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Do you understand all the legislative requirements when placing lighting products on the market?
If you are unsure or have any questions then sign up for the Lighting Industry Academy’s NEW course covering Lighting Legislation, Compliance Control and Production Testing.

This one day course will take you through the relevant regulations and directives. Explaining how the twelve current legislative requirements, such as, LVD, EMCD, RoHS and ERP can affect manufacturers, importers and distributors of lighting products.

Don’t forget that once product compliance has been achieved, production control is needed to ensure continued conformity. Do you have this covered? Using the LIA Quality Assurance model, you will gain an appreciation of implementing and maintaining a quality control system, including the control of imported goods.
Finally, it’s time to get out of the classroom and into the Laboratory. This course gives you the opportunity to get hands on with product testing, a key area of product conformity, using traditional Clare test equipment, and thanks to the new partnership between the Academy and Seaward Group, its HAL tester which is the latest state of the art production electrical test equipment.

This course encompasses all industry sectors whether a manufacturer, importer or distributor of luminaires, light sources, control gear or components.

Held at the Academy, LIA, Telford. This state of the art learning facility is recognised by the industry as a hub for the development and delivery of high-quality learning. With one of its highly qualified trainers supporting your learning throughout the day.

29 June 2017
25 July 2017
12 September 2017
17 October 2017
28 November 2017

Remember all LIA members can attended the course for the discounted rate of £295 +VAT. £365 + Vat for non-LIA members

Find out more on the course

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Beware of the Shark!

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Curry and a beer as a social concept has much to recommend itself. Easy, fast, tasty, and satisfying; what could you possibly add that would make it better? Well, how about a couple of life size shark holograms? Liz Berry of Hologramica is gaining quite a reputation for juxtaposing reality with illusion. For Avolites’ Founder Director, Steve Warren the opportunity was irresistible.

“We do a couple of these a year in the demo room at our London HQ in Park Royal. The ‘Avolites and Robe Designers’ Curry Club’ is an open house for people working in video and lighting live events.’

‘Yes, people come to the curry night knowing it will have an element of product presentation but we also make the effort to promote the evenings as a networking event; it’s more than just a sales pitch. Tim Meadowcroft, one of the LD’s who attended this one said to me before coming “You’re always telling me ‘come on down, you never know you might get work out of it’ so I’m coming.” Sure enough, Tim called me the day after to say he’d picked up some work at Light Initiative on the back of it.”

As it turned out the second of Berry’s shark holograms was an on the hoof adaption of what she had originally intended. “It was only a couple of days before, that I discovered the main warehouse had skylights. The illusion wasn’t going to look very good with daylight flooding through the roof so it was a bit of a nightmare until I spotted an office with a window overlooking the party space.  The flexibility of our new 3D Holonet meant that by adding a small projector and 3 pieces of scaff’ I could do another installation in the office that could run until it got dark, at which point I could unveil the main space. Koy (Neminathan) and Steve were great in that they allowed me to basically take over two areas of his busy company in the middle of their working day. The whole Avolites team were typically kind and helpful.”

Warren, with his usual generosity, made light of the whole thing. “I’d seen Liz’s work with Hologramica before. Then she approached me at PLASA London last year and showed me her new product, the flexible 3D Holonet. Compared to our normal Curry Club, where we are demonstrating new Avolites software and new Robe fixtures, this was a bit more complex but a hell of a lot easier than setting up one of those Pepper’s Ghost illusions. Yes, it required a controlled space and a bit of extra effort on our part but I have to say it was even better than I expected, very high impact. It looked really effective and I think everyone was impressed.”

Robe also presented the Halo RGB, a type of Par Can LED augmentation originally developed by Light Initiative Ltd. Avolites and Robe were sponsors of the evening.

“We were happy to get behind Liz for this one,” concluded Warren. “We always try to add something new to the event. We know touring people can’t always attend expos and demos because work frequently gets in the way, so doing something like this is an easy alternative and always a lot of fun. It’s not often you find a “live” shark watching you as you eat!”

holographic shark


Telensa Joins Smart Cities Council to Drive Connected Street Lighting and Smart City Applications

May 22nd, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Telensa, the global leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, announced that it has joined the Smart Cities Council, the world’s premier consortium of smart city practitioners and experts, with more than 120 members who have to date contributed to more than 10,000 projects. Telensa joins the Council as a North America Lead Partner and will work with the industry coalition sharing its experiences and expertise to advance development and innovation.

Telensa’s PLANet is the market-leading Central Management System (CMS) for streetlights, with over 50 city and regional networks deployed in 8 countries and a project footprint covering over 1 million streetlights, including the world’s largest deployment in the US. Based on a city-owned low power radio system that allows state-wide control and monitoring of street lighting, the PLANet application also future-proofs investments in LED street lighting. It enables localized customization of lighting levels and provides a city-wide platform for low-cost sensor applications.

