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Megaman has introduced its latest product innovation to the UK, INGENIUM® ZB. The new smart system works with ZigBee® technology to create a scalable solution, allowing users to gain wireless control over all INGENIUM® ZB products. Ideal for new and retrofit applications, INGENIUM® ZB is a smart lighting solution for residential, commercial, retail and industrial spaces.

Users can gain wireless control of INGENIUM® ZB enabled LED lamps and luminaires – individually or in groups – from smart devices whilst at home or when out via a mobile or tablet device. The INGENIUM® ZB smart lighting solution is also compatible with Megaman’s portfolio of lighting products, making it the ideal product for quick and efficient retrofit applications where smart lighting is a key design requirement.

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MID Lighting Image - March 17MID Lighting | +44 (0)1494 437 962 | 

MID Lighting has released a new LED catalogue containing the latest developments within our LED range. The brochure includes products that have been manufactured for well-known projects such as 1 Burlington Place, W5 Regent Street, TPG Park Street, 69 Carter Lane and Battersea Power Station.

We have a range of LED products available, from recessed office luminaires to exterior lighting solutions. With a wealth of industry knowledge in the field backed by in-house design expertise we can provide solutions for all your lighting requirements no matter how big or small your project.


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If you need superior light but space is tight then the lightweight compact 50mm downlight module from Forge is the answer. Supplied in a black painted finish in 2700k, 3000k and 4000k, up to 98 CRI, 1200lm and efficacy of 106lm/w, there are three beam patterns to choose from, 24, 38 and 60 degrees. As you would expect from Forge this is just the starting point, add a driver, choose a custom heatsink colour, add your brand and differentiate from the rest of the crowd.

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Alhena Top Glass – Effortless blend of performance and style

The latest addition to the Alhena range, the Alhena Top Glass spotlight takes the tube spotlight design to the next level.  The addition of a glass tube section refracts the light output in a new way giving a soft anti-glare effect.  Powered by a low voltage 5 watt LED module, the Alhena Top Glass is available in two different colour temperatures as standard – 3200°K and 4000°K – and is fully dimmable.  As with all of Timage’s light fittings, Alhena Top Glass is made entirely from marine grade materials.



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VLC LED Drivers for Indoor Positioning 

July 2017 witnessed the launch of the iDrive® Force 12 Hybrid+, one of the world’s most advanced LED drivers, incorporating Visual Light Communication (VLC) capabilities to enable luminaire manufacturers and system integrators to create their own high precision, indoor location- based marketing solutions.

The new Hybrid+ LED output stage has taken nearly a decade to perfect and provides unprecedented levels of smooth, flicker-free dimming, with seamless integration of optical VLC beacon technology.

The Force 12 Hybrid+ builds on IST’s extensive knowhow to deliver the first open platform and cost-effective indoor positioning VLC drivers to enable the lighting industry to capture a large section of the burgeoning positioning market.


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Luxe LED Panel

Introducing the Luxe LED Ceiling Panel from the Goodlight Architectural LED Lighting range – a stylish, versatile panel that replaces unsightly, energy-hungry banks of fluorescent tube lights. Luxe provides a uniform 90° light spread by incorporating twin, angled opal diffusers, delivering 102Lm/W. Perfect for Cat A / B fit-outs as well as any areas requiring an LED upgrade for standard Cat 2 modular fitting. Its aesthetically-pleasing, robust body seamlessly integrates into high-grade office environments as easily as into healthcare or educational applications. Options include DALI dimmability and Emergency Unit (3Hr). The Luxe also features an integrated driver with super-fast installation, allowing you to connect straight to the mains.


Calon | +44 (0)1925 320320

SmartSensor™ – Versatile DALI lighting control

Lighting control specialist Calon have introduced an updated version of their acclaimed SmartSensor range of DALI lighting controls.

Featuring an improved housing that’s easier to install, plus a slimmer bezel for a more discreet appearance, SmartSensor now has even more control options available, making it a complete lighting control system in a sensor.

SmartSensor works straight out of the box as a standalone DALI controller without commissioning, but can be quickly and easily set up for more demanding applications such as larger offices, meeting or board rooms, classrooms and corridors.

SmartSensor is designed to be installer-friendly and does not require any special tools or software to set up – even DALI lamp addressing is handled automatically by the sensor.

