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Zumtobel Group Services at Light + Building 2018

March 21st, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

The Zumtobel Group’s newest division – Zumtobel Group Services – will present its vision of “Lights. Connectivity. Future” at Light + Building 2018 in Frankfurt am Main. Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) will be prominent on the Zumtobel Group stand in Hall 2, stand A30, B30/31, showcasing its portfolio of lighting services and demonstrating how it is shaping the market for networked lighting and lighting as a service.

Zumtobel Group Services – a single source for a connected future

By harnessing all project and software-oriented services under one roof, the ZGS brand delivers far-reaching and innovative connected lighting solutions to its customers without any of the multi-supplier hassle associated with such involved projects.

On the shared stand, ZGS will showcase tailored project solutions and specific-use cases to underline the benefits that connected, intelligent lighting solutions, individual financing services and end-to-end project management can deliver.

Systems and controls for tailored lighting and data-based solutions

ZGS expertise in smart systems and controls is enabling customers to benefit from their lighting infrastructure in two key areas:

Experts will be on hand to talk about lighting project-based services and solutions whereby lighting provision is specifically tailored to the individual requirements of the business. Lighting is more efficient, automated and individually controllable, creating more productive, dynamic, safe and effective work environments.

Light as the infrastructure for the Internet of Things

Additionally, ZGS will showcase its software-based digital services, detailing how sensors and data processors enable data from activity within the building or environment to be captured, processed and translated into valuable business intelligence.

Because luminaires are everywhere that people are, lighting provides the perfect infrastructure for the Internet of Things. By networking and communicating between devices, businesses can gain valuable real-time insights into energy consumption as well as the way space is populated and utilised. In retail, brands can improve customer loyalty and increase sales through lighting-driven real-time marketing.

A COMPLETE package

The result of such exciting innovation is that lighting tasks are becoming more complex. ZGS will explain how its COMPLETE service solution delivers support and expertise across the lifetime of the lighting project – from consulting and planning, to supply and installation, annual maintenance and ongoing performance optimisation.

Darren Riva, Zumtobel Group Services Director Northern Europe, comments: “We are excited to present our vision of ‘one-stop-shop’ digital lighting management to an informed and forward-thinking audience at Light + Building. We believe ZGS offers the most comprehensive service provision in the industry and we look forward to sharing advice and taking visitors through the clear benefits offered by such a comprehensive offering.”

Thorn at Light + Building 2018

March 20th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Thorn Lighting will be presenting a series of high-performance, cost-effective and reliable lighting solutions at Light + Building 2018 under the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Performance”. 

Flexible lighting solutions are becoming more and more important – in everyday life, in work and in industry. These solutions adapt to suit the needs of users, changes in urban infrastructure and the demands of the modern working world. Thorn is supporting this exciting change by providing reliable, high-performance lighting products that offer the chance to integrate intelligent controls. High quality standards and a real focus on efficiency make Thorn a reliable performance brand. The company will be presenting itself and its products at the Light + Building trade fair on the Zumtobel Group stand (Hall 2.0, Stand A30, B30/31) under the motto “Lights, Connectivity, Performance”.

Thorn Lighting will also be marking its 90th anniversary in March – another reason to celebrate! Over the last 90 years the brand has become a leading player in the lighting industry and a global provider of outdoor and indoor lighting, offering products that are especially efficient and effective – and always available at the right price. Every solution is designed to perfectly meet the needs of Thorn’s core applications, which include Urban Life, Office, Education and Industry.

Light quality and added safety improve living standards in towns and cities 

“Smart Cities” – the cities of the future – need smart lights and flexible installations that increase the safety and wellbeing of residents and visitors. For example, intelligent controls can dim the lighting at night in quiet residential areas – and therefore no longer disturb precious sleep patterns. During the rush hour, on the other hand, the light level can be increased to ensure the best possible illumination and better road safety. Thorn offers products such as the versatile and energy-efficient Flow outdoor fitting for Smart Cities, guaranteeing flexibility with a wide range of optics and mounting options.

Light that makes a real contribution – lighting comfort for offices 

Perfect office lighting focuses on the needs of people to create a productive, pleasant and healthy atmosphere. Light has to have a positive effect on three key factors: the task, the office environment and employee communication. During conventional desk jobs, in online meetings or for mobile working – the lighting must always be adapted to suit specific work requirements and therefore effectively help employees with different tasks. Light in the modern workplace also has to support interaction in meetings, group work or video-conferencing. With the IQ Wave product family, Thorn has developed a range that takes all these factors into account to deliver perfect office lighting. IQ Wave offers integrated controls and is an ideal choice for renovation projects.

