As London’s skyline evolves, 2 More London is a space where innovation meets inspiration, powered by TRILUX lighting excellence.

In the bustling heart of London’s South Bank, amidst the iconic skyline between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, lies 2 More London—a contemporary hub for office space. Recently revitalised, the third floor of this landmark underwent a CAT A fit-out, setting new workplace design and sustainability standards. TRILUX, renowned for its technical lighting expertise, played a pivotal role in illuminating this prestigious project.

As a hub for business and creativity, 2 More London demanded a lighting solution that not only met the highest efficiency standards but also didn’t disappoint aesthetically. Led by the consultancy Chapman BDSP, the project aimed to create a workspace that attracts the highest-quality tenants, showcasing the architectural aesthetic against the stunning London backdrop.

Here, we have 14,362 sq ft of office space encased in floor-to-ceiling glazing; the project called for a high-quality lighting solution with minimal glare while maintaining consistency and energy efficiency. TRILUX rose to the challenge, working closely with Paul Earl Limited to implement their cutting-edge lighting products.

TRILUX’s commitment to innovation and sustainability shone through in the selection of products. The Inperla Ligra Plus LED downlight, renowned for its easy-mounting and flexible design, was seamlessly integrated into existing ceiling cutouts. Sonnos LED downlights, provided exceptional quality light —a perfect fit for refurbishment requirements.

Notably, over 500 metres of bespoke LED light channel was the star of the show in the office space. This solution illuminated the vast expanse of office space, delivering both functionality and style.

The luminaires are highly recyclable, and the LED light channel can be reconfigured for specific tenants’ requirements and can be fully refurbished and reused in the future, reducing the carbon impact.

Luke Facer, Electrical Project Manager at Paul Earl Limited, said, “Working on the Cat A at 2 More London was really exciting in such a sought-after location with outstanding views of the City and Tower Bridge from the 3rd floor; working with TRILUX was a pleasure, with exceptional communication from Vick and Gary, who were always on the phone to answer any queries or send any information that was requested by myself. The TRILUX light fittings themselves were of A1 quality and easy to assemble on-site with a sleek finish that really set off the hanging rafts that they were installed into.”

In a market where Grade A spaces redefine workplace standards, 2 More London strives for more: More freedom. More flexibility. More capability. More creativity. TRILUX’s lighting design and technology expertise played a vital role in shaping the future of the workspace – a fusion of efficiency, creativity, and sustainability.

Project credits:

Main Contractor: Parkeray.

Consultant: Chapman BDSP.

Electrical contractor: Paul Earl Limited.

Lighting: TRILUX.

Images: Richard Murgatroyd Photography.


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