To make the installation process even easier, Calon has introduced the Active Wiring Centre, a new DALI lighting control module that’s designed to work with SmartSensor for a truly ‘plug and play’ solution.


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Lutron Enterprise Vue

Enterprise Vue is Lutron’s new lighting and shading control and management platform for corporate and university campuses. Enterprise Vue gives facilities managers real-time control of multiple  buildings – whether they are all on one campus or scattered around the world – using Lutron’s Quantum control system.

Quantum is Lutron’s flagship lighting control and energy management system for commercial buildings, providing total light management. Enterprise Vue software platform leverages the IoT to deliver intuitive and immediately actionable multi-building management dashboards, allowing facilities managers to see, interpret and act on data for multiple buildings that use Quantum systems, at an enterprise level.


Scolmore | +44 (0)1827 63454 |

Scolmore adds essential fire-rated LED downlight to Inceptor range

Inceptor Pico FG is a fire-rated, fixed integrated LED downlight, offering a cost-effective LED solution whilst producing excellent light output for the power utilised.  It is ideal for installations where void depth is limited and fire rating is required.

As well a fire rating of 30, 60 and 90 minutes, Pico FG has further benefits.  It is supplied with a pre-attached fly lead rather than terminals to make installation easier and quicker, thus saving time on the job by the contractor.  It is also compatible with Scolmore’s new Insulation Support Clip, which allows installers to lay thermal insulation directly over the Inceptor Pico.

Available in a dimmable option as standard and in White, Satin Chrome and Chrome finishes.


Perspex® Brand | +44 (0)1254 874291 |

Intelligent acrylic for lighting

Perspex® acrylic is a natural partner to LEDs and offers unique advantages over other materials, enhancing LED performance in lighting units.  The Perspex® team has developed Perspex® Diffuse, a cast acrylic sheet offering highest light transmissions with optimum diffusion.  Available in light transmissions 50, 60, 70, 80 & 90% and in 2-10mm thicknesses, it can be used in both luminaire design technologies; edge lit and back lit.  This latest in diffusion technology is equally suited for use in commercial and decorative lighting, as well as illuminated advertising and display applications, improving the brightness and efficiency of lighting unit designs.


GL Optic | +49 (0)7023 9504 30 |

GL Optic, a leader in light and color measurement systems, announces at light+building the release of the GL OPTICAM 1.0 – an optical digital image camera system, which supports luminance measurements for the quality control of lighting products, illuminated symbols and automotive and electrical displays.

The Imaging Luminance Meter (ILM) from GL Optic is based on a calibrated and optimized digital camera, equipped with an optical system that includes a V-Lambda correction filter and photo sensitive CMOS image sensor. The GL OPTICAM 1.0 can capture entire scenes and quickly output luminance data at each point in the image, all in a single frame and measurement. The accompanying analytical software delivers a user friendly, intuitive interface that supports data downloads and the preparation of comprehensive reports. The GL OPTICAM 1.0 was designed to speed up and simplify component testing in vehicle displays, embedded LCD and OLED displays, instrument clusters, controls, indicators and illuminated symbols.


Collingwood Lighting | +44 (0)1604 495151 | |

H2 Lite 500

Collingwood Lighting has once again expanded the Essentially Collingwood range and is pleased to introduce the H2 Lite 500 – the newest entry-level downlight.At 500 lumens, it produces an outstanding output with a high energy-saving efficacy of 100lm/W. The H2 Lite 500 features all of the reliable and time-saving features that can be expected from Collingwood, including four-year extended warranty, push-fit terminal connector, rolled insulation coverable design, shallow profile depth, and finish and colour temperature options to suit any installation. Call us on 01604 495151 for a quote today.


Recolight | +44 (0)208 253 9750 | |      

Household Luminaire producers – get ready for WEEE compliance

From the beginning of January 2019, household luminaires come into scope of the UK’s WEEE regulations. Manufacturers, importers, and own branders of domestic light fittings will need to comply.

Time line for compliance;

  • 2018 join a WEEE Producer Compliance scheme (PCS).
  • 2019 declare products put on market. Costs in 2019 will be limited to PCS membership and EA charges only.
  • 2020 a government target will be set for recycling. Costs in 2020 will also include a charge for recycling, based on market share.

Talk to us at Recolight, we provide WEEE compliance for all lighting and a recycling service too, taking on your WEEE obligations.