Better light quality, less noise and energy-efficient lighting for improved learning 

Concentration is essential for education and training. However, high noise levels and echo effects often make it difficult for anyone to concentrate – especially in modern buildings with concrete walls, hard floors and large glass surfaces. This is exactly where sound-absorbing luminaires make a difference. They improve the general acoustics and provide more even illumination, which can have a real positive influence on learning success. This is certainly the case in the New Middle School in the Austrian town of Anger. A classroom and a corridor have been equipped with energy-saving Arena Symphony LED acoustic luminaires from Thorn as part of a pilot project, leading to a major reduction in distracting noise pollution.

Industry products with added protection against dust and moisture 

Flexibility and reliability play a vital role in industry – especially when it comes to lighting. Luminaires have to deliver the best light for the most varied environments: in production areas, in high warehouses and in damp or dusty atmospheres. As a result, these solutions need to be particularly adaptable, resistant and robust. The Thorn industrial portfolio features perfect solutions like Aquaforce Pro – an evolution of the Aquaforce range. This cost-effective and energy-efficient solution is easy to install and requires little maintenance.

Photo credits: Thorn

BAG electronics becomes a part of Osram

March 20th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

A focus on LED products and Human Centric Lighting

BAG electronics, specialising in electronic control gear, LED modules and software for innovative lighting solutions, is leaving the Trilux Group to become a part of the Digital Systems (DS) business unit of Osram. The sale is subject to approval by the relevant competition authorities.

Confidentiality has been agreed upon regarding financial details of the transaction. BAG achieved turnover of approximately 50 million euros in 2017. One element of the contract is a 5-year strategic supply agreement with a fixed minimum turnover volume: Osram will supply Trilux with components for use in its luminaires.
The established and highly respected BAG brand will continue to maintain and expand its profile as an electronics specialist in the future, and company headquarters will remain at Arnsberg in the Sauerland (North Rhine-Westphalia) region of Germany. A total of 380 BAG employees will be transferred to Osram with the sale: around 40 in Germany as well as 340 at the Philippines production location. The previous BAG location in India and the weather-proof luminaire specialist Zalux are not a part of the sale and will remain in the Trilux Group.

BAG has positioned itself in recent years in a pioneering way and with success in the lighting electronics market by focusing on intelligent LED lighting systems, innovative controls for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and customer-specific solutions. This path of concentration and specialisation will also continue in the future, explained Dirk Politowski, CEO of BAG electronics GmbH: “As a flexible team we are proud to be a part of the Osram Group and we wish to continue optimising our range of products and services for the luminaire industry.” Politowski also stated that for BAG customers from the world of lighting this heralds diverse advantages: “The benefits for BAG customers also include the possibility of being supplied directly from European production locations in the future as well as advantages from the use of existing patent agreements.”

Lutron Launches New Lighting Control and Energy Management Platform

March 20th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Entire campuses. Anywhere in the world. One intuitive interface. The new Enterprise Vue platform gives facilities managers more control than ever through Lutron’s Quantum system

Lutron Electronics, a leader in lighting controls and shading solutions, is demonstrating its commitment to making smarter buildings at the Light + Building trade show (stand 4.1 – C61) in Frankfurt, where it is exhibiting a number of innovations that promise to bring significant benefits to customers. At this year’s show, the company unveils Enterprise Vue, its new lighting and shading control and management platform for corporate and university campuses. Enterprise Vue gives facilities managers real-time control of multiple buildings – whether they are all on one campus or scattered around the world – using Lutron’s Quantum control system.

At Light + Building, Lutron is also showcasing its other innovations in lighting, blinds and temperature control solutions for commercial, hospitality and residential applications, including Energi Savr Node – the world’s first DALI-2 certified lighting control product; the new Pico four-button RF wireless control for easy retrofittable scene control; and its tunable white applications where the colour of light can be changed from warm white to cool, independently of brightness, using two separate personal controls, a graphical user interface, or automatically over time.

