Robe Lighting s.r.o. has acquired LSC Control Systems PTY in Australia, a move that sees the Czech Republic lighting manufacturer further consolidate its portfolio of leading lighting and control brands.

Having LSC’s power distribution (PD) systems as a core element of the ‘Robe Business’ Team made perfect sense following the purchase of console manufacturer Avolites in September last year, explained Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar.

“We’re delighted that this opportunity arose – it is hugely exciting, and we look forward to a long and positive collaboration. It will allow us to offer the best complete lighting and control turnkey solutions to our customers and their clients and projects across all sectors.”

As well as diversification, it also gives Robe a manufacturing base in Australia in addition to its facilities in central Europe and the UK.

LSC’s founder and managing director Gary Pritchard is equally enthused, “LSC will gainaccess to greater investment and resources, and working through Robe’s renowned worldwide distribution network we can reach more global and diverse markets in turn stimulating greater opportunities for creativity, expertise, business and action for all of our team!”

LSC’s operation, which started over 40 years ago in Melbourne and has grown into a trusted and respected specialist brand well-known for inventive technology, will continue functioning exactly as it is now.

Gary sees the move as an affirmation of the company’s value. “An organisation of Robe’s stature wanting LSC onboard is a sign of confidence that also tells the world that LSC will continue doing what we do best… both now and well into the future!” The plan underlines Robe’s commitment to being an industry leader in all areas of lighting technology, further empowering the imagination and choice of lighting professionals and offering an exceptional set of tools to assist in the production of shows, events, and memorable performance experiences for all to enjoy.

L-R Robe’s Josef Valchar with LSC’s Gary Pritchard.


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