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Arditi UK | +44 (0)1604 864615 |

Multi Purpose LED Retrofits

The Light range of Multi Purpose LED Retrofits (MPLR) provide a revolutionary solution to upgrade to the latest LED technology. With this patented design most existing ceiling fittings, wall fittings, pendants and portable lamps are easily adapted to LED without the need for re-wiring. It’s as simple as changing a light bulb.

Multiple mounting systems in a range of wattages from 16W to 25W allow users to plug and play. Dimmable and compatible with most major dimmers in the market MPLR is suitable for commercial or residential applications and comes in standard retrofit, Microwave retrofit and Emergency retrofit all with 5 years’ warranty.


MID Lighting | +44 (0)1494 437 962 | 

MID Lighting have released a new 2018 LED catalogue containing the latest developments within our product range. The brochure includes products that have been manufactured for well-known projects such as Sony, 30 St Marys Axe (The Gherkin), Amenities Building, Cambridge, The Point, Paddington and Battersea Power Station.

We have introduced a new range of LED products, from bespoke luminaires to commercial lighting solutions. With a wealth of industry knowledge in the field backed by in-house design expertise, we can provide solutions for all your lighting requirements no matter how big or small your project.


IST Ltd | +44 (0)121 362 1810 | | 

Centralise • Optimise • Economise

The Ethernet-based iDrive® centralised LED driver range provides the optimum power solution for the increasingly smart, connected world.  iDrive® centralised LED drivers drastically simplify maintenance and are designed for installation in 19” 1U server racks in maintenance rooms, enabling easy access when required. The centralised drivers are capable of driving up to 36 individual luminaires from a single driver, up to a distance of 300m away, which is particularly advantageous for installations involving high ceilings. Remote installation of the LED driver well away from the luminaires also reduces disruption caused by maintenance downtime. The range includes constant current and constant voltage variants, with each driver supporting multiple protocols, including DALI, DMX, RDM, Ethernet, sACN & Art-Net3 and Art-Osc.


Light Visuals | +44 (0)208 265 3735 |

Light Visuals are a London based manufacturer of exterior landscape lighting products. Our luminaires are designed in-house and fully machined in England from high quality, durable materials including brass, copper and 316L stainless steel. All orders are completed by our small but dedicated finishing team who hand assemble each luminaire with care and consideration, being responsible for a customer’s entire order.

Our products offer a wealth of features including proprietary replaceable LED module available in a choice of colour temperatures, interchangeable colour coded optics, open circuit protection, anti-moisture barrier, bespoke cable lengths, IP68 rating and 2-step MacAdam ellipse quality CREE® LED.

For complete peace of mind, all of our products come with a 10-year fixture warranty as standard, this also includes our five UV stable polyester powder coated 316L stainless steel colours.

Our products are modular and therefore easily recyclable. Light Visuals packaging is made from recycled materials and is completely recyclable after use. For more information about Light Visuals products, visit


Goodlight | +44 (0)1276 691230 |

Luxe II LED Panel

Introducing the latest Architectural LED Ceiling Panel from Goodlight, the Luxe II – a design-driven, indirect luminaire that has been designed to transform interiors. This stylish and versatile LED Panel provides direct light distribution with a low glare result. Its angled, opal diffusers deliver 113Lm/W of beautiful, natural light, meeting UGR<19. Suitable for architectural interiors, offices, commercial, retail, education and Cat A/B fit-outs. With a 50,000 hour lifespan, the Luxe II is guaranteed for 5 Years. Available in Natural (4,000K) colour temperature, 600 x 600mm and 600 x 1200mm models. Dimmable and emergency options available. Learn more:


Calon | +44 (0)1925 320320

Active Wiring Centre makes installation simple!

Calon’s Active Wiring Centre is a versatile DALI lighting control module designed to reduce installation time and increase resilience in lighting control systems based on Calon’s SmartBridge and SmartSensor solutions.

Active Wiring Centre is housed in a sturdy moulded enclosure for installation above a false ceiling or in a riser.  With capacity for 12 DALI luminaires plus 2 sensors, the unit provides DALI power and simplifies installation with standard connectors and a range of prefabricated leads.

Active Wiring Centre combines with SmartSensor to form a plug-and-play DALI lighting control solution that works straight from the box without commissioning, but can be quickly set up for more complex applications such as classrooms, offices and meeting rooms, with up to 60 lamps.