“At Lutron, we believe that people are more productive, comfortable, secure and happy when they are working, studying or living in the right environment,” said David Ribbons, Senior Sales Director for Europe and Africa at Lutron Electronics. “Our innovations at this year’s Light + Building, such as our Enterprise Vue platform for corporate and university campuses, and Energi Savr Node, the world’s first DALI-2 certified lighting control product, underscore our commitment to creating the right environment for any smart building application with Lutron’s intuitive and intelligent technologies,” Ribbons added.

Quantum is Lutron’s flagship lighting control and energy management system for commercial buildings, providing total light management by tying together the most complete line of lighting controls, motorised window blinds, digital ballasts, LED drivers and sensors under one software umbrella. Quantum is ideal for new-build or retrofit applications and can easily scale from a single area to an entire building.

And now Quantum is more powerful than ever. Lutron’s new Enterprise Vue software platform leverages the IoT to deliver intuitive and immediately actionable multi-building management dashboards, allowing facilities managers to see, interpret and act on data for multiple buildings that use Quantum systems, at an enterprise level. The dashboards cover energy usage, alerts and space utilisation. Facilities managers can easily navigate through buildings with an extremely user-friendly visual interface and upload their own custom maps and images to personalise their navigation.

Lutron’s Dave Ribbons said: “Any enterprise or educational body that has multiple buildings equipped with Quantum systems, and wants to manage them and view building-level data from a single interface, will benefit from Enterprise Vue – from a local college with two buildings located in the same area, to large corporate accounts with a myriad of buildings around the world operating 24/7.”

Because lighting is not a one-size-fits-all solution, personalised lighting environments are essential to facilities managers and occupants of high-performance buildings. Flexible, centralised control ensures you can deliver the right lighting environment you need inside each space. Control solutions can be tailored based on the way each space is used and occupants’ individual preferences. Typical examples include simple occupancy control in corridors, staircases and storage areas, fully adjustable lighting control in meeting rooms and conference areas, shading solutions to maximise views while minimising glare and heat gain, and personal control for office spaces and study cubicles.

Light + Building 2018

Messe Frankfurt

18-23 March 2018

Lutron stand 3.1 – C61

The right light at every time of day – Zumtobel presents light for life at Light + Building 2018

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Under the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Inspiration”, Zumtobel is set to use a series of key applications to showcase the Active Light approach at this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt / Main. Visitors to the Zumtobel Group stand in Hall 2.0 will experience how dynamic light can accompany and support people in their everyday lives.

The lighting industry is going through a period of profound change, as networked lighting and lighting services take on an increasingly important role. This is also the driving force behind this year’s Light + Building motto: “Connected – Safe – Comfortable”. The Zumtobel Group will use its 1280-square-metre stand (Hall 2.0, Booth A30, B30/31) to put the focus on the comprehensive service portfolio from the Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) brand. This is summed up by the Zumtobel Group motto “Lights. Connectivity. Action” and supported by the innovative lighting solutions from the other famous sister brands. As a true innovation leader, Zumtobel develops sustainable lighting solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of people in various application areas. In line with the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Inspiration”, Zumtobel will demonstrate the Active Light approach – in offices, industrial buildings, retail settings and art and culture projects.

Active Light builds a bridge to human nature

Light – whether artificial or natural – has a marked visual, emotional and biological effect on humans. Active Light uses natural light as its model and dynamically supports the core relationship between people and light in time and space. This innovative form of artificial light makes a valuable contribution to the stabilisation of human biorhythms – especially in environments where daylight is at a premium.

“Supported by Human Centric Lighting, Active Light solutions put the focus on people and their needs,” explained Daniel Lechner, Marketing Brand Director Zumtobel. “Zumtobel reaches the dynamics of natural light by utilising technologies such as tunableWhite, which allows stepless adjustments in intensity, direction and light colour, from warm reddish to cold bluish, throughout the course of the day.”

Using light to evoke inspiration, precision, emotion and imagination – four key application areas

Active Light in offices provides improved wellbeing, as the light can be adapted to suit different tasks and reflect individual visual capacities and personal tastes in terms of light colour. Whether working at a screen, engaging in a creative exchange with colleagues or doing some concentrated reading – versatile control options mean that the office solution can be adjusted depending on the current activity and individual user preference. Active Light adds a dynamic lighting element to the everyday office life, positively influencing cognitive performance and fuelling creativity and inspiration. This concept also supports human biorhythms with the targeted use of dynamic lighting moods throughout the day.

