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Prolight + Sound 2017 presents new ‘Silent Stage’

February 28th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

Innovative stage concept for a transparent sound, effective monitoring and ear protection

Event-technology companies present products and methods for implementation
The coming Prolight + Sound will introduce visitors to the silent-stage concept with a new special area and give event-technology professionals and musicians the chance to learn how this innovative stage set-up can help improve not only the mix but also the performance of musical acts. The advantages of a silent stage will be explained and opportunities for implementing the concept illustrated by live demonstrations featuring a presenter and band.

Numerous event-technology companies are involved in realising the special area and will be showing their products and technologies there. They include Audio-Technica, Box of Doom, Cymatic Audio, Fischer Amps, Hearsafe, InEar, Kemper, Klang Technologies and Vision Ears.

The advantages of the silent-stage concept
The idea behind the silent stage is to cut on-stage noise levels to a minimum using, for example, amp simulations, isolation boxes, drum cages and electronic musical instruments. Equally, no monitoring loudspeakers are used and the musicians hear themselves and the other band members via an individually adjustable headphone mix.

This has several advantages for the acoustic irradiation. In the first place, the sound from the PA system competes less with that emanating from the stage. Secondly, there is less crosstalk between the individual signals that can be clearly separated in the mix. When correctly implemented, the quality of the sound reaching visitors from the PA system can approach that of a studio recording. Moreover, the silent-stage concept makes it easier to control the overall volume of an event, meaning that live music is also possible in situations where noise levels may not exceed a certain limit.

The advantage for musicians on the stage: they are able to concentrate fully on the sound via the in-ear monitoring system, which can be mixed according to their individual preferences. This can result in an improved overall performance. Last but not least, the reduced noise level protects the musicians’ hearing.

Delight in Light winner is….

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The winner of Delight in Light was announced on the 31st January 2017. The accolade of Lighting Designer 2015/2016 and prize money of £1,000 went to Jimin Jeon from Northumbria University for her task light entitled L0.

The 2015/16 competition was open to students on any year of a UK design course at HND or degree level, an MA student or a recently qualified designer.

There were 50 designs submitted and over 2,700 votes cast, with six designs making it to the final.

The final was held at the Lighting Industry Association in Telford, here the finalists presented a working prototype of their design to the judging panel of Peter Hunt, LIA, Simon Terry from Anglepoise and Innermost’s Russell Cameron.

‘Delight in Light’ was created by The LIA to promote excellence in lighting product design and encourage closer liaisons with the lighting industry.

The winner Jimin Jeon has was presented with the prize money by LIA CEO, Steve Davies and has been invited to attend the LIA’s Annual Lunch on 10th May in London to formally receive her award and join key players from all areas of the industry to celebrate the lighting industry.



BlackTrax for Beauty & the Beast

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International creative design practice Painting with Light was commissioned to design lighting and a video system, plus produce video content for the recent staging of Disney’s famous ‘Beauty & the Beast’ musical by Marmalade in Hall 8 at Ghent Expo in Belgium.

The Belgium based company’s Luc Peumans also seized the opportunity to use their new BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system for the first time on a major production … to ensure that all the principal cast members were perfectly illuminated as they moved around the performance space.

When Luc came on-board, the set designed by Stefaan Haudenhuyse – under licence to Disney with the producers having to meet certain criteria – was already initiated. Spectacular and dynamic, it was based around a 50-metre-long performance area in the shape of a rose in the centre of the hall with audience seated 180 degrees in the round. Upstage of the ‘stage’ end was a large LED screen backdrop which split into four sections and tracked into different configurations.

Painting with Light Beauty and the Beast Ghent DSC_8118 copy

Photos: Luk Monsaert

The show, production managed by Bart de Coensel, also featured multiple flying props and scenery pieces which came in and out throughout, including large objects like show portals to books from the library and trees from the forest scenes, church windows and a host of others.

Luc, working with associate lighting designer Carlo Zaenen, created a series of ideas about lighting the show, while Jos Claesen produced the video content which had to be approved by the executive producers at Disney.

A mother grid was installed in Hall 8 and a series of lighting trusses flown from this above the stage and auditorium, ensuring optimum lighting positions all over the space including down the sides of the room.

