British lighting manufacturer Acrospire is proud to announce the launch of its ground-breaking ‘Solar HonestyTM‘ initiative. An initiative that aims to educate specifiers on the broader considerations surrounding solar lighting solutions, empowering informed decisions that align with environmental and budgetary goals.

While solar lighting offers a ‘greener’ alternative to fossil fuels, Acrospire recognises its implementation is only successful in specific scenarios. Tim Barker, Managing Director of Acrospire, emphasises the importance of approaching solar lighting with a critical perspective. “With this initiative, we want to educate, not put off specifiers,” he explains. “We encourage them to ask questions and challenge simplistic narratives surrounding solar lighting.”

“Achieving true sustainability in solar lighting requires ‘solar honesty’, or a critical perspective that considers the lighting solution’s entire lifecycle.”

Specifiers must consider the four core pillars of ‘Solar Honesty’: Battery Type, Photovoltaic Panel Type, Recyclability and Lighting Performance Requirements (levels and hours of operation) to understand the differences between solar and mains. This is where the Manufacturers’ approach comes into play.

Tim explains, “We work with each client on a project-by-project basis and advise when or even if solar is suitable for their project. Solar will never make sense if a strap-cashed local authority has already invested in mains-powered luminaires and the supporting infrastructure. The upfront investment costs for solar are always going to be higher, as responsible manufacturer it is our duty to help specifiers on their journey to solar, even if that stops after the initial inquiry.”

Acrospire’s commitment to ‘Solar Honesty’ extends beyond rhetoric. The company has been at the forefront of solar-powered street lighting installations in the UK for the last 6 years, delivering clean and energy-efficient solutions to local authorities, housing developers, and facilities managers. By leveraging the latest innovative solar technology, Acrospire have not only saved on installation costs but has also significantly reduced carbon emissions and promoted sustainable practices.

However, the journey to true sustainability continues after installation. Acrospire is dedicated to responsible waste management, actively encouraging the recycling of solar batteries and panels used in its projects. Acrospire aims to minimise environmental impact through partnerships with specialised recycling facilities while recovering valuable resources. Plans are underway to introduce a return-to-base recycling service, mirroring the success of their battery take-back scheme.

Its important specifiers know what they are buying, and they should be able to discuss all these topics with their chosen manufacturer to ensure their solar investment lives up to the claims.

For more information on Acrospire’s ‘Solar Honesty’ initiative and recycling programs, please visit


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