The best possible light is essential in industry to make sure that production processes can run without interruption. These kinds of applications therefore demand light that is as versatile as the tasks associated with industrial manufacturing, which is why Active Light helps workers and supports activity-based lighting. Intelligent lighting systems and sensors are combined to deliver the right light for each situation, actively boosting safety, precision and quality. For example, a delicate assembly process would benefit from additional lateral light, with the option to increase the illumination level for visual inspections. When it comes to shift workers, Active Light can also contribute to a customised sleep-wake cycle by adjusting light intensity and colour – much to the relief of shift workers. This strengthens the feeling of wellbeing and enables employees to enjoy restful and regenerative sleep.

In the world of retail, light can be harnessed to shape unique shopping experiences. On the one hand, Active Light appeals to customers on an emotional level by using their preferred lighting moods to put people at ease and thereby increase the amount of time spent in the store. On the other hand, products and brands are presented in the best possible way, directing lines of sight and enabling better customer orientation. The improved perception of consumer offers has an influence on the quality assessment and, as a logical next step, the willingness to buy.

Enjoyment and visual comfort are major factors in the field of art and culture, along with the protection of precious artworks. These exhibits are often light-sensitive and therefore require delicate lighting to preserve them for future generations. Active Light takes these visual and conservational aspects into account and optimises the light colour and spectral distribution to suit the individual objects and the message of the artist. The way art is experienced is clearly shaped by the interaction between the exhibits and their respective surroundings. Architectural and application-oriented lighting can reveal the true meaning of artworks and spaces. Active Light offers the desired range of variation using tunableWhite luminaires and the latest controls technology. In this way, luminaires no longer merely emit light, but also transmit information in situations such as when people pass through a room. The system supports user-oriented visitor experiences by

conveying information to personal devices carried by the visitors.

Photo credits: Zumtobel

Light + Building 2018 continues to grow with more exhibitors and exhibition space

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Light + Building opens its doors in Frankfurt am Main from Sunday, 18th March, to Friday, 23rd March 2018. Over 2,700 exhibitors from 55 countries are showing their latest products and innovations for the lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation and safety and security sectors on more than 260,000 square metres spread in 25 exhibition halls. “The echo to date has been excellent and we are delighted to announce three percent more exhibitors and six percent more exhibition space than at the last edition of the fair. Moreover, we have opened an additional exhibition hall, which provides the basis for further growth at Light + Building – these positive developments reflect the highly dynamic nature of the sector”, says Wolfgang Marzin, Chairman of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt.

‘Connected – secure – convenient’ is the motto of this year’s Light + Building whereby the focus is on the trend subjects of the ‘Smartification of Everyday Life’ and ‘Aesthetics and Well-being in Harmony’. At the world’s biggest trade fair for lighting and building-services technology, the industry presents intelligent and inter-connected solutions, future-oriented design trends that not only increase a building’s economic efficiency and level of convenience but also satisfy the need for safety and security. And, as a fair of innovations, Light + Building brings together all power-controlled building-services systems and promotes integrated building planning with a spectrum of products – from the smart home to the smart building.

One of the main themes in 2018 is security technology. And, with the new ‘Secure – Connected Security in Buildings’ special show, the Intersec Forum and around 150 suppliers from the building-automation and security-technology segments, Hall 9.1 is the centre for integrated building-services technology. There, the focus is on the interconnection and interfaces between the various disciplines. Additionally, the Secure! special show presents innovative solutions from the field of electrical security in a realistic setting. Also in Hall 9.1, the Intersec Forum takes an in-depth look at the subject of inter-connected security technology on five days, from Monday to Friday. Moreover, leading manufacturers of security equipment and home and building-automation technology are presenting their innovations in other exhibition halls of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre.

In addition to the broad spectrum of products being shown by the exhibitors, Light + Building is also distinguished by a multi-faceted complementary programme that, for the first time, is split into four categories – Emotion, Skills, Career and Selection – offering a theme-specific range of events for all trade visitors – from special shows, via expert lectures, to trend presentations.

