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Lithium Battery Launch

As part of our commitment to continually developing our product offering to ensure that we provide the latest technology bringing customers the greatest benefit we have now decided to upgrade our entire emergency product range to use lithium batteries as standard. When considering the ongoing costs of operating your lighting installation the maintenance costs for emergency luminaires can form a significant proportion, second only to power consumption.

Aside from the need to undertake function testing on a monthly basis and duration tests annually whilst maintaining accurate test records off site, the limited life time of Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries means that regular battery replacement is required.

The material cost of the batteries is often exceeded by the labour costs to undertake such replacement, especially so for luminaires mounted at height where costly access equipment is needed. Lithium batteries offer a solution to this issue with higher energy density, extended warranties and greater life expectancy extending the period between replacement, whilst automated test systems such as Self Test and DALI Autotest can eliminate the need for manual testing.

Our focus on reducing the lifetime operating costs of our emergency luminaires has had battery safety as the foremost concern from the outset. Extensive testing has been undertaken in conjunction with our suppliers to select Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for the Dextra emergency range, this battery chemistry offers excellent lifetime and energy density but is also amongst the most stable of the lithium battery chemistries. Over a period of two years dozens of battery samples using a range of chemistries and from numerous manufacturers were subjected to testing in every regard for both lifetime and durability but also extreme failure scenarios such as excessive ambient temperature, voltage, penetrative damage and exposure to fire. Lithium Iron Phosphate demonstrated superior safety and stability of all the chemistries in every scenario.

The stability of our chosen chemistry is combined with battery cell thermal protection and balanced cell charging to ensure that all Dextra lithium ranges offer both significant lifetime cost advantages, increased periods between battery changes, extended warranties and complete peace of mind that your emergency installation uses only the safest market leading emergency components.


Protec Micro

When lighting must be discreet yet offer practical performance it is difficult to better the Protec Micro. With a diameter of just 35mm the Protec Micro is unobtrusive, however with an output of nearly 200 lumens it offers impressive performance relative to size. Each luminaire comes complete with three bezel attachments, white, black or brushed chrome, ensuring it can blend in with the ceiling and surroundings, whilst the specular reflector minimises visibility of the source when viewed off axis. Should any changes be required in future the bezels can be easily replaced ensuring these luminaires maintain their discreet appearance. With a miniaturised driver suitable for its own cut out and two spring clips the Protec Micro can be installed in suspended ceilings or plasterboard and a CRI90 LED source as standard provides an excellent quality of light ideally suited to high end domestic, hospitality and boutique retail applications.



By combining both the trunking and the luminaire into a single system the Indeco offers the lowest overall cost solution in the Dexeco range. The Indeco is ideally suited to logistics, warehousing, light industrial and manufacturing applications with a wide range of lumen outputs, lenses or opal diffuser with flexible layout options that ensures it can be tailored to suit applications ranging from high to low level, racking aisles and marshalling areas through to mezzanine.

The Indeco system saves time and money by eliminating the need to buy and install separate trunking and cabling and with high speed tool less installation incorporating snap in infills, turn lock gear trays, plug and socket electrical connections and snap on suspension brackets. Optional integral sensors further enhance savings by offering both daylight regulation and presence detection with individual luminaire control and no need for specialist commissioning. The Indeco loom is supplied in 2.5mm core LS0H cable as standard, ensuring both safety and maximum run length, reducing the number of power feeds required and lowering overall installation cost. With four pole and six pole options the Indeco can accommodate integral emergency, basic, self test or DALI Autotest. To further reduce emergency costs all Indeco emergency luminaires are supplied with lithium batteries as standard offering extended lifetimes and warranty.



Secure Range

The Dextra Secure range of luminaires has been designed, tested and certified to The Department of Health Environmental Design Guide, Adult Medium Secure Services, ensuring that the complete product range can be used in applications with vulnerable patients at risk of self harm with confidence that the luminaires have been thoroughly tested for both ligature resistance and protection from physical attack. The Dextra Secure range combines heavy gauge steel housings, polycarbonate diffusers in multiple layers or increased gauge, tamper resistant fixings and designs that spread impact energy throughout the housing ensuring that they can withstand sustained attack from both small items that may be in a patients possession through to bodily attack.

The Secure range encompasses surface mount amenity, recessed downlight, surface linear and recessed modular luminaires ensuring that all areas of mental health wards can be refurbished with suitable and compliant luminaires. All luminaires in the Dextra Secure range are available in a wide range of lumen outputs and colour temperatures, dimming variants including DALI, DSI, Switch dimming and Analogue dimming and integral emergency either basic, self test or Autotest DALI ensuring that an appropriate light can be provided to give a pleasant environment for patient recovery. Night Light options are available in most ranges to ensure that patients can also be monitored with minimal disruption to sleep.



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