Luc dotted moving lights all over the trusses. Eighty Martin MAC Viper Performances were the profiles, Clay Paky Sharpy Washes for washing and effects, together with 126 x URC Zoom 210 LED washes, a proprietary product stocked by lighting and audio contractor Phlippo Showlights.

These fixtures were used for many different purposes, from specials and key lighting to drama and effects to base washes and highlighting the stage and eye-catching set in this colourful and vibrant show.

Painting with Light Beauty and the Beast Ghent DSC_9667

Photos: Luk Monsaert

The URC Zoom 2010s were divided between overhead and floor / stage positions and were instrumental in lighting the myriad of moving scenery objects and props as they flew in and out.

Luc chose all three types of fixtures because of their ‘multi-purpose’ performance and ability to cover all bases. Time was tight, 15 days from the WYSIWYG Studio to the first show with a massive amount of multi-layer cues in the console, so it was also expedient to concentrate on three main types of lights for rapid and efficient programming.

In 2016, Painting with Light invested in CAST’s powerful award winning BlackTrax system and became Belgium’s only certified ‘BlackTrax Expert’. This production was the first full scale show on which it was used, proving highly effective for controlling lights that tracked main cast members as they moved around the set.

The system was linked to a number of Viper Profiles and Sharpy Washes plus other lights at the front, on the back trusses and all along the side trusses.

For this show and venue where multiple follow spots would have been required that would have been difficult to rig, this proved an ideal solution saving time and budget, although time also had to be allocated in other areas. “Using BlackTrax, it was incredibly easy to bring the focus to exactly where it was needed … and very quickly,” stated Luc.

Painting with Light Beauty and the Beast Ghent DSC_9628

Photos: Luk Monsaert

To make it all happen, Luc’s crew collaborated closely with the Wigs & Costumes department. Every actor being tracked by the system needed to wear an extra beltpack and have three 5.5mm balls integrated into their clothes which were also visible to the BlackTrax cameras, a delicate and intricate task involving 24 costumes which were designed by Cocky van Huijkeelom.

The 12 x BlackTrax cameras were rigged on the two long side trusses, six per side, where they had a complete view of the performance area.

Their feeds were routed to the BlackTrax server which contained a 3D model of the stage, running a custom version of WYSIWYG which talked to the selected lights through a Luminex network. Different fixture parameters can be selected for control and different zones can be established referring to different lights or groups of lights.

For this scenario it was a perfect solution, and for Painting with Light, this is just the start for a system which has “massive potential” across their varied and diverse projects.

The rose set piece was completely outlined with 10 cm wide LEDs which were pixel mapped using one of Painting with Light’s Coolux Pandora’s Box media servers and controlled via the grandMA2 full size lighting console running over ArtNet. This consumed 24 DMX universes alone, but produced multiple cool video-source visual effects.

Another quad-output Pandora’s Box fed video to the main screen upstage – which split into the four sections – plus two static ‘wing’ LED screens flanking the stage, also triggered from the same grandMA2 running the lights. The hardworking console was supplied with a fully redundant backup, and the final showfile even triggered some of the automation cues – controlling DMX winches from WIcreations who were co-ordinating the production’s automation – flying some of the props in and out.

The large staircase and set portals also had LED practicals embedded which were run from the console.

Painting with Light Beauty and the Beast Ghent DSC_7986copy

Photos: Luk Monsaert

In addition to these, Painting with Light devised and supplied several LED specials, including the 12 pairs of blinking red LED ‘wolf’s eyes’ for the forest scene which sent shivers up a few spines!

LED candle flames worn by actors were wirelessly controlled and integrated into the lighting control system for the lavish, mouth-watering ‘Be Our Guest’ scene, and the illuminated plates on the backs of chorus members in that scene were also manufactured as a bespoke effect for the show by Painting with Light.

A strong Painting with Light creative team working alongside Luc and Carlo included programmer Niels Huybrechts and video programmer Francois Vandermeer.

They enjoyed superlative support from BlackTrax in Canada in the form of engineer William McDaniel who was on site for the setup and technical periods, and some great overall teamwork and synergy ensured the production of a truly world class show.

“It was a great honour to work on a Disney classic like this, and a big challenge to guarantee it had all the requisite sparkle and magic that brings the storytelling alive in that uniquely Disneyesque way. It is exacting to light a set with such a large proportion of the performance space in-the-round and pitch the atmosphere just right and this task energised some excellent camaraderie and harmony between all the disciplines – lighting, video, audio, automation, the directors and producers! It was an amazing achievement of which we can all be proud,” wraps up Luc with a big smile.

