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Coventry company’s £1m energy-saving lights order to the Royal Navy

August 17th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

A Coventry company has completed its largest ever order totalling £1 million to supply energy-saving lights to the Royal Navy’s flagship warships.

Voltacon in Burnsall Road Industrial Estate, Canley, has provided 100,783 tubes of LED Lighting for 21 of the UK’s Royal Navy fleet including the new Aircraft Carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

Around 100 staff worked round-the-clock for 45 days to manufacture the LED tube lights at Voltacon’s factory in China to process the order in record time.

The lights were then transported to Portsmouth naval base where the warships are docked in batches of between 8,000-10,000 to be installed by 40 electricians from BAE Systems.

Stefanos Kandilidis, managing director at Voltacon whose client base includes commercial and residential customers, said the Royal Navy had tested around 3,000 pieces of LED lighting before going ahead with the order for 21 ships which also includes 6 Type 45 Destroyers, 13 Type 23 Frigates and two Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers.

He said: “This is one of our biggest ever single orders of over £1 million and probably the largest off shore lighting contract in the world.

“We had been in discussions with the Ministry of Defence for three years and they had also tested our lights for three years on the ships before the refurbishment work on the fleet began.

“Previously, the ships were fitted with fluorescent lights but there are many benefits in changing to LED lighting.

“Lamps and tubes can be difficult to source and keeping spare parts when you are at sea is not easy but having LED energy-saving lights reduces costs, maintenance load and storage space as they last longer.

“Long-term, it reduces energy which is important when the ships are running on low power.”

Stefanos said the lights are now being installed on an opportunity basis when the ships are in dock so it may be 12 months before they are all fully fitted.

“We are really proud to have our lights installed on the Royal Navy’s fleet including the HMS Queen Elizabeth which is the UK’s new aircraft carrier with the second carrier, HMS Prince of Wales in build in Rosyth Naval Dockyard,” he added.

Keith Young, of the Ministry of Defence’s procurement agency, Defence Equipment and Support, said: “It has been excellent to work with Voltacon. They are quite a small company compared with the ones we normally deal with, but this has been extremely beneficial as there has been more of a personal touch.

“The company has very good products which will be hugely beneficial to us and has been extremely flexible, ensuring that our order was processed quickly so that the lights are ready to install.”

Caption: T45 Destroyer and Queen Elizabeth QEC aircraft carrier

The countdown to the EU halogen ban is on: what does it mean for the lighting industry?

August 17th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

By Holger Engelbrecht, Product Manager, reichelt

The EU halogen ban is less than a month away from coming into force. From 1st September, only remaining stock of halogen bulbs will be sold. Once they’re gone, they’re gone as retailers won’t be able to order in new products. This is part of an EU initiative to become more energy efficient.

While the transition to the more efficient and cost effective LED bulb has begun over recent years (73 percent of UK homes have already fully switched and last year Sainsbury’s became the first British supermarket to switch completely), halogen bulbs are still prevalent but consume a lot of energy. When you think about how many lights are used every day, from offices to homes and gardens, for parties or a night in front of the TV, lights are used so frequently every day they can often be taken for granted.

But, the EU is imposing changes to help reduce this vast use of energy by banning halogen bulbs in favour of the more efficient and eco-friendly LED bulb. To avoid getting caught out, the transition should begin sooner rather than later, starting with priority areas that need effective and efficient lighting.

For those in the industry, there is a responsibility to inform customers who may not know that they won’t be able to buy replacement halogen bulbs for much longer or what the alternative options available are.

Why make the switch?

LED lights provide the perfect opportunity to reduce costs and save energy, whilst providing adequate luminosity. An LED bulb can easily compete with a halogen lamp in terms of luminosity and requires less maintenance.

Maintaining good lighting in the workplace or the home is extremely important and shouldn’t be underestimated. Research by reichelt found that 64 percent of employees in the UK say good lighting is very important, with 89 percent of companies actively ensuring that lighting is suitable for their employees in the workplace.

Light quality is also more versatile with LEDs, making it suitable for use in a variety of space for a multitude of purposes. Available in numerous shapes and sizes, choosing the right type of LED that produces an appropriate colour and tone of light is crucial. For example, productivity levels and people’s moods can be impacted. There’s also the more obvious requirement for the light to adequately illuminate the space so you are able to see what you are doing.

Become more energy efficient

LED technology is the most efficient light source on the market. To compare, LEDs save up to 90 percent of energy compared to filament bulbs and a halogen lamp can use as much as 10 times the amount of energy an LED lamp uses.

