In a ground-breaking move, LITE Group proudly announces a transformative partnership with Nordic Power Converters, ushering in a new era of innovation in architectural lighting.

As NPC–UK seamlessly integrates into the LITE Group under the guidance of seasoned industry professional Paul Barnes, the collaboration sets the stage for a shift in the way we perceive and experience lighting. This new alliance is not merely a convergence of entities; it represents the fusion of Nordic’s renowned engineering precision with LITE Architectural’s creative vision.

The grand reveal of this dynamic collaboration unfolded at the recent LiGHT 23 exhibition – LiGHT Expo London. Attendees were not only treated to an exclusive preview of LITE Architectural’s extensive suite of solutions but also witnessed the inception of the new LITE group division. The partnership promises to open up new dimensions in lighting aesthetics and functionality.

Central to this collaboration is Nordic Power Converters’ InviTrack Solutions – a track light system that redefines how we interact with light. This innovative track system seamlessly blends with established mainstream lighting track. The result is a harmonious integration of technology and aesthetics, enabling a true no-compromise design, allowing designers and lighting manufacturers to create immersive and dynamic lighting experiences.

Paul Barnes – Managing Director of NPC-UK, steering this exciting venture, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in architectural lighting. With InviTrack, we are not just illuminating spaces; we are shaping how people experience light, setting new benchmarks in the industry.”

With a shared commitment to pushing boundaries, the new NPC-UK division to the LITE Group aspires to lead the industry into a new era of innovation with new and exciting product releases on the way.

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