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Inspired Lighting


When creating the Armonia collection José Ignacio Ballester has once again applied tridimensional filters of 3000K integral LED light, by using 360 degree acrylic diffusers giving a completely ambient array of light dispersion. The lines of this comprehensive collection reflect the seamless fluidity of rhythmic dance ribbons, curled and intertwined into unique, harmonious forms that range from a simple loop to a linear bow shape. Each individual design is available in either a polished chrome or titanium colour finish.




iMod® Inset Grid by Hacel Lighting

Presenting the iMod Inset Grid Light designed and manufactured in the UK by Hacel. A distinctive module with a unique appearance, the iMod Inset features a host of innovative features including a flat micro prism refractor and superior UGR. Available with a wide choice of high quality control gear, delivering lumen outputs up to 5231 lumens and efficacies of 117 lm/W. A versatile lighting solution producing energy efficient illumination, functionality and the promotion of well-being.


Arditi UK 

Decorative, Vintage & Porcelain LED Lamps

To complement our range of lighting components, this exciting new range of E27 lamps uses LED Technology in vintage, decorative and porcelain styles to combine stunning design and practicality without sacrificing high quality light output. The range comprises traditional-style filament lamps such as globe, tubular & reflector as well as innovative new shapes to create an elegant and refined mood, perfect for any environment.

Contact us for a catalogue.


Emergency Lighting Products Limited

SurePath DALI emergency lighting test system

The SurePath DALI test panel from Emergency Lighting Products Limited provides an easy to use, yet very detailed method of monitoring emergency lighting installations.

The attractive panel can be mounted discreetly in any working area and while all is well, the screen will simply show a green tick. However, if a fault occurs or any luminaire within the installation fails a scheduled automatic test, the screen will change to an exclamation mark.

The SurePath system can automatically notify maintenance engineers and ‘drill down’ menus will provide full details of what and where the failures are.



Tough and rugged LED High Bay for all industrial applications

The Goodlight GX2 Linear LED High Bay is protected to IP65, making it waterproof, dust proof and anti-corrosive. Featuring unique super bright LED chips which deliver 130Lm/W, allowing installation from 4m – 12m. The GX2 has an Impact Protection Rating of IK10 and is glass-free and shatter-proof, featuring a frosted PC lens which provides uniform and even light spread, making it additionally suitable for food and drink production environments. The perfect linear lighting choice for a wide range of applications including warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and production, refrigeration, cold storage areas, atria, sports and leisure.

Available in daylight, the GX2 is rated for 50,000 hours and is supported by a 5 year guarantee. Learn more today at:


MID Lighting

MID Lighting have recently had the good fortune to work on the Grade II listed building The Maltings, Princes Street, Ipswich.

MID worked in conjunction with Mark Pertwee, Pertwee Estates, Roberto Esposito, Esposito Architecture Limited, and Steve Attle and the team from Ceetech Ltd, to create a lighting design that complements the historic character of this unique 1820’s building, but with a 20th century feel.
This project provided difficult challenges which were overcome by our experienced design team incorporating up to 22 different types of luminaires to ensure we enhanced each of the buildings unique 23,000 sq ft of new office spaces.

The project was led by Donna Snell, Sales Executive, Eliot Stevens, Lighting Designer and Manny Stone, Technical Manager.


Inspired Lighting


This collection of stunning crystal chandeliers and wall lamps uses a minimal amount of framework ensuring the crystal components are the main feature. Each arm is adorned from the top of the centre column down to the lampholder with high quality clear crystal pieces which alternate in size. Armand’s imperial presence is even more prominent with additional crystal strands draped from arm to arm meeting below the substantial crystal glass piece which hosts the E14 lampholders. Available in two colour finishes, Armand is a high-class, sophisticated design.




Carlo Gavazzi UK Ltd

Carlo Gavazzi have launched the SBBADT8CCT DALI driver for standard and tunable white LED’s to control warm white and cool white output via a single DALI address providing high power factor and energy efficiency.

The SBBADT8CCT DALI ballast offers reduced power consumption which provides energy savings to the user by controlling and optimising the light levels and will provide smooth and 0.1% deep dimming function which is designed to achieve natural dimming performance without the risk of visible distractions or physiological effects of flicker or buzzing sound.

The simplicity of the DALI lighting control system with the flexibility and scalability of the Dupline® platform, provides cutting edge lighting control for commercial and residential lighting requirements.


Feilo Sylvania Group

Concord pushes boundaries with Pixer Pod

Concord, Sylvania’s architectural lighting brand, has added new iterations of its award-winning Pixer product, further expanding this range of design led luminaires. The new Concord Pixer Single Pod Recessed is a high-performance single light pod which excels in corporate, office and education installations. This has been introduced alongside a wall-mounted version to further the installation opportunities of Pixer, by applying a consistent design theme across multiple fitting applications.

“Concord Pixer by Sylvania is a true stand out solution for the corporate market, and by furthering its development to bring a singular recessed Pod product to market, we are building on our industry-leading luminaire offering,” comments David Neale, Marketing Manager at Sylvania UK.

For more information visit:×325/



Centralise • Optimise • Economise

The Ethernet-based iDrive® centralised LED driver range provides the optimum power solution for the increasingly smart, connected world.  iDrive® centralised LED drivers drastically simplify maintenance and are designed for installation in 19” 1U server racks in maintenance rooms, enabling easy access when required. The centralised drivers are capable of driving up to 36 individual luminaires from a single driver, up to a distance of 300m away, which is particularly advantageous for installations involving high ceilings. Remote installation of the LED driver well away from the luminaires also reduces disruption caused by maintenance downtime. The range includes constant current and constant voltage variants, with each driver supporting multiple protocols, including DALI, DMX, RDM, Ethernet, sACN & Art-Net3 and Art-O



Scolmore’s EVO LED bulkheads save time and money for social landlord

Scolmore’s Inceptor EVO LED Bulkheads were selected by Fife-based social landlord, Kingdom Housing Association. They were looking to increase the general and emergency lighting provision in the communal areas of their domestic properties, with the need to keep costs, installation time and disruption to a minimum.

