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Sylvania Goes Linear with Optix

In offices and educational buildings the selecting the right lighting is essential for not only productivity and wellbeing but also for meeting the aesthetic requirements of the space. Sylvania has enhanced its range of Optix luminaires with the new sleek and unobtrusive Optix Linear, which offers the same high-quality optics, guaranteed low glare and impressive energy efficiency levels but in a new slim profile, thus answering the need for functional yet stylish luminaires.

Optix Linear offers the possibility to mix and match recessed and / or surface luminaires in a single lighting scheme. With its high-performance glare-controlled optics with optimised diffusers and reflectors, Optix Linear is perfect for a wide range of applications such as office, education, data centres and other circulation areas.

Optix Linear can be mounted individually or in continuous runs with seamless light effect providing greater flexibility over the design of the lighting scheme. It is available in Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K) and Tuneable White (3000K – 6000K) colour temperatures. Optix Linear meets and exceeds UGR <16, with aluminised optics plus the implementation of CRI 90 for increased visual comfort.

For more information about Sylvania’s office range, please visit:


Zumtobel Lighting

New CLEAN II Supreme clean-room experience with the very latest lighting technology 

Zumtobel Lighting has launched the new CLEAN II Supreme, the latest addition to the CLEAN luminaire family, providing a highly efficient lighting solution for rooms with elevated hygienic requirements such as laboratories, operating theatres, hospitals or food production facilities. Designed for areas with the most exacting requirements, CLEAN II Supreme uses MPO+ technology (Micro-Pyramidal Optic) to evenly diffuse the LED light and direct it precisely whilst reducing glare and ensuring a pleasant light distribution with high luminous efficacy. The patented optic balances diffuse and directed light and floods the room with brilliant, precise light without contrast overlays, which is particularly helpful for medical personnel carrying out challenging work. In medical institutions, light must adapt to many specific user requirements and with its integrated tunableWhite technology CLEAN II Supreme can react appropriately to any environment.

With its ultra-resistant, discreet design, the CLEAN II Supreme focusses on pure light and utilises tunableWhite technology to provide additional support and perfect white light quality. The design of the CLEAN II Supreme allows this second-generation product to continue the legacy of the CLEAN luminaire family, a long-standing and successful member of Zumtobel’s product portfolio.


GE Current, a Daintree company 

GE Current, a Daintree Company, Launches its Smallest 24V LED Module: the Tetra® Atom

Powerful, miniature module extends Current’s portfolio into a range of new, compact signage applications

GE Current, a Daintree company, announces the European launch of its latest 24-volt product, the Tetra® Atom. One of the smallest LED modules on the market, the Tetra Atom has been designed for use in shallow channel letters measuring as little as 25mm, as well as halo lit and routed acrylic letters used in smaller format signage.

Small yet mighty, Tetra Atom delivers market-leading light output and efficacy, and features Current’s signature build quality, offering sign-makers confidence that their signs will shine brighter for longer. Each module emits an average of 610 lumen/m at an efficacy of 124 lm/W, creating a bright, crisp light for a perfectly-uniform illumination, helping signs stand out, without increasing energy bills.

Up to 300 Tetra Atom modules can be connected to a single 100W power supply; double the loading of some of the Atom’s closest competitors; dramatically reducing the bill of materials and potential points of failure in the system to minimise implementation, maintenance and disposal costs at end of life. The 24V nature of the modules is also significantly more energy-efficient than 12V systems.

Tetra Atom is available in Europe through authorised Current signage distributors.


MID Lighting

MID Lighting have recently had the good fortune to work on the Grade II listed building The Maltings, Princes Street, Ipswich.

MID worked in conjunction with Mark Pertwee, Pertwee Estates, Roberto Esposito, Esposito Architecture Limited, and Steve Attle and the team from Ceetech Ltd, to create a lighting design that complements the historic character of this unique 1820’s building, but with a 20th century feel.
This project provided difficult challenges which were overcome by our experienced design team incorporating up to 22 different types of luminaires to ensure we enhanced each of the buildings unique 23,000 sq ft of new office spaces.

The project was led by Donna Snell, Sales Executive, Eliot Stevens, Lighting Designer and Manny Stone, Technical Manager.



Welcome to a New Style Of Lighting  

Looking for a new stylish alternative to the LED flat panel? Sylvania is delighted to introduce Quadro, a range of architecturally styled LED panels with enhanced glare control and installer adjustable light output to bring a new unique dimension to office and commercial lighting projects.

The Quadro ceiling recessed luminaires feature adjustable lumen output settings from 2250-4650lm (at 4000K colour temperature) using eight individual DIP switch settings which are easily selected on installation. Combined with glare control to deliver a lighting scheme to UGR < 16 and an efficiency of upto 150lm/w, this innovative new luminaire is suitable for lighting applications requiring comfortable light to assist with well-being and productivity such as in offices, meeting rooms, circulation areas and other commercial lighting applications.

