PROLIGHTS fixtures illuminated the iconic Fatih Kiosk located within the Topkapi Palace complex in Turkey. The Türkiye National Palaces Directorate requested a new lighting system to enhance the visitor experience and showcase the priceless treasures found within the palace, immersing visitors in the rich history and opulence of the Ottoman Empire. Fatih Kiosk, famous for its architectural splendour, has great historical significance inside the palace.

The overall design of the project was meticulously crafted by Boris Micka (BMA) with whom Ada Bonadei (Studio VanCram) usually collaborates as a light designer. The lighting design follows the general directives of the exhibition project, which, apart from displaying the incredible Topkapi Treasure, wants to encourage the contemplation of the singular architectural volumes in a space which, due to its shape and characteristics, has difficult general points of view. The display windows, covered with gilded mirrors, are transformed into kaleidoscopes that allow the vision of a thousand otherwise imperceptible architectural details.

Modern Electronic A.S., PROLIGHTS distributor in Turkey, supplied the material for the architectural lighting assisting the project with availability and rigour during the sampling, lighting tests and supply of the material.

The Fresnel lights were strategically positioned to create atmospheric architectural lighting in the four rooms. Careful consideration was given to their placement to ensure they wouldn’t be visible to the public while minimising interference from reflections or glare caused by the glass cases covered in mirrors.

The 12 Pin Spots have been hidden inside a majestic 12-light chandelier located in the 4th room, where all the exhibited objects that have some relation to religious themes are brought together.

The design of this chandelier is inspired by the traditional “chandeliers” found in mosques, in which a circular structure supported the traditional cruets which were originally filled every day with perfumed oil to burn.

The chandelier was designed to completely hide the Pin Spots inside, leaving only the light emitted visible.


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