Thanks to the “EU Energy Efficiency” label, launched on September 1st 2013, customers can easily identify how much power each light bulb uses to make informed choices, ensuring their personal energy efficiency needs are met.

Costs vs savings

High-pricing has historically been a barrier for many when considering switching light sources, but technology advancements over recent years have made LED bulbs much more affordable. In the US, for example, the cost of LED bulbs fell by 94 percent between 2008 and 2015.

Furthermore, the long-term cost savings vastly outweigh the upfront costs. LEDs boast an impressive lifespan: approximately 50,000 hours compared to filament bulbs lasting just 1,000 hours and energy saving bulbs which last 6000 to 15,000 hours. The lengthy life cycle means bulbs need replacing less frequently, therefore reducing the amount of money needed to buy replacement bulbs. A halogen lamp may be cheaper initially, but it could take several bulbs to exceed the lifespan of just one LED.

Of the UK companies that are currently using LED lighting (49 percent use LEDs in all office areas), 18 percent believe they are saving as much as 21-30 percent since switching from conventional lighting, according to reichelt research.

The EU believes the average consumer will save approximately £418 per year on energy bills by 2020 thanks to this light bulb efficiency initiative.

Top tips to make the switch to LED:

  • Check the bulbs’ energy efficiency: Look out for the “EU Energy Efficiency” label to see how much power each light bulb uses.
  • Choose the right switching cycle: For daytime light sources used frequently in places such as corridors, you should consider an LED with a high switching cycle LED, e.g. one with a value between 50,000 and 100,000.
  • Check flux: Ensure the LED bulb emits more light flux than a comparable incandescent light bulb.
  • Ask where? Consider where the light bulb is being used when deciding which colour light to buy
    • For the office, a light bulb of 4,000 to 6,500 Kelvin is recommended.
    • For a workshop, garage or outside space LED products of 6,000 to 7,000 Kelvin are recommended.
    • Office spaces or work areas often use a neutral white light in a range of between 3,300 and 5,000 Kelvin.
  • Check colour spectrums: When choosing a light bulb with warm light, you should ensure that the colour spectrum has a high proportion of red. In contrast, a cool light should have high blue content.
  • Switch early: Start enjoying the benefits sooner.

Taking these points into consideration, businesses and consumers can benefit from reduced energy bills and enjoy versatile lighting with a significantly longer life span. The EU halogen is a positive step to become more energy efficient. Only by switching sooner rather than later will organisations and homeowners be able to achieve the best return on their investment and avoid any issues with replacement bulbs.

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show gives A1 Lighting Magazine an exclusive show preview!

August 16th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show is the UK’s most comprehensive event dedicated to the very latest and most stylish designs for restaurants and bars

It’s only 6 weeks until the Restaurant & Bar Design Show takes place at the ExCeL London, on the 25th– 26thSeptember, and as their partners, we have managed to get a sneak preview of everything that is coming up at the 2018 event!

Haven’t registered for your free ticket yet? Then check out these top reasons to attend THE event for restaurant and bar design – and register here to avoid missing out!

Lighting Zone

Lighting is vital to every restaurant and bar; through it you can emphasise colour, expand space, highlight features and adorn a room with character. The Lighting Zone at the Restaurant & Bar Design Show displays the most advanced lighting solutions that will give any establishment the spark it deserves.

Gaze at the huge array of different lighting options and find the next innovation that will animate every corner of an establishment, making it a sight to behold.

Emerging Brands

Great design requires ambition, and the Restaurant & Bar Design Show loves ambition! For that reason, they will dedicate a zone to the inspired minds behind today’s emerging brands.

The Emerging Brands Zone will bring together businesses that are eager to showcase their ambitious ideas and implement them on a global scale. So come along to see the businesses with big dreams – they’re #Hungry4growth and are ready to shine on the biggest stage. 

Design Zone

Design is more than just the way an establishment looks; it is the physical embodiment of their brand and what it represents. As the first interaction that a customer has with a business, design has a seriously important role to play when it comes to first impressions!

The Restaurant and Bar Design Show’s design zone will provide you with a flurry of inspirational ideas that will enable you to express your brand identity to the world, just the way you want it.

Whatever your style, you are guaranteed to find displays of genius amidst the most revolutionary designs the world has to offer. Visit the design zone to set yourself apart from your competitors, and let your brand speak for itself.

Trends, Ideas & Advice

Lack of inspiration? In need of some change? Don’t worry, the Restaurant & Bar Design Show has all the knowledge and innovations to make your creative juices flow!


Join a network of over 18,000 proactive industry professionals; heed their advice and learn from their mistakes, as you carve out the future of your business, one connection at a time. 

