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More Robe in the House at Vejle Musikteater

December 6th, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Photos: Louise Stickland.

Vejle Musikteater, one of the busiest and liveliest multi-purpose live performance venues in Jutland, Denmark, reopens fully after the pandemic period, complete with a new Robe ESPRITE house lighting package comprising 32 x ESPRITES in total.

Sixteen of these have been added as front lighting to the existing over-stage rig of 16 in the Main Hall. Head of lighting Rasmus Wiberg explained that during the Covid closure they used the time constructively to activate various renovations and changes needed in the venue, including the complete removal of the ‘advanced’ lighting bridge – the one nearest the stage – above the auditorium to fit in a new PA system.

This also seemed an ideal opportunity to replace the old discharge profiles with new LED moving lights for greater versatility. Having had a great experience with the first batch of 16 x ESPRITES and the 100 plus other Robe moving lights in the venue, more ESPRITES was a “logical” choice, stated Rasmus.

They also needed a bright fixture as the FOH lighting position is now on another catwalk 20 metres out from the stage and higher into the auditorium ceiling, so the throw distances are substantially longer.

Many features on the ESPRITE impressed Rasmus and his team including the shuttering, the EMS stabilisation, the colours and of course, Robe’s revolutionary TE LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology, an intelligent, powerful, and eco-friendly lighting solution enabling different engines – high powered, high CRI, ‘tungsten’ etc – to be used in the same fixtures.

The zoom range was also a factor as they needed a beam that remained sharp across the longer distances.

“Like all Robe fixtures, the ESPRITES have been super reliable and worked brilliantly for our needs!” commented Rasmus, who had not worked with Robe products before taking up his post at the Musikteater, where the original Robe LEDWash 600s and MMX Spots purchased over 10 years ago are also still going, although no longer used every day!

Vejle Musikteater is known nationally and internationally for its excellent and constantly updated production facilities and dedication to producing the very best and most ambitious shows. Artists and crews alike love working there and there are many loyal supporters and patrons from around the region.

Other Robe fixtures in the main hall include Spiider wash beams, LEDWash 600s, Tetra2 moving LED battens and PixelPATTs, with Spikies in the small hall and the static ParFects in the foyer.

grandMA3 light consoles are used for control.

In standard – non-Covid – years, Vejle Musikteater stages well over 200 shows a year, some with their own LDs and creative team, while others rely on Rasmus and his talented and dedicated in-house crew to ensure they look great with an excellent lightshow.

After re-opening in August with an outdoor stage and performances, following Denmark’s ‘Freedom Day’ in September they are now returning to a full capacity program action-packed in both halls until January 2022, as well as shoehorning many postponed shows!

Live Company Invests in More Astera with New AX9s

December 6th, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Photo by Louise Stickland. L-R: Peter Clausen, Mikkel Bedsted.

Technical production and rental specialist Live Company, based in Skovlunde, Copenhagen, Denmark, continues to invest in Astera wireless LED products at a pace to keep parallel with the “incredible demand” of the Danish market, states owner Peter Clausen.

They were the first rental company in Denmark to invest majorly in Astera, initially with AX1 PixelTubes in 2018, and the latest acquisitions include several sets of Titan Tubes and the newly launched AX9 PowerPAR – rock-solid, all-purpose everyday LED lighting fixture – and one of the three innovative products launched by Astera in 2021.

The AX9s were bought specifically for “Dejlig er Jorden”, an operatic recital tour around Danish churches by an ensemble of opera singers and classical musicians. Lighting designer Súni Joensen specifically wanted powerful, reliable, quick and easy to deploy wireless fixtures … and 12 x AX9s did a fantastic job!

“AX9s are excellent front lights,” says Peter, which was another reason for the purchase, together with the good battery life which easily covers the run-time of most events. He mentions that the consistency of the Astera lightsources and colours is impressive across all the product ranges.

Live Company’s Titan Tubes joined the general rental inventory based on the massive success they have experienced with the 100 plus AX1s, as they were keen to have Astera’s most up-to-date wireless Tube technology onboard. They like to be at the forefront of trends “and that’s definitely where Astera is right now,” stated Peter.