This year’s Luminale – Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design – is distinguished by a new concept. Held concurrently with Light + Building, the popular event in Frankfurt und Offenbach takes advantage of the presence of lighting experts and artists from home and abroad for an interdisciplinary discourse on the city and the future. There are no less than 149 projects in five categories: ART, SOLUTIONS, COMMUNITY, STUDY and BETTER CITY on the programme. With the Römer town hall, the Alte Oper concert hall, the European Central Bank, St. Catherine’s Church (Katharinenkirche) and the ‘Eiserner Steg’ bridge, five of the most important sights in Frankfurt are venues for widely differing artistic interpretations of lighting and the urban environment. Luminale was founded in 2002 by Messe Frankfurt. Since then, the fair and exhibition company has comprehensively promoted and supported the festival. Full details can be found at

Further information about Light + Building, visit

Cree Europe Set to unveil LED and Lighting Innovations at Light + Building 2018

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Cree Europe will exhibit highlights from its LED lighting range at Light + Building 2018, at Messe, Frankfurt from 18th – 23rd March.

In line with this year’s Light + Building expo theme ‘Inspiring Tomorrow’, Cree’s future-oriented street lighting line – equipped with next generation LEDs and the latest optics upgrade – will demonstrate Cree’s commitment to delivering high-quality lighting at low energy costs for its customers.

Cree will also preview new technology which will enhance the smart city revolution, set a benchmark for LED lighting performance, value and efficacy in urban centres across EMEA.

In addition to new product and technology unveilings, Cree’s exhibit (A66, Hall 5.0) will highlight a selection of Cree’s street, industrial and area lights as well as its latest LED and optics upgrades. These include:

  • The newest addition to Cree’s XSP Series – the XSPM streetlight
  • Cree’s latest canopy/soffit luminaire CPY Series (20K lumens)
  • Cree® Urban High Output Series
  • The upcoming range of OSQ High Output luminaires

Nick Farraway, Vice President and General Manager for Cree Lighting EMEA, commented: “Bringing the best of our portfolio together in one place at Light + Building, shows that Cree has become much more than just a producer of LEDs and LED lighting products. We also remain a technology innovator, committed to finding tangible solutions to the very real problems our customers face. Most importantly, we strive to anticipate the questions our clients will have tomorrow, and aim to deliver quality products and services that will last for years to come.”

Visit Cree Europe in Hall 5.0, Stand A66.

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou fringe programme to facilitate industry development and converge talent

March 16th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2018 will continue to uphold its philosophy of attracting technology pioneers to share their industry insights this year, with a series of concurrent activities exploring technical advancements and solutions in the cultural, entertainment and broadcasting area. The upcoming show’s fringe programme will offer attendees an impressive range of insiders’ perspectives and business opportunities.

Complementing its position as a platform for the audio visual, professional light and sound industries in China, the four-day show is expected to accommodate 1,300 exhibitors and more than 75,000 visitors in 13 thematic halls and the Y Channel spanning over 130,000 sqm. The 2018 edition will be held from 10th – 13th May in Area A at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. The highly anticipated fringe programme comprises the following highlights:

PLSG Annual Training Course
10th – 12th May

While the number of major music festivals is growing rapidly in China, the desire for the Chinese entertainment industry to further uplift its event planning skill and technical standards continues to grow. As such, the PLSG Annual Training Course serves to address the various needs of enthusiastic amateurs to professionals, hoping to sharpen their production knowledge from industry masters around the globe.

Part 1: A Blueprint to Success in Music Festival Production
Multiple overseas experts will dissect festival event planning from an organising and production angle. Featured topics will include planning and organising music festivals, project management, social media promotion, risk and safety assessment, as well as technology applications such as audio recording and production, Ao-IP deployment, visual design, lighting solutions and stage setup.

Part 2: Dante Certification Training @ Guangzhou
Also part of the PLSG Annual Training Course is a full day of Dante Certification Training. Following the success from last year, Mr Kieran Walsh, Audinate’s Director of Application Engineering (Europe, Middle East and Africa), will further extend the course by providing China’s first-ever Dante Level 3 Certification Training for designers, engineers and industry players.

A wealth of advanced Dante networking concepts and best practices will be addressed, as well as a tailored session for the mixed use of networks and troubleshooting techniques. A simulation on the Dante Domain Manager will also be shared to the trainees.

Audio Visual New Technology and Development Forum 2018
10th May


  • Mr Hungmin Wang (Professor of Beijing Film Academy; Chairman of China Association of Recording Engineers)
  • Mr Zhigang Zeng (Director of Film Experimentation Centre, Beijing Film Academy)
  • Mr Jing Tao (Professor of Communication University of China)

Supported by the China Association of Recording Engineers, this forum will present some of the latest film technology trends and developments. There will also be a series of in-depth discussions and analysis of today’s digital landscape and applications in the film industry.