Business Growth

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show’s number 1 priority is business growth – so if you want to know what is next for the industry, be sure to register for your FREE ticket today, before spaces run out!

To book your FREE ticket, and find out about all of this year’s goings on, check out their website here:

Sotesa Provides Symphonic Looks For Concertgebouw Bruges With CHAUVET Professional Ovation

August 16th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

The Belgian city of Bruges might just be one of the prettiest towns in Europe. Not only does the entire medieval old town enjoy world UNESCO heritage status, the city’s rich tapestry of canals and waterways has long since garnered Bruges the accolade “the Venice of the North.”

During the city’s well-earned status as “European Capital of Culture” in 2002, the Concertgebouw Brugge – a concert venue and multicultural centre accommodating more than 1500 visitors – was built to provide the city’s inhabitants and many tourists with a home for some of the best classical music orchestras in the world. Taking centre stage in a recent refurbishment of the concert hall were 20 CHAUVET Professional Ovation F-265WW fixtures, specified by local install specialists Sotesa.

With the main hall regularly receiving high-profile symphonic orchestras such as the Anima Eterna Brugge (artist in residence), Brussels Philharmonic, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Budapest Festival Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the venue required a practical solution to provide general illumination for the musicians on stage. With their incredibly soft and even flat field of warm white illumination, the Ovation Fresnel-style LED fixtures were chosen to replace the outdated and unreliable incandescent house lights.

“Aside from the fact that the old incandescents used a lot of electricity, it could be uncomfortable at times for the musicians because of the heat they generated,” commented Geerolf Jacques, Coordinator of Stage Technology at Concertgebouw Brugge. “One of the key advantages of the Ovation fixtures is that we don’t have to worry about leaving the lights switched on for longer periods of time for rehearsals and shows.”

Given the practical issues of the 12M high roof in the concert hall itself, finding a suitable lighting fixture to provide the necessary coverage from this relatively large distance was of paramount importance. Thanks to their 230W LED engine with an output comparable to that of a 2000W Fresnel, the Ovation fixtures are more than capable enough to match up to their incandescent predecessors.

“The Ovations have a huge output, even with the 12M height of the ceiling,” commented Jacques. “They provide both a beautiful warm white light for general light and a clear reading light for the musicians reading their music.”

One of the key concerns for venues in implementing LED lighting is the degree to which the warm unobtrusive glow of the incandescent can be accurately emulated. Thanks to the incredibly high CRI index (95+) of the Ovation fixtures, the output manages to retain a natural quality despite harbouring all the advantages of LED.

“Interestingly, the musicians didn’t really have a reaction to the new installation, which can only be a good thing, as it means they didn’t see a difference at all,” continued Jacques. “What’s more, when you look at the stage from the auditorium, the orchestra is more beautifully lit, which is very appreciated by the production people.”

Thanks to the Ovation fixtures, Concertgebouw Brugge is able to concentrate on doing what it does best: proving world class orchestras with the platform to provide Bruges with countless hours of musical enjoyment.

Photo Credit:

O2 Academy Newcastle revitalised with Adlib

August 14th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Photography by Jim Ellam.

Academy Music Group enlisted the support of Liverpool based Adlib once again to co-design and deliver a touring specification audio system for its 2,000 capacity O2 Academy in Newcastle, one of the most active and vibrant live music venues on the UK touring scene.

This project was led by Academy Music Group’s Divisional Manager Steve Hoyland and O2 Academy Newcastle’s Technical Manager Nile Lines, with Adlib’s Andy Dockerty and Rob Crossland, who, together specified the Coda Audio PA system.

The main auditorium has a large space in front of the stage, with a raised bar area on the ground floor mid-way, that is situated underneath a balcony at the rear. One of the main goals of the new system was to ensure it provided a level of sonic experience to satisfy touring artists, offering a viable and attractive choice to bringing in their own productions.

An early 20th century theatre, O2 Academy Newcastle’s history is rooted in entertainment, through the golden age of cinema and into its former incarnation as a ballroom in the 1950s and 60s.

The challenge for the team was to achieve powerful, even and spectacular sounding coverage throughout. A potent and flexible solution was also needed to deal with such a wide range of musical genres and styles.

For this venue, 20 x Coda LA12 line array speakers are configured as two main (left and right) hangs of 10, neatly forming an elegant arc from the existing PA points.

These cover the main room, underneath the balcony and the upper balcony positions perfectly – just from the two arrays – with four Coda G7 12-96s rigged under the balcony area.

The eight Coda SC8 sensor-controlled subs are positioned in a cardioid pattern under the stage to ensure as much low-end energy as possible is concentrated back into the auditorium. They are also neatly tucked away to maximise sight-lines for the audience.

