter with a 6W, 220 narrow beam LED around the core perimeter.

Arditi UK 

Flexible LED Strip

Arditi UK have an extensive range of LED light sources which now includes CRI90 high efficiency COB strip available from 2700K warm white to 6000K cool white, with either IP20 or IP65 protection.

Other new product solutions include Neon Strips, Flexible Wall Washers and super long IP65 Strip with no voltage drop.

The range also includes a collection of compatible LED Drivers and Casambi smart control systems.


Remanufacturing Lighting Products – A practical workshop showing how to implement a remanufacturing process

A new trend is emerging in the lighting industry. Businesses are increasingly asking for existing lighting products to be upgraded or remanufactured. A trend driven in part by the need to reduce the embodied carbon footprint of a building.  

Remanufacturing Lighting Products is a one day workshop, presented by lighting product designer Simon Fisher, who also sits on the BS8887:221 committee. The workshop will guide attendees through all aspects of setting up a remanufacturing service, including key design principles for the LED light source, compliance testing, and the use of BS8887:221.

Firstlight Products

A year of growth ahead for solar-powered outdoor lighting

Firstlight have launched a number of new solar items. The Cyrus LED wall light (3862GP) and post (3863GP), Avenue LED security light (3865BK, pictured) and the Sonic LED wall light (3866BK) which features a separate solar panel. 

The new Avenue LED security light demonstrates the advances made in solar technology. It produces a staggering 650 lumens output with a colour temperature of 6000K and an impressive efficiency of 164.1 lumens per watt. All of this is harvested from solar energy and careful product design. 


Duceri 4-in-1 slimline emergency exit box from ESP

ESP’s Duceri 4-in-1 Maintained Slimline Exit Box is a compact and lightweight alternative to the traditional steel exit boxes and is supplied with all four directional PVC legends. It features a 3W LED lamp, with 45 lumen maintained light output and 34 lumen emergency output and offers a viewing distance of 29m. In addition, the fitting has a separate LED lamp on the base of the unit to illuminate the area immediately below for extra light distribution.

The 4-in-1 Maintained Exit Sign and 4-in-1 Hanging Exit Sign are both supplied with interchangeable, double-sided directional legends to assist with installation and stock considerations. The fittings each feature a 3W LED lamp, with 60 lumen maintained light output and offer a view distance of 24m. The hanging sign can be adjusted up to 650mm from the base.

+44 (0)1527 515150

Mushroom Lighting Technology Limited 

Gantom Juni 

Gantom Juni 10 watt 12 volt Framing projector, available in warm or cool white, wide or narrow beam width, PWM or DMX control. Complete with zoom lens and replaceable gobo holder. Can be fitted with a low voltage track adapter such as Stucchi or Global to fit existing 12 volt tracks or fully customised to fit mains tracks too. Shown battery powered on mini turntable.

+44 (0)1604 790900 

Holophane Europe Ltd

Haloprism by Holophane 

The Haloprism is the perfect High-Bay luminaire to illuminate large areas such exhibition areas, warehouses, large retail stores, railways, airports and more. The luminaire can be configured with up to five different distributions allowing for enhanced lighting control and uniformed illumination for your installation at different mounting heights and spacing requirements. This displays true versatility and adaptability for the optics to perform in multiple environments.  

The torus shaped, recycled glass refractor with PrismaLED technology provides minimal glare with exceptional light output and lasts six times longer than a typical discharge lamp conventionally used in many large and demanding indoor environments. A frosted glass lens is also available where slightly softer lighting is needed.

Available in a range of control options, including third-party DALI controls or full CMS integration using the “cloud based” HOLOSAir platform, allowing for easy programming, grouping, and widening the scope and scalability of your project. 

• Lumen Outputs: 15,000 – 65,000

• Distributions: 5

• IK Rating: IK07

• Colour Temperature: 4,000

• Fully Controllable: Compatible with DALI and integrates with the HOLOSAir platform 


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