Industry analyst Northeast Group has named Telensa as the clear global market share leader in smart connected street lighting systems. Telensa’s success is built on a robust end-to-end solution, with a proven business case built on energy and maintenance cost savings for city and utility customers.

“Telensa brings a huge amount of real-world experience in creating Smart Cities, gained through deploying commercial streetlighting networks at mass scale across the globe,” said Jesse Berst, Chairman of the Smart Cities Council. “This experience is a significant addition to our community and we are delighted to welcome Telensa’s expertise which will help accelerate initiatives with municipalities across North America.”

“We are delighted to be joining the Council alongside such an illustrious group of companies leading the move to embed technology into the heart of cities,” said Jack Hanley, VP Sales North America at Telensa. “We look forward to sharing our real-world experiences from deploying and operating networks to drive collaboration and co-operation in the development of Smart Cities around the world.”

White Light Makes the Grade for Immersive University of Cambridge Event

May 19th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Last week, Banqueting House played host to the University of Cambridge who held a celebration event to engage key stakeholders with its latest campaign. The 250 guests, who were a mixture of alumni, stakeholders and senior representatives from the University, enjoyed a drinks reception, dinner, speeches from academic and student speakers, including Stephen Fry, along with an immersive video experience. As one of the cross-palace approved suppliers to Historic Royal Palaces, White Light was called upon to provide the complete technical solutions on this important occasion.

The event was overseen by WL’s Creative Producer Richard Stirzaker. He comments: “The University of Cambridge first approached us back in October last year telling us that they were hosting a high-profile event and wanted to make the most out of the fantastic space at Banqueting House. They also knew they wanted to draw heavily on video projection to make the occasion as immersive as possible”.

The University of Cambridge team made a site visit to Banqueting House where WL conducted a projection test. Richard adds: “We worked closely with the event’s Production Manager Vaughan Roberts along with Rachel Mortimer Holdsworth, University of Cambridge’s Events Manager, and creative agency johnson banks to create an ideal solution. Along with creating an immersive feel, the client also wanted to make full use of the incredible architecture within Banqueting House”.

To achieve this, WL used d3 technology to create a 3D model of the main space within Banqueting House. WL’s Video Engineering Manager Darren Terry used this to further demonstrate to the University of Cambridge team the various options they could achieve.

Richard adds: “Following a lot of creative collaboration, it was decided that we would use the windows within the space as the main focal point of projection. This meant that throughout the evening, in particular during the live speeches, we could literally bring that space to life”.

WL achieved this through animation by johnson banks, who are responsible for Cambridge’s ‘Dear World…Yours, Cambridge’ branding and who created footage related specifically to each speech. Richard states: “We achieved the projection using a Christie 5K Projector, with the footage run via a d3 server. The end result was a truly immersive experience and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before within that space”.

The evening consisted of a drinks reception in the Undercroft followed by dinner in the main room which featured key speeches made by affiliates of the University of Cambridge including Stephen Fry. Alongside the projection, WL supplied the lighting, PA system, power distribution and even staging.

WL had one day to set up for the event which meant a 7am load in. Following the intricate set-up of the equipment, WL had the afternoon to begin rehearsals and ensure that everything was in place prior to the guests arriving at 6:30pm.

Rachel comments: “This was an incredible evening for the University of Cambridge in such magnificent surroundings. We are extremely grateful to WL for helping us achieve our vision and for being so supportive throughout”.

Jennifer Lockham, Head of Banqueting House, adds: “It was fantastic to see our beautiful venue once again transformed by the very latest technology thanks to WL. It further emphasised the potential of this historic building and how boundaries can continually be pushed when it comes to hosting events”.

Banqueting House,

Photos courtesy of James Mackenzie Photography.

New European Experience Centre in London Showcases Lutron Innovations

May 18th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

London (18 May 2017) — Known for its wide range of light and blind control solutions, Lutron Electronics today opened its newest facility, the European Experience Centre, in London. The 6,300-square-foot (585 m2) showroom and education space includes a mix of the company’s innovative light and blind control solutions for commercial, hospitality and residential use — such as its GRAFIK Eye, myRoomQuantum, and HomeWorks QS systems. Located in the heart of London, just a short distance from London’s tech, design, and finance hubs, the Centre also includes several meeting rooms and collaboration areas for system design and training.

“Taking care of customers is Lutron’s first company principle. In the U.S. and Canada, Lutron Experience Centres provide our customers with both functional and personal resources that allow them easy access to Lutron products and technologies”

says Sr. Vice President Ramin Mehrganpour , noting that Europe is a strategic and growing market for the company.

“In addition to serving the European market, the new Centre will also be an invaluable resource for our customers around the globe.”