ISE 2017: A catalyst for growth and innovation

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Over four days Integrated Systems Europe exhibition drew the world’s pro AV community to Amsterdam.

By the time the show closed its doors last Friday, Integrated Systems Europe had proven unequivocally why it is the international destination of choice for AV and systems integration professionals.

ISE 2017 saw 1,192 of the world’s leading AV equipment vendors and service suppliers showcase the latest  technology for the digital signage, unified communications, audio, smart building, residential and education sectors.

On the show floor the atmosphere was decidedly upbeat. Exhibitors, including 202 making their ISE debuts, were seen increasingly to present their products and solutions in ‘real world’ scenarios, designed to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of end users visiting the show.

Registered visitor attendees to ISE 2017 were at an all-time high at 73,413. This represents an 11.7% increase over the 2016 edition. Attendees came from 150 different countries, reflecting the show’s global reach and influence, while almost 600 registered attendees were from the press and media.

Integrated Systems Events Managing Director Mike Blackman commented on the event’s continued success: “We listen to the industry and we listen to our exhibitors. We invest in the show and, importantly, we have the people in place to produce the type of exhibition that they tell us they need. It’s a real collaborative effort and I’d like to thank everyone that’s been involved.”

The exhibition began and ended with two inspirational keynote addresses. These came from award winning architect Ole Scheeren and Cirque du Soleil President and CEO Daniel Lamarre. Both speakers respectively explored how creative thinking and innovative technological development is needed to drive forward architectural design and live event production.

Across 14 halls in the RAI Amsterdam, ISE 2017 delivered four days of product launches, press briefings, awards, conferences, seminars and networking opportunities. ISE co-owners CEDIA and InfoComm International produced two packed education programmes for the residential and commercial installation market sectors.

“ISE2017 has been the biggest and best year yet for CEDIA. We expanded our education offering and doubled bookings to more than 800,” said Vin Bruno, CEDIA CEO. “ISE 2017 also gave us a great opportunity to connect with so many of our members from around the globe. Our booth was continuously busy especially during the CEDIA Talks. The show was a huge success and we can’t wait for next year.”

Numerous exhibitors used the show to launch hundreds of new products and services and many also took the opportunity to present their exhibition stands in the most innovative and dramatic manner possible. The results were both eye-catching and inspirational.

“It was a fantastic ISE 2017 for InfoComm, but more importantly, it was an industry-affirming show for the AV industry as a whole,” said David Labuskes, CTS, CAE, RCDD, Executive Director and CEO of InfoComm International. “As ISE and all our InfoComm shows worldwide demonstrate, this is a vibrant, growing, global community. We’re committed to being a catalyst for market growth, and this week has shown we’re on the right track.”

ISE 2018 will take place at the RAI Amsterdam from 6th – 9th February. It will feature one more additional hall to accommodate new business.

GREEN FUTURE: FUTURE Designs is a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

February 15th, 2017 | Latest News | 0 Comments

FUTURE Designs has been approved by the Carbon Trust, the organisation responsible for promoting the adoption of low-carbon technologies across industry and commerce, as an accredited supplier of energy efficient lighting.

To become a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier, FUTURE Designs was independently assessed by the Carbon Trust to ensure that they met or exceeded criteria designed to examine their capability and proven track record of delivering thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. This robust assessment process takes into consideration a number of case studies as well as feedback from client references regarding the suppliers’ performance.

FUTURE Designs has been responsibly designing and developing its LED solutions for commercial properties for over 5 years, and is responsible for a number of high profile lighting schemes for large blue chip organisations and have been instrumental in reducing energy consumption by up to 70%.

FUTURE Designs can be found on the official Green Business Fund Directory

Recolight compliance scheme member satisfaction is high

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A recent satisfaction survey of 31 Recolight WEEE Compliance Scheme Producer Members showed particularly high levels of satisfaction.