For stage lip fills, a pair of Coda Vi-Ray cabinets were added, with everything driven by the new Coda LINUS DSP platform, Coda C10 amplifiers and Lake processing, one of Adlib’s highly adaptable options.

“The fact that Coda is light weight is a great advantage here, so we could put in a lot more boxes to deliver better results all round” says Andy Dockerty. “Any engineer should walk in, see the number of boxes in the air, hear how the system sounds and be happy to use it.”

A DiGiCo SD12 complete with D2 stage rack was specified for control.

The team conducted a lot of research and engaged in numerous conversations with audio specialists in different fields before finalising the specification.

“We’ve seen a big swing towards DiGiCo on touring specs in the last couple of years, so we’re confident that the SD12 is the right product, it ticks all the boxes. Coda will undoubtedly get stronger in the market and this early adoption by Academy Music Group is a wise investment” says Andy Dockerty.

Academy Music Group’s Steve Hoyland adds, “We have a long-standing relationship with Adlib and trusted their input, touring knowledge and expertise to help us specify and fit the right system for Newcastle. It’s one of the major venues in our Group and hosts a wide variety of artists and genres as well many large club events”.

O2 Academy Newcastle’s Technical Manager, Nile Lines concludes, “It’s really refreshing to work with Adlib who listen to our technical needs and what is required for audio quality and coverage. We’ve worked closely with Rob Crossland on all training needs and support on this fantastic install, which has included superb after care”.

Academy Music Group has also completed other recent designs and installations with Adlib at Bristol’s O2 Academy and London’s O2 Forum in Kentish Town.

Photography by Jim Ellam.

Mood Lighting from Original BTC Featured in the Beeftro Restaurant Luxembourg

August 14th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

While bright whites and saturated hues bring a sunny character to any interior, many designers are opting for moodier schemes in their projects, from residential to hospitality. This aesthetic derives much of its appeal from rich architectural dimension, materiality, and — of course — lighting. When designing the luxurious Beeftro restaurant in Luxembourg, architecture duo Humbert & Poyet sourced smoked glass pendants and Art Deco-inspired wall lights from British manufacturer Original BTC to create an elegant, industrial ambience in the space.

The interior showcases the Globe Pendant from Original BTC.

The interior of the restaurant features Original BTC’s celebrated Globe Pendant with anthracite glass and brass metalwork. Exposing the intricate squirrel cage light bulbs within, Globe integrates striking inspiration from Britain’s rich post-industrialization history while incorporating modern tastes and trends. The style is available in 3 sizes and a wall light version, as well as various glass finishes and colors.


The exterior is accented by Davey Lighting’s Pillar Offset wall light from Original BTC.

The Globe is included once again in a glassed-in dining area, while the exterior of the restaurant features Davey Lighting’s Pillar Offset wall light from Original BTC. Part of the brand’s elevated Art Deco range, the Pillar Light is offset from the wall, and is available in weathered brass, polished brass, and chrome plated finishes.

The Walter Pendant and Davey Lighting’s Weatherproof Ship’s Double Well Glass wall light from Original BTC are featured at the bar.

The smoked glass trend continues at the bar, which is lined by the Walter Pendant in anthracite glass and brass. The light enhances the cool, black leather furnishings throughout the restaurant. The Walter Pendant has a unique 1960’s feel, with a striking combination of either satin copper or satin brass and a choice of opal or anthracite glass shades. The light is available in two sizes.

Also featured in the bar area, as well as the dining room, is the Weatherproof Ship’s Double Well Glass wall light in polished brass, by Davey Lighting available from Original BTC. The attractive double-ended marine-inspired wall light infuses an added industrial element into the space. The light is available in either clear or frosted glass, with a choice of weathered brass, polished brass and chrome plated finishes. It can be positioned both horizontally and vertically on an internal or external wall.

Proper lighting adds edge and drama to moody spaces, which is certainly the case at Beeftro Luxembourg.


August 14th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Ready to view – Webinar on the BSI Kitemark™ for Commercial Lighting presented jointly by BSI and the LIA 

The recording of the live webinar of the BSI (British Standards Institute) Kitemark™ for Commercial Lighting, is now available to watch online at the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) website. 

The webinar was recorded live on 23 July to supplement the successful launch event of the new BSI Kitemark on 27 June held at the LIA offices in Telford. 

The new scheme launched in partnership between the BSI and the LIA is designed to increase product safety and quality of the lighting products, at the same time help drive up standards and further reduce the risks of product recalls and returns. 