The European Experience Centre features state-of-the-art technologies that highlight the vital role of artificial and natural light control in creating atmosphere and fostering productivity in corporate office environments. The Centre has windows on three sides with close to 100 blinds and curtains, most of which move throughout the day based on the time of day and the sun’s position, demonstrating the value of light harvesting and its role in energy efficiency in office environments. A live digital display shows off the Centre’s energy savings, including real-time variations as light levels are adjusted.

Clients can also explore the company’s sleek and elegant residential product offerings, like Palladiom keypads and thermostats, as well as an integrated hospitality guestroom and retail area.

“Lighting and blind controls are experiential products that need to be seen—and felt. Visitors to the new Centre can immerse themselves in the transformative experience of watching a room take shape with the press of one button,” says David Ribbons, Lutron’s Director of Sales for Europe and Africa. “Clients will leave the Centre with a greater understanding and appreciation for how these controls can enhance the places you work and live.”

Other Lutron Experience Centres are located in

–  Plantation, Fla.; New York City, NY; Coopersburg, Pa.; Irvine, Calif.; Washington, D.C.; and Toronto, Canada.

Multi-subway lighting upgrade reduces council’s maintenance burden and slashes energy use by nearly 80%

May 16th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Increasingly problematic and cost-inefficient fluorescent systems in 40 subways across the region have been replaced with next-generation LED lighting.

As councils across the UK look to reduce costs and meet ambitious energy consumption targets, it is to be expected that many of them are looking to replace aging fluorescent lighting technology with more efficient systems. In a vast majority of cases, this is leading to the specification of the latest LED-based technology in schools, colleges, town centres and other public spaces.

Such developments are proving to be hugely beneficial both in the short-term (lower energy consumption) and long-term (much-reduced maintenance and support costs). This is certainly something that can be attested to by South Gloucestershire Council, which has ambitions to upgrade all of the lighting across its estate to LED. One of its latest projects saw the replacement of fluorescent-based lighting systems in some 40 subways under its jurisdiction.

Maintenance burden

Due to the short lifespan of the existing subway lighting, maintenance was an ongoing challenge for the Council’s street lighting team. Mark Williams, Street Lighting Supervisor explains, “The regular programme of works we had in motion to replace failing lamps was virtually a full time job for one of my team – in addition we were responding to a number of reactive call outs. I wanted to find a cost-effective LED upgrade solution that would not only save energy but significantly reduce our maintenance costs.”

After a period of research and consultation, Williams and his team engaged Bristol-based specialist Connected Light to design and install a bespoke LED retrofit lighting solution. As well as delivering the desired-for efficiencies, it was determined that this would also cause minimal disruption to the operation of the subways and surrounding roads.

Cost-effective retrofit

George Pointing, Lighting Design Engineer at Connected Light, says it quickly became clear that a dramatic improvement upon the existing system was within reach: “The old fittings had switch start magnetic ballasts and were very inefficient. The ballasts were needing to be replaced every three years, which was obviously a significant burden for the Council. In terms of the new solution, this was a major project across many sites, and it was obvious that we needed something cost-effective and – as much as possible – non-disruptive for the Council and its various departments.”

The fact that the existing light fittings were encased in concrete meant that a retrofit solution quickly rose to the top of the agenda. New fittings were assessed, but would have involved extensive drilling and cavity-removal – a necessity that would have raised serious concerns about the structural integrity of the surrounding roads. So drawing upon Connected Light’s extensive expertise in the area, Pointing and his team designed and manufactured a bespoke solution to be accommodated by the existing fittings.

‘Vastly improved illumination’

The new solution – which features a new gear tray implemented in the existing fitting – was installed successfully at all 40 locations towards the end of 2016. It was submitted to, and approved by, balancing and settlement company Elexon, which determines the correct electricity usage charge for the Council since subway lighting is unmetered.

Several months on and it is clear that Williams is delighted by the results of the new installation. “For a start, the subways now benefit from vastly improved illumination and colour temperature,” he says. “I would describe it as a bright, clean, ‘modern’ light – as opposed to the somewhat dingy and unwelcoming orange that we had before!”

The advantages of the new system are likely to become even clearer with the passage of time, adds Pointing: “Our expectation is that they will now only have to replace the lighting every 6 years or so – with a straightforward inspection and clean due every two years – so the maintenance burden is going to be dramatically reduced. And then are the energy-related costs. With the new 12W fittings replacing the 48W ones, we estimate that the Council will be on course to enjoy 79% savings on their current energy use for these spaces. The payback period could be as less than two years once energy and maintenance savings are calculated.

