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Access self-contained emergency downlights

Access units are fully self-contained emergency lighting downlights from Emergency Lighting Products Limited. The well-established circular surface or recessed Access ‘pod’ offers an attractive and efficient method of providing emergency lighting in escape routes (using the ‘Corridor’ lens) and open areas (using the ‘Wide’ distribution lens).

Using the same DALI/Self-Test driver circuit and long-life Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, the square AccessIP surface ‘pod’ provides a discreet IP65 rated solution for areas with harsh environments. 

Both versions are available with White or Black bodies and can be specified with Corridor, Wide angle or ‘HL’ High Level lenses.


ELP launches Maestro slim high brightness LED exit signs

New from Emergency Lighting Products Ltd. is the Maestro range of slim self-contained emergency lighting LED exit signs. These new LED exit signs offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional exit boxes with the benefit of having the same ‘footprint’ therefore covering any old décor when replacing old signs.

The high brightness white LED technology allows the design to be compact, while still evenly illuminating the exit legend and providing a ‘downlight’ section

The Maestro LED exit sign utilises easy to change safety legends the same BSI Kitemarked internal gear as many of the other LED luminaires in the ELP range.


Coming soon – Manta single/double sided IP65 LED exit signs

Emergency Lighting Products Ltd. is preparing to launch the Manta range of IP65 rated self-contained emergency lighting exit signs. These new LED exit signs are supplied for immediate installation in single sided or double sided format with options of wall, ‘flag-post’ or ceiling mounting. Each sign is supplied with all standard ISO and signs directive style legends to be selected and easily fitted during installation. Although aimed at areas with harsh environments, the Manta exit sign is attractive and available with self-test integral emergency gear or optional DALI operation – both utilising the latest LiFePO4 battery technology.


The SurePath DALI test system goes wireless

The SurePath DALI test panel from Emergency Lighting Products Limited has proven to be an easy to use, yet very detailed method of monitoring emergency lighting installations. Now to make it suitable for even more projects, ELP have developed a wireless version using the power of Bluetooth Low Energy mesh technology.

The attractive panel can be mounted discreetly in any working area and via two BLE mesh networks, communicates wirelessly with up to 128 devices. For larger projects, up to fifty SurePath panels can be networked using the SureLink networking software. Commissioning is made simple using the ELP SurePath Android App.

In all other ways the SurePathBLE panels remain true to the original design. The panel uses standard DALI protocols to monitor each DALI emergency lighting luminaire via a Bluetooth/DALI Gateway module. While all is well, the screen will simply show a green tick. However, if a fault occurs or an emergency luminaire fails a scheduled automatic test, the screen will change to an exclamation mark (and if selected) a warning buzzer will sound.

The SurePath system can automatically notify maintenance engineers of any fault and ‘drill down’ menus will provide full details of exactly what and where the failures are.


Nautilus 2 –  slim, attractive and efficient

The Nautilus 2 high quality circular luminaires provide almost 2500 luminaire Lumens at just 30Watts. The sleek 360mm diameter polycarbonate housing utilises a simple ‘first-fit’ ring and the sealed light source area minimises dirt ingress therefore maintaining the excellent lumen output. Available with mains or maintained emergency operation the luminaires are also available with a built-in micro-wave presence detector. 

Nautilus 2 luminaires offer simple wall or ceiling mounted installation, providing attractive and effective lighting with emergency lighting options including DALI/Self-Test features. 

The perfect choice for reception areas, corridors, stairwells, public areas, etc. (anywhere requiring attractive mains and emergency lighting).



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