Integral LED | +44 (0)208 451 8700 | |

Integral LED’s new Tough Shell High Bay family has taken on the challenge of being one of the most durable industrial luminaires out there! The efficient high bay (up to 150lm/W) delivers significant savings immediately from install. The highest specification model delivers 36,000lm, enough to upgrade warehouse lighting levels from existing infrastructure. Thanks to the innovative conical design, the Tough Shell High Bay’s aluminium body allows the luminaire to operate at optimal temperatures and provides a high impact casing (up to IK10) that is a match for collisions with high rise forklifts. The IP65 rated unit has also been developed with low maintenance in mind, especially where an accumulation of dust is a factor.


Collingwood Lighting | +44 (0)1604 495151 | |

Collingwood Landscape Lighting is all about creating inviting spaces, and by using the warm white colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin, those warmer nights can continue long after summer is gone.

Whether it’s a modern restaurant, pub, market square, or simply a back garden, there is so much more consideration in how to optimise outdoor areas. With space often at a premium, especially in large and busy cities, getting the most out of the great outdoors is more important than ever.

The Collingwood Landscape Lighting range in 2700K is what turns these areas into functional, inviting and warm environments, even as the nights turn colder.

This colour temperature is available for a variety of different products including step lights, spike lights, wall lights, strip lights and ground lights, rotatable pond lights, marker lights and bollards.

For more information about the 2700 Kelvin Landscaping range, visit


Simpson Springs | +44 (0)118 978 6573 |




Simpson Springs & Pressing Ltd specialise in the manufacture of springs, pressings and wireforms for the Lighting industry.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry over the last 40 years, providing them with bespoke solutions to their needs, they have a level of expertise that is second to none.

We welcome all enquiries from both Designers and Manufacturers.


Absolute Action | +44 (0)20 3021 8000 | |


Introducing the Spectralux 6000 LED series, the latest addition to the high-performance Fibre Optic Projectors designed and manufactured in the UK by Absolute Action.

The lightsource is maintained at optimum operating conditions through the use of intelligent temperature-responsive cooling technology. Typical Tj of the LED is 48⁰C allowing for improved lumens per watt and increased LED longevity and reliability. We constantly update our components, taking immediate advantage of advances within the industry, to ensure the utilisation at all times of the latest and best LED chipsets and drivers. Equipment alerts and diagnostics are also included as standard. Light output is variable to suit requirements, ensuring that the Spectralux 6000 Range can provide perfect retrofit units for all industry-standard Glass and PMMA fibre systems, as well as any new-build requirements.


ESP | +44 (0)1527 515150 |

New to ESP’s Duceri emergency lighting range is the 3W LED Hinged Bulkhead, which features a hinged lid to facilitate quicker and easier installation, leading to an overall reduction in installation time.

Designed in-house by ESP, the new 3W LED Hinged Bulkhead boasts a sleek and compact design and includes large 20mm cable access points to assist the install process.

It features an SMD 2835 LED lamp and produces a mains light output of 151 lumens, and emergency light output of 107 lumens – with a 5500k colour temperature. The bulkhead is designed for a variety of applications including lighting for escape routes, stairwells, exit doors and external requirements.

It offers three hours emergency duration, with charge and discharge protection, and features a green LED charge indicator.


CentraLine | +44 (0)1344 656044 |

All-inclusive building management with the EAGLEHAWK NX – The BACnet controller from CentraLine

CentraLine, Honeywell’s partner brand, introduces an all-inclusive new edition of the freely programmable BACnet controller EAGLEHAWK. Its high-performance capability makes EAGLEHAWK NX ideal for the control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications as well as for the integration of other building applications such as lighting, shading, and much more.

The EAGLEHAWK NX is based on the latest Niagara and web technologies and, in conjunction with the CentraLine application library, achieves maximum energy efficiency across different applications with intuitive and user-friendly operation.


Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH (MKS Instruments) | +49 151 676 437 65 | |

MKS Announces New Ophir® FluxGage™ Measurement System for Large-Size Street and Industrial LED Luminaires

MKS Instruments introduces Ophir® FluxGage™ FG1500, the newest member of the FluxGage family of compact measurement systems for LED luminaires. The FG1500 features an aperture size of 144 x 64cm, allowing for photometric measurement of large-size street and industrial luminaires, LED flat panels, and troffer lights. Photometric measurements include total luminous flux (up to 80,000 lm), spectrum and colour parameters (CCT, CRI, TM-30), and flicker. The FluxGage FG1500 performs fast, photometric measurements in 2π geometry. This allows for quick and accurate quality control where measurements of the assembled, large-size LED systems are needed.