The AX1s have been in use constantly, even during the pandemic period, when they were out every week for digital gigs and streamed events, he explained. “We didn’t tail off on the AX1 rental at all.”

Titan Tubes and the AX1s are “simply sooooo versatile,” he comments. They can be used for key lighting, washing objects and areas, sets and décor, for making shapes and pixel-mapped effects for theatre, TV and broadcast applications and live shows … and that truly multi-purpose functionality is why they are such “GREAT value”.

He thinks the AsteraApp is great, and so do many of their customers. It makes remote control exceptionally quick and easy without having to set up a console, although also having the DMX control option is a big plus. “You basically have all the options to make your show or project work effectively.”

Looking forward, Peter reveals that they want to be “a fully Astera rental house, offering all of the products – Tubes, PixelBricks, NYX Bulbs, AX3s, AX PARs, etc,” and it looks like they are well on the way to achieving that goal.

When Light Partner became the Danish distributor in 2020, both demand and sales shot up in the country, and now that other rental companies are investing in the brand, cross rentals are a fast-growing aspect of the business.

“For events, wireless lighting / control is THE way forward,” Peter concluded!

Live Company was initially founded in 2006 as an audio rental house which then grew and expanded its scope to become a full technical production specialist. Peter joined in 2014 and now owns it, together with Mikkel Bedsted and two other business partners. They are passionate and enthusiastic about the industry and work hard to provide the very best service, technical solutions, and highest production values to clients across multiple genres of live entertainment and events.

Vista by Chroma-Q delivers beautiful results for Cliff Richard: THE GREAT 80 TOUR

December 6th, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Lighting designer, Derek Jones delivers beautiful looks with Vista 3 by Chroma-Q® lighting & media control for British music icon, Sir Cliff Richard’s The Great 80 Tour.

With over 60 years in the music industry, Cliff Richard decided to mark his 80th birthday in a memorable way, with a UK tour. Despite being slightly delayed due to Covid, The Great 80 Tour went ahead in October 2021, delighting fans around the country.

Having provided the lighting for Cliff Richard on a number of previous occasions, Derek knew that Cliff loves a big light show, whilst at the same time wanting the ability to create an intimate stage, when the song requires. A big clean, bright and adaptable lighting rig is what was required to achieve this.

Derek, a long time Vista user and supporter, utilised both the Vista EX and Vista MV lighting and media control surfaces, to bring his lighting design to life.

Speaking about why Vista 3 is his go-to for lighting control, Derek commented; “For me portability is key. I travel around a lot, so to have my own console that can go with me in the car or on a plane is a real bonus. The whole control system can fit into a Peli case and weighs under 30kg. Incredibly portable but not short on power! Vista is also quick to set up but more importantly, easy to use. It has plenty of features that out performs many of the competitors’ offerings.”

Derek continues; “When I’m running a show, I want it to be an easy occasion. I don’t like to be moving around the console too much during the performance, why would you? I therefore make great use of Vista’s “snapshot” feature. Snapshots can provide everything I need for a particular song at the touch of a button. For example, button assignments, playback states and window layouts.

“Editing cues and working with very precise timings is also the easiest thing ever, utilising Vista’s “Timeline” and “live edit” features. Select your lights and tell Vista the creative stage look you would like to achieve. Powerful and simple!

“Finally, I find Vista to be very responsive. It just works, no waiting! The tracking backup set up is a good example of this – plug in the spare, click “sync show” and you’re done!”

The Vista by Chroma-Q control solution was supplied by leading entertainment technology provider and Vista by Chroma-Q’s exclusive UK distributor, A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET).

“The service from the Vista team is, in my opinion, “The very best”! They are always on hand to answer both big and small queries and always respond quickly and efficiently. Jack, AC-ET’s Vista by Chroma-Q’s product manager, is a top man – polite, insightful and knowledgeable.” concluded Derek.

