Acrospire collaborate with Centregreat and Newport City Council to upgrade the iconic town bridge lighting to LED, delivering 61% energy savings while preserving its historic charm.

Newport Bridge (colloquially called Town Bridge), opened in 1927 across the River Usk in Newport, connects the High Street and Clarence Place with Newport Castle and Newport city centre.

On March 5, 1913, Houdini defied police and jumped manacled from the Bridge, captivating onlookers. The current bridge, built 1927, followed plans initiated in 1911 to replace the earlier 1800s structure, representing a significant milestone in Newport’s infrastructure development.

In line with environmental goals and cost-saving measures, in 2021 Newport City Council embarked on a city-wide initiative to transition to energy-efficient LED lighting.

As part of this initiative, they recently looked to upgrade its heritage lanterns in key locations across the city centre, with the Town Bridge being among the first sites selected for renovation. Collaborating with Centregreat, the council’s electrical engineering team, Acrospire was tasked with upgrading the bridge’s lighting to LED while preserving its historic charm.

Acrospire recommended a combination of its 31W Muirfield and 75W Hexham luminaires to replace the existing SON lanterns along the bridge.

The Muirfield, a signature heritage post-top lantern, and the Hexham, inspired by Victorian gas lanterns, were chosen for their authentic design and energy efficiency. Using the 12 existing ornate columns and arrangement (2 Muirfield and 1 Hexham), with a 3000K colour temperature, the new lighting solution pays homage to the warm glow of traditional gas lamps while delivering modern performance.

Mike Marshall, Contracts Manager Centregreat, commented, “Council budgets are very tightly stretch with Newport City Council predicting a deficient in the coming years energy bills. We chose to work with Acrospire as they represent the most cost-efficient options for our heritage lighting project, keeping energy and investment costs low.”

The project resulted in significant 61% energy savings for the council, marking a successful step towards achieving their environmental targets.

Through collaboration and innovation, the revitalisation of Newport Town Bridge’s lighting not only preserves its historic significance but also sets an example of sustainable urban development for future generations. Acrospire’s expertise in heritage lighting solutions has contributed to the enhancement of Newport’s landmark.

Mike adds, “With their exceptional efficiency, service, good value and authentic design Acrospire is an easy option for any heritage lighting project. Backed with their 12-year warranty we are always reassured by our choice.”

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