The challenge was to find a product that didn’t require rewiring, as most of these residential blocks were wired in two core cabling.

EVO is quick to install and simple to use.  The control gear and light source are integrated within the diffuser and the Flow Connector allows for fast and simple connection and disconnection for testing and maintenance.



 Palco InOut Framer – Skin Changer

Palco InOut Framer, available in 2700k, 3000k & 4000k, uses the patented Opti Beam lens to ensure high luminance & efficiency – emitting a very precise beam, free of chromatic aberration with luminous flux levels from 160 to 3500 lumens. The 30Ø version has a remote on-off driver and can use 4 different sized gobos to create circular shapes. In addition, the 116Ø version can create rectangular & triangular shapes by using external magnetic wings and can be pole mounted. The luminous flux dimmer can fade effects and create natural dynamism thanks to the DALI power supply, that can also be managed through a smartphone.


Simpson Springs

Simpson Springs & Pressing Ltd specialise in the manufacture of springs, pressings and wireforms for the Lighting industry.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry over the last 40 years, providing them with bespoke solutions to their needs, they have a level of expertise that is second to none.

We welcome all enquiries from both Designers and Manufacturers.


Polymer Optics Limited 

As a world-wide designer & supplier of Passive Infra-Red (PIR) lenses for lighting & security, we have a range of off the shelf solutions or develop custom designs to suit your needs.

Main uses are security & lighting, numerous other sensing applications, general person sensing, energy management, fan control, door activation and temperature.

New development of a small cap lens design for direct Pyro mounting under way, for further details please contact us to sign an NDA so that we can share the pre-release info.

We are the only company that can design and tool Free-form Fresnels with patent protection.



Active Wiring Centre makes installation a Breeze!

Calon’s Active Wiring Centre is a versatile DALI lighting control module, designed to reduce installation time and increase resilience in lighting control systems based on Calon’s SmartBridge and SmartSensor solutions.

Active Wiring Centre is built in a sturdy, flame-retardant housing designed for installation above a false ceiling or in a riser, and can be combined with SmartSensor to form a plug-and-play standalone DALI lighting control solution, that works straight out of the box without commissioning but can be quickly and easily set up for more demanding applications such as larger offices, meeting or board rooms, school classrooms and corridors.


Inspired Lighting


Sonata is another exploration of the transference of musical instrument silhouettes onto designer lighting. This collection of single pendants is influenced by the hourglass form of a cello sculpted from substantial pieces of copper, bronze or graphite translucent glass. The tubular framework leads cohesively into the diffusing glass feature hosting the E27 lampholder. Available in three sizes it is a suitable option to bring the serenity of classical music into most ambient settings.




Self Test Emergency Light Fittings

ESP’s range of Self Test Emergency Light Fittings offer numerous benefits over standard fittings by reducing the costs and time associated with manual testing and inspection.

During initial power up an automatic commissioning stage will begin. After the initial charge up time (up to 72 hours), the unit will carry out a full duration test. After all initial tests are completed successfully the inbuilt processor will start the standard programmed test schedule, reporting failing functions via the status LED. In addition, it is possible to initiate a manual test on self test emergency lighting fittings for extra peace of mind.

The products have all been tested and comply with the latest standards. For more information, please contact us.



WEEE has got bigger!

More lighting products are now included in the WEEE Regulations. Producers, importers, and own-branders must join a WEEE Compliance Scheme.

Recolight will manage all your WEEE obligations. We have a team of WEEE experts to guide you. And with Recolight, there are no hidden costs.

Set up by the lighting industry, and operating as a non-profit organisation, recolight understand WEEE and works to get the regulations right for lighting.

To date Recolight has recycled more WEEE lighting than all UK WEEE Compliances schemes combined.



Effective glare free office lighting

Tridonic’s Linear LLE 24 mm (ADV) LED modules with LEDiL DAISY lenses and appropriate SELV LED drivers are an ideal combination for efficient office lighting without any disturbing glare.

The LED modules, SELV LED drivers and LEDiL lenses work together so that glare-free office lighting is easy to achieve. The key to this user-friendly lighting solution is due to the arrangement of the LED chips on the LED module which is tailored precisely to the lenses. The result is glare-free light (UGR<19) with a darklight character offering high visual comfort and meeting all requirements for compliant office and workplace lighting.

The 24 mm LLE modules are available in versions for tunable white with correlated colour temperatures from 2,700 to 6,500 K and for static white with CCT’s of 3,000 and 4,000 K. The colour rendering index is Ra > 80 with narrow colour tolerances (MacAdam 3). They are supplied in lengths of 140 mm, 280 mm, 560 mm and 1120 mm and achieve a typical luminous flux of 400, 750, 1,500 or 3,500 lm and offer a long life of 72,000 hours. System efficiency is 184 lm/W (static white) and 170 lm/W (tunable white). Module efficiency is up to 200 lm/W. The LED modules can be used in a wide variety of luminaires, from single units to complete light lines. Wiring and installation are easy, as the terminals can be wired from the front or back to enable module to module connection.

The products come with Tridonic’s 5-year guarantee.


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