The University of Chester have installed Luceco’s flagship backlit LED solutions in their brand-new student accommodation, Sumner House. The university originated as the first purpose-built teacher training college in the UK and continues to expand with extensive student demand and sites across Chester, Warrington, Shrewsbury and Birkenhead. The 2023 refurbishment of the former hotel in Chester city centre has brought high quality, modern design to the University’s brand new full-board and self-catered student accommodation.

Luceco were delighted to design and supply Contour Suspended lighting in varied sizes in mulitcolour and black, creating a stylish and striking lighting solution for the communal seating area at Sumner House. Creatively installed in intervals between sculptural wooden slats, with further colourful lights artistically suspended to create a focal point, Sumner House shows the versatility of Luceco LED lighting solutions and the myriad of creative possibilities for installation.

Contour Suspended lighting is a very versatile option, emitting continuous gentle, balanced, and low-glare lighting, making it ideal for both commercial and domestic settings, and perfect for communal areas. Providing downward illumination with up to 107 Llm/cW, Contour Suspended lighting is accompanied with full range of connectors to match any space. Whilst Contour Suspended lighting is readily available in black and white finishes, Luceco work with clients to supply colourful sprayed options to best suit your requirements.

This lighting solution was paired with LuxPanel Extra 600 x 600 in other areas, soft glowing panels that gently illuminate the space whilst offering an ideal level of light for working. Offering increased performance in terms of lumen per watt and balanced light distribution, the backlit LED module boasts high efficiency optical design, offering efficacy up to 145 Llm/cW.  With TPa rated diffusers, long life drivers and IP65 protected options, LuxPanel extra is a natural choice for public spaces.

Luceco Group have a long-standing relationship with Chester University, supplying luminaires to the University of Chester Engineering Building and tailoring lighting solutions for major buildings on their Parkgate Road Campus.

Andy Whalley from Luceco Plc, said, “We were delighted to design and supply the lighting solutions for Sumner House, optimizing efficiency while creatively enhancing aesthetics, thus further strengthening our long-standing relationship with the University of Chester. Developing strong working partnerships is integral to our strategic objectives of Growth, Innovation, and Sustainability.”

Nick Dudley from the University of Chester, said, “We are thoroughly impressed with the project outcome and the exceptional quality of Luceco products. Luceco worked closely with us to tailor lighting solutions that create the perfect environment for our students. Many millions of pounds are continually invested in the accommodation and resources to enhance the student experience and there is a strong focus on making students feel supported and at home.”


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