Tridonic UK Ltd | +44 (0)1256 374300 |                                                                                                          

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Efficient and tough – new RLE-G2 modules for reliable industrial and outdoor lighting

The new RLE-G2 modules from Tridonic have been developed for harsh industrial environments and challenging outdoor conditions. They can withstand salt spray, pollutants and extreme temperatures and are easy to integrate in a very wide range of luminaires. With their long life and high efficiency, they are suitable for a broad spectrum of potential applications.

The second generation of the RLE EXC and ADV family of modules for industrial and outdoor lighting has been specifically developed for modular luminaire designs. All the high-power and mid-power modules have passed a demanding series of tests, including exposure to salt spray and pollutants. With their extended temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C/+95 °C (high power/mid power) they can also handle extreme climatic conditions. While high-power modules are extremely durable with a life of 100,000 hours, mid-power module offer exceptionally high efficiency of up to 190 lm/W and a life of 80,000 hours. Together with a suitable Tridonic outdoor driver, all the RLE G2 modules can withstand surge and burst voltages of up to 6 kV. The modules comply with the ZHAGA standard and are compatible with various standard lenses available on the market.

Tridonic offers a warranty of 8 years on the high-power modules with a life of 100,000 hours, and a warranty of 5 years on the mid-power modules with a life of 80,000 hours.


Ansorg | +44 (0)207 608 6200 |

Navo 4.0 – the most compact and flexible aisle lighting system

Ansorg has developed two new spotlights, Navo NMT and Navo NMR, despite being far more compact, their performance and efficiency is in no way inferior. Boasting with the premium Ansorg DNA, both luminaires deliver excellent light brilliance and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Available in both surface mounted and recessed versions, the spotlights rotate 360° and pivot ±10° for extremely flexible adaptation to individual requirements. Alongside traditional aisle lighting applications at food retail outlets, the new spotlights are also perfect for fashion or home store lighting. Navo 4.0 can be optionally fitted with a wall washer reflector for the effective illumination of high merchandise presentations or back walls.


Switchtec | +44 (0)1785 818600 | |

Switchtec’s surge protection devices are perfect for modern street lighting applications

Available from specialist distributor Switchtec, Citel surge protection devices (SPDs) meet onerous new legislation set out in the latest IET Standards’ ‘Guide to Highway Electrical Street Furniture’.  Significantly, Citel SPDs meet the tight new legislation where many of the existing LED drivers with integral surge protection do not.

With the advent of LED luminaires and their associated central management control technologies, the value of the technology located within the highway has increased, as has its susceptibility to transient over voltages. These considerations will only increase as authorities look to the development of ‘smart city’ technologies using the public lighting asset, and this may present a weakness in the system. To limit the effect of transients to an acceptable level the most effective solution is the installation of separate surge protection devices.


acdc | 0845 862 6400 | acdc.service@zumtobelgroup.com

acdc’s BLADE shortlisted for a Lux Award

acdc’s new BLADE linear wall washing luminaire defies convention with its single linear LED optic, it achieves perfection.

Its outstanding colour mixing technology, says goodbye to unsightly scalloping. No shadowing, just a clean lit effect.

Discrete with a powerful lighting effect, BLADE is available in three versions surface mount internal, surface mount external driver and Linear recessed internal driver. The flexibility of this range creates an effortless project match.

Of course, beautiful lighting is also comfortable. BLADE’s louvre and diffusers prevent any possible glare from spilling into windows or the surrounding environment.

BLADE will meet whatever wall washing demand you throw at it. And at a cost lower than you might expect.

For more information, please visit


Scolmore | +44 (0)1827 63454 |

New corridor function for Inceptor EVO LED Bulkheads

Scolmore’s new Inceptor EVO LED Bulkhead incorporates a corridor function feature which will help reduce energy consumption.

The corridor function feature provides a dimmed level of light for periods of vacancy and it is activated automatically via a simple switch located on the driver when no movement has been detected.  Switch to ‘on’ and the light output will dim to 15% of its rated lumen output. Switch to ‘off’ and the light output will turn off when no movement is detected.

Designed to be quick to install and simple to use, the bulkhead integrates the control gear and the light source within the diffuser, and features Scolmore’s Flow plug which allows fast connection and disconnection for testing and maintenance.


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