At a press and stakeholder association event Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey applauded the huge steps taken by the lighting industry in adopting a circular economy.

“Over the last three years, we have seen a step change in action on the circular economy in the lighting industry. And Recolight has been delighted to be a contributor to that transformation.”

“Many more lighting industry companies are now active in the circular economy.  Our recent Lighting Remanufacture conference had over 70 attendees. A significant number of producers are now actively in remanufacture and upgrade of existing lighting – rather than just the supply of new lighting. That is a huge change.  The needle is moving in the right direction.”

“At Recolight, we’ve been proud to be a part of this revolution.  Over the last three years, our circular economy webinars have been joined by 3500 attendees, with a further 4450 listening in afterwards. We have been delighted that over 50 of the lighting industry’s most influential sustainability leaders have presented on the webinars.”

“And in September last year, Circular Lighting Live, the UK’s first conference and exhibition on sustainability in lighting was a sell-out success.  We were so delighted with the feedback we have received, that the event will be some 30 percent bigger in September 2023. What was most heartening was the number of attendees who said that the event had spurred them into action.”

“We’ve also been thrilled by the take up of our workshops on lighting product design for the circular economy, joined by around 100 attendees from a wide range of lighting manufacturers. For 2023, new workshops looking at the practical guidance on how to validate sustainability of lighting products.”

Commenting on growth opportunities for Recolight, Harvey said “We have sought to encourage and drive action on the circular economy in the lighting industry, because it is the right thing to do. It is part of our response to the climate crisis. But we are thrilled that it has also contributed to the attractiveness of Recolight as a compliance scheme – we have a record number of companies are considering joining Recolight at the end of 2023.”

Harvey concluded by saying “The changes we are now seeing have only been possible because of the effective partnership approach that has built up across the industry. Recolight are proud members and contributors to the LIA, the ILP, and the SLL, and we are delighted to work collaboratively with our friends and partners in the press.”


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