For more information please visit

WERCS takes over the running of Lumicom EEE producer compliance scheme

December 1st, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

L-R: LIA President Terry Dean, Managing Director Mike Bishop – Electrical Waste Recycling Group & David Wright – Chair of Lumicom.

Today it was confirmed that the Producer compliance scheme Lumicom, Part of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), will be operated by WERCS an approved producer compliance scheme.

Lumicom will continue to operate as a Producer compliance scheme, with staff and all existing supplier agreements transferring, including the operation of the Marwood specialised vehicles. Providing support for its existing member’s and contractors.

WERCS are a producer compliance scheme, owned by Electrical Waste Recycling Group.

Some key benefits to the scheme:

  • The only WEEE producer compliance scheme in the UK with its own lamp recycling facility.
  • Access to additional fleet to support national collections.
  • Offer waste collection and treatment services.

LIA President Terry Dean saidLumicom will continue to be the recycler of choice for the LIA and will be working in harmony continue to provide its members with guidance and support as the sector navigates through the circular economy. With the additional links to Electrical Waste Recycling Group, we are now aligned to a recycling business that actually recycles lighting within the UK, we see this a very positive partnership for the lighting industry.”

David Wright, the Chair of Lumicom saidWe have worked with Electrical Waste Recycling group for a number of years and they have been a valued part of recycling supply chain, we therefore felt that working with them was a logical and very positive step forward for members and contractors.”

Managing Director Mike Bishop, Electrical Waste Recycling Group which owns WERCS addedThis is a great opportunity to strengthen our footprint in the lighting sector, we would like to welcome the Lumicom staff, members and contractors and look forward to a very exciting future together

Catellani & Smith opens the new showroom in the heart of Bergamo

December 1st, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

The new Catellani & Smith showroom is set to open its doors in Bergamo, in Borfuro 1, right in the heart of the city. Moving well beyond the concept of a simple exhibition space, the showroom will also offer meeting and co-working facilities for customers and architects, as well as the new Italian sales office.

Designed by Capponi General Contractor, who took care of the layout, and by the interior designer Francesca Ravasio, the showroom is spread over three levels, totalling almost 500 square metres.

Catellani & Smith ’s new “home” is more than just a new store in the heart of Bergamo’s Lower Town. It has been conceived not only as a place where customers can view the company’s products, but also as a meeting place for architects and other figures in the sector. The spacious, clear distribution of the areas is able to meet both the current and future requirements of a company in continual expansion on the international market.

On the ground floor, with the main entrance in the gallery, the large open-plan area features an inviting living area and an area with meeting rooms. Visitors will have the opportunity to evaluate the details, finishes and delightful light effects of the lamps selected for display, which will be changed several times throughout the year.
The furnishings and the layout of the areas have been designed to create an atmosphere that makes guests feel at home – rather than on a visit to a store – when they step into the showroom to view the lamps and receive advice for their purchases.

Located on the upper floor are the new sales offices for Italy, which have moved here from the headquarters in Villa di Serio, in response to the growth registered on the Italian market. A spacious room will be used for meetings with customers and Italian agents.

The basement floor will be reserved for corporate events, exclusive previews of new collections, training sessions and further training workshops for international trading partners, or installations and exhibitions. The industrial-style structure will allow for continual changes to the facility.

The Catellani family, which remains firmly at the helm of the company founded by Enzo Catellani in 1989, has brought great enthusiasm to this new property investment, creating a building that enhances the city centre as well as responding to the needs of the company. Thanks to the new showroom, Italian and international partners and customers will have the opportunity to get to know and admire the beautiful Lower Town.

Catellani & Smith Showroom
Via Borfuro 1 – Bergamo
Opening 8 December 2021

TRILUX Lighting meets all the requirements for an EXCELLENT BREEAM certification

December 1st, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Work hard, Play harder is MACRON’s motto. The Italian sporting apparel company is the number one brand for many clubs, sponsored in the Serie A TIM soccer, and one of the largest players on the European market, next to Nike, Adidas, and Puma. With a focus on growth, MACRON decided to invest in new headquarters in the outskirts of Bologna, Italy. TRILUX was the sole lighting partner for the project.