The webinar was presented by the BSI’s Electrical Certification Team Leader, Holly Rossington, and supported by the LIA’s CEO Steve Davies. 

In the webinar, Holly and Steve explain the scheme, educating on the value of the Kitemark and how to get involved to avail its advantages for their business. The video is peppered with industry polls and concludes with a Q&A session, generated from the audience questions from the launch event, and those asked by the webinar attendees. 

The BSI Kitemark for Commercial Lighting was born out of lighting industry concerns relating to the reported increase of low quality products being placed on the UK and EU markets.  

As the BSI Kitemark is a trusted brand throughout the world for over 100 years, the LIA’s decision to partner with the BSI was an easy one in addressing such an important issue. The two organisations, together through their combined knowledge and extensive expertise, can now provide a joined-up approach to third party certification. 

The LIA’s Steve Davies explained, “The aim of this Kitemark is to instil confidence and capability back into the supply chain and the lighting products placed on the market. 

“Unlike other similar schemes, the BSI Kitemark for Commercial Lighting not only confirms compliance with safety, but also supports performance testing claims.” 

BSI’s Holly Rossington added, “Webinars are an excellent way to address key topics that are affecting business, which can be viewed from anywhere in the on personal computing device. It is one of the key ways in which the BSI support their clients. 

“This webinar is a must for all those involved in the commercial lighting sector to understand how the new BSI Kitemark will strengthen businesses reputations and the industry as a whole.” 

The webinar can be viewed on the LIA website at the following link – 

More information on the BSI Kitemark can be found at the BSI website – 

Pictured: Left to right – Holly Rossington, BSI Electrical Certification Team Leader, Steve Davies, LIA CEO, Rob Lee, BSI Media Production Manager

GLP Appoints Mods Art as Italian Distributor

August 13th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

GLP has appointed Mods Art Srl as its new Italian distributor. The move was confirmed by GLP Sales Executive, Sven Heindl and the Italian company’s chairman, Dr. Giacomo Laria.

Mods Art was formed in 2010, initially as an audio company and is today owned and managed by Dr. Larìa, and technical director and CEO, Luigi Lombardi. They have been distributing a full range of video and lighting as well as audio from their base on the Adriatic coast since Laria joined the company in 2016.

“It was important to be able to offer our customers a 360° solution, and following our agreement with GLP we appointed [experienced lighting professional] Alessandro Righi to become the technical referent for this brand,” he said.

He said the company had previously turned down other requests for representation by lighting companies. “This is because our philosophy is really concentrated on technology and research. This we have found in GLP and we are proud to represent this brand in the Italian market. We are impressed not only by the technological innovation but also the reliability of the products — and the GLP team itself, which is both professional and positive.”

He said that Mods Art will be looking to build the GLP brand “from the bottom up” in Italy. “We are working to introduce GLP at the top level, which is quite a challenge with so many high profile lighting manufacturers in Italy.”

But initial reaction, following open days and a presence at MIR (Music Inside Rimini) has been 100% positive, he confirmed. “The feedback has been excellent and we are highly optimistic,” Dr. Laria continued.

In fact Mods Art recently supplied a quantity of X4 Bars to major Italian rental company Agorà for use on the Jovanotti tour, and have several other projects pending.

Looking to the future, Mods Art has a dedicated division for seminar and demo activities, managed by Alessandro Righi, and an active social media and trade advertising programme managed by Laura Benigna. “On top of that,” states Dr. Laria, “we are on the road every day.”

In summary he says, “The most exciting products for us are JDC1 and the X4 Bar series — specifically for the concert touring market — but we also have important projects with the impression series in different markets. We believe that all GLP products have a good market potential.”

Sven Heindl added, “Mods Art is a dynamic and positive young company and I could see the mood and ambition from the number of visitors attending the booth at MIR. “We look forward to a long and successful future working together with them.”


August 13th, 2018 | Latest News | 0 Comments

With sponsorship from Zumtobel, BDP hosted its first Glitterball on 27 July to celebrate Pride Month, in association with RIBA’s Architecture LGBT+ and IALD. The event was organised by BDP LGBT+ which champions diversity within the practice and the wider industry, and brought together over 200 of the most influential lighting designers, architects, choreographers and artists as well as Pride in the City.

Lighting director Colin Ball who leads BDP’s LGBT+ group said: “The support we’ve had in launching this event has been overwhelming, from every level of BDP nationally, the IALD and Architecture LGBT. The immediate support we had from Zumtobel has enabled to make the evening something that we could all see everyone is very pleased to have been a part of.”

The Glitterball was an amazing event and a huge success and a fantastic opportunity for the London design community to get together – AND PARTY!

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