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New Software Makes Light Work of Configuring Emergency Lighting

Fire and life safety systems manufacturer, Advanced, has launched a new generation of highly intuitive configuration software for its LuxIntelligent emergency light testing solution.

Designed with installers and commissioning technicians in mind, Advanced’s ConfigTool for LuxIntelligent allows users to build both complex and straightforward emergency lighting systems with ease and speed. 

The benefits of the new ConfigTool extend far beyond easy programming of the LuxIntelligent lighting panel itself, providing full remote control of menu screen options via a ‘virtual terminal’ and allowing you to pre-plan entire systems remotely, saving valuable time on site.


Arditi UK

Battery Free Dimmable Wireless Light Switch – Casambi & Bluetooth Compatible

Wall mounted or portable switch; no wiring required. Using kinetic energy the switch transmitter modules are self-powered (no batteries) and fully maintenance free. 

Variants available are 2-Way On/Off or the 4-Way version for programming colours, scenes and dimming. The switches are programmable via an App and are supplied with a mounting plate.

Arditi UK offer a comprehensive range of Casambi ready products – contact us for more information.



Ovia introduces new 3 in 1 multi-function dimmable LED driver

Ovia’s new multi-function Driver offers three dimming options in one driver – Dali, Switch and 1–10V Dimmable.

It is part of Ovia’s commercial LED Panel offering and means that Ovia Inceptor Slate and Jura LED Panels now have a multi-function driver as an option, to offer greater flexibility.

Inceptor Slate is Ovia’s premium LED Panel range for the commercial sector. It is available in three sizes and is designed to fit standard panel sizes, making them an ideal retro fit for existing, less efficient lighting options.  

The Jura commercial LED Grid Panel (600mm x 600mm) is part of Ovia’s economical range and is an ideal replacement for a number of same size fluorescent fittings.

For further information, contact Ovia on +44 (0)1827 300640, or visit


MID Lighting

MID Lighting have recently had the good fortune to work on the Grade II listed building The Maltings, Princes Street, Ipswich.

MID worked in conjunction with Mark Pertwee, Pertwee Estates, Roberto Esposito, Esposito Architecture Limited, and Steve Attle and the team from Ceetech Ltd, to create a lighting design that complements the historic character of this unique 1820’s building, but with a 20th century feel.
This project provided difficult challenges which were overcome by our experienced design team incorporating up to 22 different types of luminaires to ensure we enhanced each of the buildings unique 23,000 sq ft of new office spaces.

The project was led by Donna Snell, Sales Executive, Eliot Stevens, Lighting Designer and Manny Stone, Technical Manager.


Arditi UK









Decorative, Vintage & Porcelain LED Lamps

To complement our range of lighting components this evolving new range of E27 dimmable lamps uses LED Technology in vintage, decorative and porcelain styles to combine stunning design without sacrificing quality and light output. The range comprises of traditional-style lamps such as globe, tubular & reflector in a range of finishes as well as innovative new shapes to create an elegant and refined mood perfect for any environment.  

Contact us for a catalogue and quotation.


Emergency Lighting Products (ELP)

The SurePath DALI test system goes wireless

The SurePath DALI test panel from ELP is an easy to use, yet very detailed method of monitoring emergency lighting installations. To make it suitable for even more projects, ELP have developed a wireless version using Bluetooth Low Energy mesh technology.

The attractive panel can be mounted discreetly in any working area and via two BLE mesh networks, communicating wirelessly with up to 128 devices. For larger projects, up to 50 SurePath panels can be networked using the SureLink networking software. The SurePath system can automatically notify maintenance engineers of any fault and ‘drill down’ menus will provide full details of exactly what and where the failures are. Commissioning is made simple using the ELP SurePath Android App.


Light Boss

Control your lighting, wirelessly, via an App 

Automate your lighting, triggered by occupancy or daylight via a single interface (App) with Light Boss Wireless Lighting Control – without business disruption and an upfront cost of a hard-wired installation. Light Boss reports on your building’s energy consumption, monitors LED and emergency lighting health and connects to other building services wirelessly (e.g. boilers and vending machines), for the ultimate energy-efficient lighting control. Suitable for installing into existing buildings (retrofit) as well as new builds. Compatible luminaires include Goodlight LED High Bays, Low Bays, Battens, Floodlights, Ceiling Panels and 2D Bulkheads, which are backed by a 50,000 hour lifespan over a 5 year guarantee. Learn more at:  



Centralise • Optimise • Economise

The Ethernet-based iDrive® centralised LED driver range provides the optimum power solution for the increasingly smart, connected world.  iDrive® centralised LED drivers drastically simplify maintenance and are designed for installation in 19” 1U server racks in maintenance rooms, enabling easy access when required.

The centralised drivers are capable of driving up to 36 individual luminaires from a single driver, up to a distance of 300m away, which is particularly advantageous for installations involving high ceilings. Remote installation of the LED driver well away from the luminaires also reduces disruption caused by maintenance downtime.

The range includes constant current and constant voltage variants, with each driver supporting multiple protocols, including DALI, DMX, RDM, Ethernet, sACN & Art-Net3 and Art-Osc.


Simpson Springs

Simpson Springs & Pressing Ltd specialise in the manufacture of springs, pressings and wireforms for the Lighting industry.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry over the last 40 years, providing them with bespoke solutions to their needs, they have a level of expertise that is second to none.

We welcome all enquiries from both Designers and Manufacturers.



FREE recycling for lighting

FREE lamp recycling for all end-users and FREE luminaire recycling for Recolight Producer Members.

WEEE Compliance

Recolight will manage all your WEEE obligations. With Recolight, you have flat free charging, there are no hidden costs and a team of WEEE experts to guide you. 

Set up by the lighting industry, and operating as a non-profit organisation, Recolight understand WEEE and work to get the regulations right for lighting. 

To date Recolight has recycled more WEEE lighting than all UK WEEE Compliances schemes combined.


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