The new headquarters, owned by VGP, a pan-European company, which owns, develops, and manages high-quality logistics and semi-industrial parks, is in Valsamoggia, Italy. It occupies an area of 55,000 sqm, of which 22,000 sqm house the distribution centre (16,000 sqm) and the offices (6,000 sqm). In addition to green spaces, the external area provides parking for almost three hundred cars, including dedicated sections for electric vehicles and car-sharing.

The structure of the building is quite minimalistic. Fausto Savoretti, Partner of Studio Lenzi & Associati, explains, “The construction concept was to have a structure free of beams and pillars on the inside, for the benefit of the usability of the spaces. All working spaces have been created with a “HUMAN CENTRIC” approach to guarantee the people’s well-being. The office area is in a building, three floors above the ground, and a mix of open space environments, meeting rooms, and large showrooms. The shape of the building and the use of glass walls ensure a constant influx of natural light, intelligently balanced with the light of the high energy-efficient LED lighting system.

The logistics building is equipped with the latest lighting and handling technologies and complies with all anti-seismic regulations and the rainwater recovery system for irrigation.

The company places great importance on employee welfare, and the new headquarters goes a long way to reflect this. Valentina Barbolini, Events and Communication Specialist at MACRON, says, “There is a gym, restaurant, coffee area, and a large outdoor courtyard, which can also be used as a location for corporate events.”

Guido Lenzi, Partner at Studio Lenzi & Associati, continues, “This is a highly sustainable working environment, and we have paid attention to the smallest detail. Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, we have been awarded an EXCELLENT rating by the BREEAM certification system for building sustainability.”

A smart solution 

TRILUX installed the 4200 lumens ETDD version of its JOVIE LED in the outdoor areas and parking lots. Thanks to Multi Lens (MLTIQ) and Constant Light Output (CLO) technologies, it was possible to adapt Jovie LED to the project specifications, providing a luminaire in the Smart Lighting Ready variant with Zhaga interfaces for integration into the lighting management system. The facades were illuminated with FACIELLA LED in 3800 lumens, combined with the 7500-lumen version of the COMBIAL LED. These luminaires are both ideal solutions for highlighting surfaces and buildings. The LUTERA LED ground-recessed solution was also used for uplighting.

Almost all interior areas, open space offices, showroom, gym, restaurant, and coffee area have been equipped with FINEA LED pendant lighting. Thanks to its modular structure and the great variety of versions, it was possible to rely on a single solution while maintaining a unique design. In the laboratories and some corridors, designers chose the 4000 lumens version of the OLEVEON FIT LED, an extremely versatile product within the X-RANGE SERIES.

Lastly, in the Distribution Centre, 13000-lumen MIRONA FIT LED in the ETDD version was used, providing an optimal solution for logistics and production sites. Its features make it highly reliable, guaranteeing high-quality light in all areas and therefore more safety at work.

Paolo Guizzardi, Production Director at MACRON, comments, “Lighting is an important part of a building, even more so if it has to meet certain requirements in terms of sustainability and environmental impact. The new lighting integrates perfectly into the overall design of our buildings and contributes significantly to the well-being of our employees.”

For more information on TRILUX lighting solutions please visit:

Photo credits: Piero Annoni.

Carnaby launches virtual tour for viewers to experience the Christmas Lights from anywhere

December 1st, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Carnaby is world renowned for it’s Christmas installations and this year a kaleidoscope of 600 neon sparkling butterflies are fluttering through this iconic London destination. For those unable to visit in person, Carnaby has an online 360° experience that allows visitors to fly through the streets and get up close to the installation. The added bonus is that you can share the digital experience with anyone else in the world at the same time, making this a sharable immersive experience you can enjoy from home for free.

Viewers can enter Carnaby Street on the 360° virtual tour under the landmark arch which is embellished in pink sequins and 3D butterflies, then choose to fly through at street level, or 10ft high in the sky, gliding through the shimmering Kaleidoscope of butterflies. Explore Carnaby Street, Newburgh Street, Foubert’s Place and Kingly Court or venture on to Ganton Street to fly through the giant rainbow lightbulb installation.