“We are delighted to have worked so closely with the Council on this project, and believe that we have delivered a solution that dramatically improves the lighting in these vital public spaces, as well as helping to meet energy consumption and budgetary targets. Our ability to provide highly bespoke solutions has generated a great deal of business for Connected Light in recent years, and we expect that trend to continue throughout 2017.”

next-generation LED lighting.

Tridonic opens London demonstration suite to meet the needs of City based consultants and end users

May 15th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Tridonic, a leader in the provision of LED drivers, has opened a demonstration suite in the Business Design Centre, Islington. The facility will enable Tridonic to meet the many end users and consultants located in central London who would otherwise need to travel to the company’s UK headquarters in Basingstoke. Over the past year Tridonic has been leading the thinking around light as the backbone of the Internet of Things, (IoT), and how this approach is going to impact on both the design and use of buildings in the future.

Simon Blazey, solution sales manager for Tridonic, said; “Ensuring that end users, specifiers and senior FM personnel are aware of and understand the full potential of the Internet of Light is going to be key. The buildings that are being designed now will be appearing across our towns and cities over the next decade. They need to be designed to allow for future technologies that will make the building more efficient as well as providing the optimum living and working conditions for occupants.”

Tridonic’s OEMs will also be able to use the room, which seats up to a dozen people, for their own meetings and presentations. Any such organisation interested in booking the room should contact who manages the bookings. A full fit out is currently under way and when completed will allow Tridonic to demonstrate both its net4more solution and its POE and wireless Internet of Light offering.

ALD adds Combined Liability Insurance to Member Benefits

May 10th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) has announced the launch of a combined liability insurance cover scheme for its professional and affiliate members. The insurance cover will eventually become a permanent benefit entitlement to be included within the annual ALD membership fee but, in this first year of launch is available to members as an opt-in service, for a small surcharge in addition to membership.

The policy offers public liability and products insurance as well as professional indemnity and is specifically tailored for those who work freelance as a “lighting designer or lighting technician, including the design, preparation, installation, maintenance and operation of lighting rigs, video and projection designer &/or technician, the teaching or mentoring of these activities and as a manager or technician in the theatre, entertainment and live event industries.” It is purposed for those working within the United Kingdom and covers temporary work engagements abroad.

ALD Executive Director, Ian Saunders, commented, “We have often received enquiries from members and non-members alike asking if we supplied Public Liability Insurance as part of the membership fee.  With a breadth of membership covering a wide range of jobs in the live performance lighting industry, finding something that will suit our members has taken much research and refining, but we believe this is a tangible benefit for those choosing to join the ALD, and a meaningful addition for many members.”

The ALD was originally established to represent the needs of lighting designers. It transformed isolated individuals into a substantial body of people within a profession, and recently the membership has widened to include the other members of the creative lighting process such as console programmers, production electricians and most recently video and projection designers and technicians.

Bringing together all those involved in these roles, the ALD aims to share their experiences, knowledge and guidance to their peers and future generations, helping to raise the professionalism and recognition of the art and creative input of manipulating the use of light in live performance. With that unity comes strength and influence and the ALD offers advice and practical support in all aspects of working in the world of lighting, through various media including the ALD website and the association’s quarterly magazine, Focus.

A full summary of the Combined Liability insurance can be found on the ALD’s website, listed amongst the full range of membership benefits, at



ALD Chair, Peter Mumford and ALD Professional Representative, Johanna Town, lead discussion at the 2017 ALD AGM.


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The award winning lighting design consultancy LPA Lighting, partners with the Lighting Industry Academy (Academy) to deliver the Academy’s DIALux 4 Lighting Software courses.

DIALux is used by over 680 000 lighting designers worldwide and the Academy’s course is perfect for lighting designers, sales representatives, electrical engineers, energy assessors and alike who want tolighting_lpa understand and experience DIALux lighting software.

Presented by Liz Peck, who, along with her extensive knowledge and experience brings with her an infectious passion for ‘lighting’. Liz will guide you through the fundamentals of DIALux, covering:

  • Setup and getting started
  • Project development
  • Emergency lighting
  • Additional techniques
  • Advanced functions

Courses are held throughout the UK with prices starting from £275+VAT

Liz is a prominent personality within lighting, gaining her reputation and the respect of the industry via some of the most distinguished names in lighting including Concord:marlin and Philips Lighting.

With a Masters in Light & Lighting from the Bartlett School of Architecture, Liz understands the importance of learning and was herself awarded Lightmongers’ Student of the Year, MSc Light & Lighting in 2003.

In 2007 she established LPA Lighting an independent lighting design consultancy. Liz has also held the position of President of the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) and was named Lux Person of the Year at the Lux Awards 2015.

With these credentials it is easy to see why the Academy views Liz and LPA Lighting’s involvement as a great addition and excellent news for the delegates and lighting industry as a whole.

T: 01952 290905   E: W:



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