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Applelec LED Light Sheet

A UK manufactured light panel, Applelec LED Light Sheet is created to bespoke specification, and has been chosen to bring illumination to luxury. A versatile solution, Applelec LED Light Sheet has been specified for a wide scope of projects, and integrated into hospitality, retail and office space designs. Removing creative restrictions, the made-to-measure aspect of Applelec LED Light Sheet helps push design boundaries, enabling unique and inspired light art installations to be achieved. Slim in its construction, Applelec LED Light Sheet fits neatly behind surface material, bringing colour and detailing to life for visually striking lighting designs. Available from small panels, to sizes up to 3000x1500mm, the superior engineering of Applelec LED Light Sheet, combined with high performing LEDs delivers a highly luminous and extremely reliable backlighting unit.


SloanLED LED solutions from Applelec Lighting

We are proud to be the exclusive UK supplier of SloanLED and to pass these benefits on to our clients by providing premium LED modules and solutions that enable stunning and unique lighting design schemes to be achieved. SloanLED is renowned for their high performing, powerful LED solutions that pack a punch. Delivering superior engineering, the modules and solutions feature ground-breaking technology that maximises light output, producing brighter and more efficient illumination. A versatile backlighting range, the LED modules and solutions are ideal for a wide variety of applications and their lightweight construction enables challenging light installations to be created. ​SloanLED modules and systems carry an impressive 10 year warranty, guaranteeing both quality and longevity of installation.


Auragami from Applelec Lighting

A highly flexible LED light panel, Auragami from Applelec Lighting provides seamless illumination for designs where light is required to wrap around columns, pillars as well as shaped over 90° angles for edges and corners. Featuring extremely powerful LEDs, the flexible light panel delivers luminous backlighting for particularly dense surface material to help elevate the appearance, detailing and colouring to decorative stone such as onyx and Corian. Auragami from Applelec Lighting has been created to provide ease of installation with a convenient ‘plug and play’ connection, along with the facility to easily cut and tailor Auragami on site to help work around awkward fixings and challenging locations.


Applelec FlexLogic

A highly flexible lighting solution, Applelec FlexLogic can be integrated to create stunning illuminated border features as well as wrapped around columns and shaped over different contours for elegant and unique lighting designs. Housing powerful LEDs, the architectural lighting solution is ideal for both internal and external applications. Featuring an array of impressive ratings with profiles including IP68, IK08, along with being fire and salt water resistant, Applelec FlexLogic is perfect for bringing light to a vast scope of projects, widening installation possibilities. Applelec FlexLogic is available in a variety of LED options, from cool to warm white colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K, along with RGB LEDs to suit individual project requirements and create striking lighting designs.


Applelec Asta Linear

A series of sleek, LED profiles, Applelec Asta Linear is constructed in extruded aluminium to deliver a streamline, lightweight lighting solution. The LED system is ideal for creating linear lighting schemes or to push design boundaries with unique lighting designs. Applelec Asta Linear is available in specified lengths and profile widths, including the slick 5mm profile option AL.0709, for elegant lighting design schemes. Offering stylish product design with bespoke construction options, the Asta Linear range is both versatile and accessible. Containing powerful LEDs, Applelec Asta Linear profiles can be created with identical LEDs to those embedded within Applelec LED Light Sheet for achieving coordinated interior schemes.


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