China Advanced Audio Visual Technology Forum
10th – 11th May

A broad range of topics will be covered at this forum, including architectural acoustics and sound quality of halls, as well as audio visual technology and art in the era of converging media. Speakers will also give a panoramic outlook on China’s technology progress, evaluation methodologies of subjective listening, and technological trends and applications of the latest loudspeakers.

Lighting Technology for Television Forum 2018

Experts of TV and stage lighting production from China and abroad will share their work on prominent gala dinners, and discuss the development of 4K TV lighting applications. Participating experts, academics and delegates will be invited to a guided tour of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou, where they can observe the show’s featured technological products in lighting.

The First Live Sound Mixing Contest Finals
12th May

Coupled with well endorsed outdoor line arrays, the First Live Sound Mixing Contest Finals will take place at the show to crown the new generation’s mixing masters. Spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy the live sound mixing techniques performed by uprising talents in China, and attend the accompanying Live Sound Mixing Forum. Influential producers for leading Chinese entertainment shows will be the competition’s panel of judges, including:

  • Shaogang Jin (Chief Sound Director of large-scale music television show The Voice of China)
  • Luo Chen (Chief Mixing and Recording Producer of the opening and closing ceremonies of The 16th Asian Games in 2010)
  • Jun Li (Two-time winner of Recorder of the Year Award in China Pop Chart)
  • Zhuo Liu (Music Director of the Year awardee of China Television Artists Association)

International and Oriental Outdoor Line Arrays
10th – 13th May

To ascertain the quality of the exhibitors’ loudspeaker systems, three line arrays will be on display to visitors again this year during show period, allowing some of the exhibiting domestic and overseas brands to demonstrate their capabilities. They include:

International Outdoor Line Array: Coda, Electro-Voice, EM Acoustics, Harmonic Design, SE Audiotecknik and TW Audio

Oriental Outdoor Line Array 1: Ap Sound, At, Dare, Donbn, Eric, IBO, LDH Audio, Maiting Audio, Meye, ND, VA, YME and ZMS Audio

Oriental Outdoor Line Array 2: Admark, Beilarly, CPL, D&E, DE Acoustics, DMX, FDB, Jazzpro Audio, Magnetic, Real Sound, Tasso Audio, TPA, Wavk, Xycad and Zsound

A number of other events are scheduled to take place during the course of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2018, including the Audio Technology for Television Forum 2018, the seminar themed “Application of Audio Technology in Artificial Intelligence”, Stage Design and Stage Engineering Alliance Annual Forum 2018, and the Longhua Stage Art Design Showcase.

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou is organised by Messe Frankfurt and the Guangdong International Science and Technology Exhibition Company (STE). For more details and information about the show, please visit or email

Other shows under the Prolight + Sound brand include:

Prolight + Sound
10th – 13th April 2018, Frankfurt

Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia
13th – 15th September 2018, Moscow

Prolight + Sound Middle East
23rd – 25th September 2018, Dubai

Prolight + Sound Shanghai
10th – 13th October 2018, Shanghai

Casambi to showcase wireless lighting control ecosystem at Light + Building

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Casambi, a provider of smart wireless lighting control technologies, will showcase at Light + Building 2018 the ecosystem of its rapidly-expanding Casambi Ready product portfolio. On display will be an extensive range of partner products, drivers, dimmers, switches, and control modules all working harmoniously with Casambi’s native products.

Casambi will also demonstrate the benefits users will gain from the latest release of the company’s lighting control app for smartphones, smart watches and tablets. The Bluetooth-based software enables easier commissioning and improved functionality to access multiple wireless networks in larger buildings, better management of daylight harvesting, and improved tools for creating changing lighting.

At the show, Casambi will additionally present its new Class 2 embedded Bluetooth 4.0 module, which provides integration possibilities to LED drivers, different lighting control applications, light fixtures and LED bulbs. The CBM-002A/B has a powerful 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4 CPU and a 2.4 GHz transceiver and two antenna options. The company will also reveal a new hardware solution that enables the use of DALI sensors for presence detection or daylight harvesting as well as the control of DALI drivers that have an integrated DALI bus power supply.

Held between 18th – 23rd March at Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Light + Building is the leading trade fair for lighting, design and building innovation which attracted over 216,000 international visitors in 2016 when the event was last staged.

Visit Casambi in Hall 4.1, Stand G70.

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