Simon Quayle, Director, Shaftesbury says: “We are delighted to be able to share the Carnaby Christmas experience in this digital way. We hope that the 360° tour brings fun and joy to family and friends around the world to see the amazing installation.”

The theme of the 2021 installation is Carnaby Kaleidoscope and is a partnership with the Choose Love charity who have a pop up at 3 Carnaby Street. The inspiration is to highlight butterflies’ powerful metaphoric representations of life exemplifying spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life. By definition, the meaning of Kaleidoscope is not only a term for a group of butterflies but also a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements.

Dawn O’Porter, Choose Love ambassador says: “I’m so excited that Choose Love is popping up in Carnaby again this winter and it is magical to see the beautiful Choose Love inspired Christmas light installation on Carnaby Street.”

Version 2 Makes Statement of Intent with Large Robe Investment

November 30th, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Above: L-R is Ashley Lewis, Robe UK’s key account manager for touring, TV, theatre & film, with Nick Edwards, managing director of Version2 Lights.

UK based television lighting rental specialist Version 2 Lights has made a large investment in Robe’s new FORTE moving lights with the purchase of 50 fixtures.

These have been supplied with both the HCF (high colour fidelity) and the HP (high performance) LED engines – to service V2’s upcoming projects.

Versions 2’s managing director Nick Edwards stated, “We needed a high-powered, high-quality fixture to meet the demands of the big shows, so explored a number of options and selected FORTE as the best fixture with optimum quality output for camera.”

The FORTES – among the first in the UK – will be working hard this winter, including on ITV’s new talent show, “Walk the Line” which is being lit by award-winning LD Tim Routledge. The show is produced by Simon Cowell and due to be aired in December.

V2 is known as a technology trailblazer and they collectively researched this major commitment thoroughly beforehand, with demos, camera tests and sounding out an array of industry professionals.

Other FORTE features impressing everyone included the super-accurate framing shutters and the spectacular range of gobos, but it was the overall versatility of the fixture, thanks to Robe’s TE technology, which made it a real winner in addition to the brightness and quality. The hugely flexible TE concept enables different and interchangeable LED engines – high powered, high CRI, “tungsten,” etc., – to be fitted into the same fixture hardware and quickly changed / ‘transferred’ in 5 to 7 minutes.

For Nick and V2, a product like FORTE has all the finesse needed for working with camera systems and in HD filming environments using the high CRI engine to effortlessly create amazing skin tones, plus the power, punch and effects required for more rock ‘n roll lighting treatments … and also for dry hires! It is a proverbial ‘win-win’!

V2’s first Robe purchase was two years ago for the 2020 edition of “The Brits Are Coming” at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, a broadcast announcing the nominations for that year’s Brit Awards. Tim Routledge also designed lighting.

“With LDs – especially in the LE (light entertainment) sphere – increasingly specifying Robe and a string of great new products coming to market, Robe had clearly been listening to the demands and challenges of the sector and the time was right,” explained Nick.

In addition to the new FORTES, V2 now has Robe T1 Profiles, MegaPointes, Spiiders, Spikies and RoboSpot remote follow systems in the inventory.

The T1 Profiles continue to be ever popular and are out all the time on medium-sized shows, and with the FORTES now onboard, the whole spectrum of different sized shows can benefit from having Robe fixtures on the rig.

The FORTES also tie in nicely with the RoboSpot systems the company already owns as they are an excellent fixture for this task. Eight FORTES are being run as follow spots on “Walk the Line”.

When productions momentarily stopped in March 2020 in the immediate aftershock of the pandemic, V2’s main work was a steady supply of small lighting packages for webcam livestreams from artists’ homes. However, with the demand for new content soaring, the sector bounced back robustly, and V2 was back providing lighting production for premium shows like “Strictly Come Dancing” (LD Dave Bishop) and “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here” (LD James Tinsley) “The Epic Game Show” (LD Tim Routledge) “The Jonathan Ross Show” (LD Oli Richards) and many more.

