In collaboration with FullAVL, PROLIGHTS distributor in the Netherlands, Lichtpunt Theatertechniek has delivered a cutting-edge PROLIGHTS lighting system to the Concert Hall Theater in Tilburg, Netherlands. Renowned for its versatility, the Concert Hall Theater hosts a diverse array of theatrical performances, dance shows, concerts, musicals, and cultural events annually.

Given its dynamic and eclectic program, the Concert Hall Theater had a pressing requirement for an entirely new lighting system. This system needed to meet the highest quality standards while offering adaptability to cater to various productions and events.

FullAVL supplied Lichtpunt with a range of PROLIGHTS projectors perfectly tailored to meet the client’s specifications, including the EclFresnel 2KTW and Astra Wash7Pixmodels.

The PROLIGHTS ECLFresnel 2KTW, a 500W luminaire, has distinguished itself by excelling in both light intensity and colour mixing quality. This innovation has empowered Tilburg’s technicians with unparalleled flexibility, enabling them to craft high-quality lighting scenes. Furthermore, the PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix, renowned for its exceptional colour mixing, high light output and virtually silent operation, emerged as the ideal choice for an environment where audio quality is a must for the viewer’s experience.


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