“In an office space, lighting requirements are as individual as the occupants and the new Sylvania Quadro allows the space to be designed with the right light levels to meet their needs,” comments David Neale, Marketing Manager for Sylvania UK. “With its stylish design, high efficacy and low glare, Quadro is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Offering a new dimension to the LED panel, this new luminaire is the latest addition to our office lighting range and is designed to help create a more comfortable and more productive office environment.”

Quadro delivers impressive glare control. The glare of all luminaires that are in a room are evaluated with the UGR method, as specified in the standard EN 12464-1 “Lighting of indoor workplaces”. Quadro delivers a low UGR level of less than 16 making it the ideal solution for improving comfort and productivity in office environments.

For more information about Sylvania’s Quadro office luminaires range, please visit:


Emergency Lighting Products (ELP)

The SurePath DALI test system goes wireless

The SurePath DALI test panel from Emergency Lighting Products Limited has proven to be an easy to use, yet very detailed method of monitoring emergency lighting installations. Now to make it suitable for even more projects, ELP have developed a wireless version using the power of Bluetooth Low Energy mesh technology.

The attractive panel can be mounted discreetly in any working area and via two BLE mesh networks, communicates wirelessly with up to 128 devices. For larger projects, up to fifty SurePath panels can be networked using the SureLink networking software. Commissioning is made simple using the ELP SurePath Android App.

In all other ways the SurePathBLE panels remain true to the original design. The panel uses standard DALI protocols to monitor each DALI emergency lighting luminaire via a Bluetooth/DALI Gateway module. While all is well, the screen will simply show a green tick. However, if a fault occurs or an emergency luminaire fails a scheduled automatic test, the screen will change to an exclamation mark (and if selected) a warning buzzer will sound.

The SurePath system can automatically notify maintenance engineers of any fault and ‘drill down’ menus will provide full details of exactly what and where the failures are.



Bluetooth Network Controls

DANLERS’ range of “Casambi-enabled” occupancy detectors use Bluetooth Low Energy communication to control lighting without the need for any wiring between the controls and the luminaires.

Any number of Casambi-enabled luminaires and controls in a building will automatically form a mesh network, and the Casambi app can be used to quickly and simply set up any required control system.

This has major advantages in cost, ease of installation and flexibility.

Casambi networks are both reliable and secure, and devices can be added or taken away at any time. They can also be integrated with existing DALI or 1-10VDC systems.

Please be assured we are open and trading: DANLERS Covid-19 Update



Centralise • Optimise • Economise

The Ethernet-based iDrive® centralised LED driver range provides the optimum power solution for the increasingly smart, connected world.  iDrive® centralised LED drivers drastically simplify maintenance and are designed for installation in 19” 1U server racks in maintenance rooms, enabling easy access when required.

The centralised drivers are capable of driving up to 36 individual luminaires from a single driver, up to a distance of 300m away, which is particularly advantageous for installations involving high ceilings. Remote installation of the LED driver well away from the luminaires also reduces disruption caused by maintenance downtime.

The range includes constant current and constant voltage variants, with each driver supporting multiple protocols, including DALI, DMX, RDM, Ethernet, sACN & Art-Net3 and Art-Osc.


Simpson Springs

Simpson Springs & Pressing Ltd specialise in the manufacture of springs, pressings and wireforms for the Lighting industry.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry over the last 40 years, providing them with bespoke solutions to their needs, they have a level of expertise that is second to none.

We welcome all enquiries from both Designers and Manufacturers.



Active Lighting Manager Supervises DALI lighting installations 

Calon’s Active Lighting Manager (ALM) is an advanced glass colour touch screen that works out of the box to supervise and manage up to 30 DALI lighting channels.

Active Lighting Manager works together with Calon’s SmartBridge lighting controllers, continuously monitoring for system, lamp and sensor faults and providing the capability to schedule emergency lighting tests on any of 8 emergency test groups.  

Faults, alarms and test results can be viewed on-screen or via a remote web browser, or notified automatically via e-mail to specified personnel. Apart from setting up the e-mail address for fault notification, no other setup is required.   _____________________________________________________________


A WEEE Compliance Scheme for Lighting

More lighting products are now included in the WEEE Regulations. Producers, importers, and own-branders must join a WEEE Compliance Scheme.

Recolight will manage all your WEEE obligations. We have a team of WEEE experts to guide you. And with Recolight, there are no hidden costs.

Set up by the lighting industry, and operating as a non-profit organisation, recolight understand WEEE and works to get the regulations right for lighting.

To date Recolight has recycled more WEEE lighting than all UK WEEE Compliances schemes combined.


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