Looking ahead to an already busy 2022, Nick comments, “As our company continues to grow exponentially, we are well resourced to make significant investments pertinent to specific productions. The FORTE purchase underlines our commitment to ensuring clients have access to the technology they need to be as creative as they want.”

BikeFest Charity Cycle to take place in Spain

November 30th, 2021 | Latest News | 0 Comments

A beautiful three day bike ride from Valencia to ISE in Barcelona will help raise money for AV professionals who have been badly impacted by the Covid pandemic.

Cyclists of all ages and abilities are invited to take part in BikeFest Spain 2022, a three-day fundraising ride from Valencia to ISE in Barcelona from 29-31 January, travelling 360km along the Mediterranean coast. The BikeFest team aims to raise funds for live events, entertainment and AV professionals who have suffered financially due to the pandemic.

BikeFest began in the UK, cycling to the PLASA Show each year to raise awareness for mental health. And in 2021, BikeFest returned to London, fundraising for industry colleagues impacted by the pandemic. This initiative was partnered with #WeMakeEvents, the global campaign spearheaded by PLASA in support of the live events supply chain.

BikeFest 2022 will be in Spain in time for the ISE convention. Two industry charities – Backup in the UK and AAA in Spain – will benefit from BikeFest 2022’s fundraising efforts, with organisations; PLASA, AVIXA, ISE, AFIAL, FIAVE and Alerta Roja supporting and promoting the initiative.

Juan Jose Vila, COO and CMO of Equipson, conceived the idea of a charity bike ride in Spain and asked #WeMakeEvents to headline the project, alongside a partnership with AFIAL, PLASA, AVIXA and ISE. Over the last two years Juan has worked closely with these organisations to help the AV industry, winning AVIXA’s Volunteer of the year award 2021. He is also an active member of the Spanish #WeMakeEvents team, the Spanish equivalent of the campaign #hacemoseventos.

Juan comments: “Primarily, this event is all about raising funds for the organisations and charities that are supporting those struggling in the Live sector. But it is also about having fun and having a sustainable adventure where all the power is generated by our legs. The route isn’t too arduous and, because it sticks to the coast, doesn’t involve too many hills. With a bit of fitness almost everyone can do it. Of course, it is still a challenge to ride long distances over three days, but the challenge is manageable. We will even provide you with a six-week training plan if you want to take part.”

The ride will start in Valencia on 29 January, finishing at ISE on the 31st. Cyclists who wish to participate can sign up for all three days or single days. Day one from Valencia to Peñiscola is 140 km; Day two to Tarragona is 130 km; Day Three to Barcelona is 95km. Two feed stations will be provided each day and participants who sign up for more than one day will have hotel accommodation provided. Everyone who completes at least part of the ride will receive a medal and have their name included in the Riders Directory.

Juan adds: “Even if you can’t take part, you can still support the event by buying merch such as a BikeFest 2022 jersey, or just by donating. And, of course, if companies want to sponsor the event  they can as we want to raise as much as we can for this very worthwhile cause.”

Nicky Greet, PLASA membership director and co-founder and steering group member of #WeMakeEvents, comments: “It’s fantastic to see BikeFest grow and help our industry colleagues in Europe. Initiatives like this do so much more than just raise funds – they bring people together for a meaningful cause and strengthen cross-industry bonds. Together, we also remind the wider world that although the live sector is reopening, our ‘hidden’ industry still faces many challenges. So, let’s come together and raise awareness of the talented professionals behind live events, entertainment and AV!”

Mike Blackman, Managing Director of ISE adds: “Bike Fest is a brilliant way to get active and raise support for professionals within AV and Live Events industries – many of whom need help to get back on track after the pandemic. It is a stunning route along the coastline from Valencia to ISE’s new home in Barcelona, so if you are a keen cyclist please get involved and do something amazing. We look forward to seeing you back at ISE 2022 in Barcelona to ignite our great industry!”

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