Simpson Springs | +44 (0)118 978 6573 | | 

Simpson Springs & Pressings Ltd specialise in the manufacture of springs, pressings and wireforms for the Lighting industry. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry over the last 40 years, providing them with bespoke solutions to their needs, they have a level of expertise that is second to none. We welcome all enquiries from both Designers and Manufacturers.



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Render of Hotel Lobby

Explora® Halo

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Hacel, the exclusive Explora® Halo LED Pendant luminaire is the artistic choice for producing a lighting statement. Displaying a homogenous halo of enlightened luminance, the Explora® showcases a translucent yet reflective design. Offering direct and indirect lighting, the Explora® Halo is available in three sizes and allows for flexibility in creating inspirational mixed compositions or used as a single, sophisticated focal point to optimise surrounding architecture. As part of the Explora range, Linear Pendants and Wall Lights are also available.

For more information, please contact


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Scolmore launches dual mode LED dimmer

Scolmore’s new intelligent dimmer module eliminates flickering and is easier to control than regular dimmers.  It is essentially two dimmers in one, to offer installers maximum compatibility.

With a choice of dimming modes – leading or trailing edge – installers can choose the mode that works most effectively with the LED lights they are using.

A minimum brightness setting on the Dual Mode Dimmer Module allows the minimum brightness to be adjusted, so that any flicker at the bottom end of the dimming range can be trimmed out.

Installation is much easier with the positioning of two small switches on the back of the module – one to adjust the minimum brightness, the other to adjust the dimming module.

Electronic thermal overload protection is also incorporated.


Bright Green Connect | +44 (0) 1932 497 992 | 

Bright Green Connect has become UK distributor for the Self Electronics range of power supplies, LED drivers, sensors and ancillary products.  This is a major development for Bright Green Connect and adds a substantial array of new products.

Established in 1993, with a base in Germany and manufacture in China, Self Electronics is a global leader in power supply development.

Bright Green Connect is a power connectivity company, delivering the next generation of power supplies, intelligent LED drivers and connected products through a highly skilled team, a range of industry leading innovations and comprehensive stock, a catalogue of which is available on request.


CP Electronics | +44 (0)333 900 0671 |

CP Electronics gives voice to single and multi-room scene-setting via cloud-based apps

The new RAPID Scene Control solutions from CP Electronics gives the ability to customise lighting in offices and commercial buildings on a room by room basis using voice recognition and through cloud-based apps via a tablet and smartphone.

This versatile, energy and cost-saving system works in conjunction with the system’s dimming lighting control modules (LCMs) and dimming luminaries.  This integration allows RAPID to achieve advanced scene-setting capability across individual rooms and multiple floors.

The use of a tablet or PC, especially if configured to voice recognition, provides end users with real convenience and ease in set-up.  Using the simple command, “room recall”, the RAPID control system allows set-up of the lighting control within a single room, using voice only.


Integral LED | +44 (0)208 451 8700 |

Integral LED’s next focus for LED lighting design is adaptable lighting fixtures, with ease of installation in mind.
The new Integral Multi-Fit downlight is the first of a new generation of fitting that aspires to be the most versatile luminaire available to specifiers and installers. Essentially, the new product is a universal light that fits almost every size of ceiling cut-out encountered by a contractor in the field. The Multi-Fit can be installed in cut-outs as small as 65mm and increasing up to a maximum size of 205mm. The aim is to provide a one-product-fits-all solution for both residential and workplace projects. At the core of the Multi-Fit downlight is a uniquely designed configurable bracket and clip system that allows one fixture to span any aperture. The lightweight aluminium body enables the springs to hold the fitting firmly in place within a plasterboard or suspended ceiling. Removing the clips allows the unit to be surface mounted, adding further flexibility.


Collingwood Lighting | +44 (0)1604 495151 | |

H2 Lite 500 CSW

The innovative benefits of colour switchable technology are now available in the Essentially Collingwood range.

The new H2 Lite 500 CSW provides the ease and versatility of wall controlled colour selection in an entry-level downlight, as well as all of the benefits of the H2 Lite – four-year extended warranty, push-fit terminal connector, rolled insulation coverable design – the light can easily be changed between three colour temperatures simply using the wall switch. Choose between a warm 3000K, daylight 4000K or cool 6500K without any additional wiring or control gear. Call us on 01604 495151 for a quote today.


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