The key findings of the report, which was prepared by an independent survey company, include:
• 86% said they have recommended or would recommend Recolight to others – up from 68% in 2013.
• 97% agreed that Recolight staff are responsive when asked questions.
• 90% said Recolight has met their expectations.
• 87% said Recolight keeps them up to date with the WEEE regulations

Commenting on the news, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said; ”These results are fantastic – and a real testament to the hard work and dedication of the Recolight team. That said, we won’t be resting on our laurels. We will always strive to do that little bit more, and go the extra mile to help out our Members.” Some of the quotes from members included:
“Membership provides reassurance for customers”
“Assistance and communication is great, with useful reminders”
“Recolight takes the responsibility away from the company”
“Membership makes the company look more professional”

Adrian Willis, Recolight Membership Manager added “We see new producer members joining our scheme because we have no hidden prices, with our simple per unit charging, our members know what their charges will be each year. It is good to learn that the wealth of staff knowledge about the WEEE regulations gives our members confidence that we are working for them and offering professional advice. Offering a free recycling service gives our members a competitive advantage.”

News from Showlight 2017 – More speakers confirmed for Showlight 2017

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Showlight 2017, Florence, Italy, 20th – 23rd May 2017

Showlight is delighted to announce more illustrious speakers from across our industry who are willing to lend their time and expertise to this unique quadrennial in Florence. The following designers are now on target to entertain us in May:

Andreas Huber
Andreas, who works for Osram, says that in our industry there is already a lot curiosity but, at the same time, some confusion when we mention the word ‘laser’. On the contrary this kind of light source has a huge potential and there are already several projects running regarding new fixtures that employ this light-source.

Durham Marenghi
Durham will focus on the remarkable story of the Closing Ceremony for the Rio Olympics, rather than the oft-covered Opening Ceremony, and the challenges presented by a budget much smaller than London 2012, a limited number of rigging positions, and no chance of a rehearsal.

Frieder Weiss
Frieder is an outstanding projection artist who works with interactive contents. He will speak on the pixel mapping effects for a show he directed on a large cruise ship stage, all of which was based on infrared tracking of the performers.

Isabel Nielen
Isabel will tell of lighting a concert in a Dutch valley using lasers to outline objects on the far side.

James Simpson
James tells of his work at the Royal Opera House in harnessing Virtual Reality to aid the design process, to help plan and create better productions.

Karl Taylor
Karl will give a brief overview of the work and time taken in delivering some of the more unusual items that create the magic of theatre, from hand lamps to wands and spinning tops to flying 5Kw HMIs. Following the journey from interpreting a concept to engineering a solution, Karl will use anecdotes and examples to help demystify the process of getting ideas made.

Paul Russell
Paul will regale us with his use of candles at the Globe Theatre and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, also in Farinelli in the West End.

Phil Meheux
DoP, former President of BSC and recipient of highest ASC Honour, Phil has lit Casino Royale, Goldeneye, The Long Good Friday, The Mask of Zorro, Smurfs 1 & 2, and successfully worked through the step from film to digital.

Follow Showlight on Facebook (@showlightevent) and Twitter (@showlight2017) and check out their website ( for latest news and additions.

Lighting Industry Association Trainers recognised by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

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The Lighting Industry Association’s (LIA) QA and Training Development Manager, Paul Sargent, and Andy Guest, LIA’s Membership Services Manager have both been recognised as qualified in Certificate Programme & Training Practices by The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL).

ITOL is the UK’s elite professional body for trainers, learning and development professionals and has become recognised as the premier organisation for everyone involved in the world of training and development.

This qualification builds on Andy and Paul’s vast industry and technical knowledge. Safeguarding their continued professional ‘training experience’ for the Lighting Industry Academy (Academy), but also respond to the changing world of training and development needs within the lighting community.

Andy and Paul present the Academy’s course on BS EN 60598-1 Edition 8. Explaining what the standard requirements are, how to apply them and not forgetting the new LED luminaire requirements.

They also take a comprehensive look at the changes from Edition 7 and how these changes will affect luminaire manufacturers. With the withdrawal of Edition 7 in October this year it is imperative that the industry are informed and prepared.

To find out more visit the Academy at



Pictured L-R Paul Sargent LIAQA and Training Development Manager, Andy Guest, LIAs Membership Services Manager with Julie Humpreys, LIA Commercial Manager

Read the February 2017 issue of A1 Lighting Magazine – Out now!

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Click here to view the February 2017 issue of A1 Lighting Magazine.


Features include:A1_L_FEB_001

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  • Eyes On…Plessey
  • Projects from across the UK and further afield
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