Ayr, a picturesque town on the southwest coast of Scotland, boasts a rich history as a Royal Burgh since 1205 and serves as the county town of Ayrshire. This charming seaside resort, located just 37 miles southwest of Glasgow, is renowned for its sandy beaches, scenic seafront, and riverside. Austin-Smith:Lord, in collaboration with HUB South West Scotland (HUB SW) and South Ayrshire Council (SAC), undertook the design and development of Ayr Riverside, a 4,135.00 m2 brownfield site in the heart of the town centre within the designated Ayr Central Conservation Area.

The revitalised Ayr Riverside has become a pivotal public space connecting the High Street and Ayr River. This urban rejuvenation honours the site’s historical context through the incorporation of both hard and soft landscaping, modern street furniture, and enhanced lighting. In addition to elevating the town’s aesthetic appeal, the development grants access to the river’s edge, providing a versatile space for hosting various events and activities throughout the year, such as pop-up markets and gatherings. The project further introduces a community pavilion with meeting and event spaces, public restrooms, and storage facilities.

A team comprising Ayrshire Roads Alliance, (ARA) architects Austin-Smith:Lord, civil engineering and MEP consultant Harley Haddow, and marine specialist Arch Henderson Engineering were instrumental in bringing this vision to life.

Harley Haddow enlisted Thorn Lighting’s design team for a complementary lighting scheme. The project required a sensitive balance between luminaires to achieve the correct lux levels and uniformity while maintaining a unique and contemporary appearance. The selected products also had to integrate seamlessly with the chosen CMS system and avoid using columns with visible joints that detract from the aesthetics.

These challenges were addressed with Thorn’s Contrast luminaires, known for their distinctive and elegant design, complementing modern and classic architecture within the urban environment. Finished in RAL9006, these luminaires offer a balanced white light in 4000K, emphasising modernity and visual appeal.

Furthermore, by implementing bespoke columns with no external hinges but utilising an inverted mechanism, a sleek, unobtrusive look that met the project’s requirements was achieved.

Scott Thomson of Harley Haddow stated, “Thorn’s Contrast luminaires provided the ideal solution for this project. They not only met the stringent requirements of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) but also satisfied our landscape architect’s need for an aesthetically pleasing scheme and open space. The bespoke columns and lighting design played a significant role in achieving the project’s objectives.”

The contemporary design of the Contrast floodlights effortlessly blends into modern streetscapes. Among the primary benefits of the new lighting scheme is improved colour rendering, which accentuates the new paving and street layout, lending a stylish and inviting feel to the area. The lighting enhances the overall appeal of Ayr Riverside, making it an attractive and functional hub for local events and community activities.

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