Herbolario Navarro, one of Spain’s largest retail chains for organic products, has taken a significant step towards sustainability – with TRILUX as its lighting partner. The retail giant installed E-LINE NEXT LED in over 50 stores nationwide. The continuous lighting system sets energy efficiency standards and significantly reduces carbon footprint. Its excellent light quality ensures perfectly illuminated goods and a high-quality ambience while being environmentally friendly.

With over 250 years of history and a nationwide presence, Herbolario Navarro is considered a pioneer for ecological and healthy products in Spain. In 2023, the company significantly strengthened its commitment to sustainability by investing in modern LED lighting, switching to 100 percent green energy, and installing solar panels in its logistics centres. In addition, the organic chain works with the “Too Good To Go” app to combat food waste and has saved over 60,000 products to date.

Herbolario Navarro chose TRILUX’s E-Line Next LED track system with integrated emergency lighting for excellent, highly efficient light and improved product presentation. The continuous-row lighting system is characterised by its straightforward and safe installation. Overall, the lighting intensity in the aisles and, therefore, the visibility of the products has been increased. B.VEO TRACK spotlights are also used in the bakery and fruit and vegetable departments. They beautifully illuminate the products thanks to their high natural colour rendering. Simultaneously, the spotlights blend into the shop design as part of the E-Line Next LED system. Another plus is the flexibility of the continuous-row lighting system, which enables Herbolario Navarro to adapt the lighting quickly and efficiently to changing market trends.

The collaboration between Herbolario Navarro and TRILUX has improved the shopping experience and delivered significant benefits. The higher quality of light and more attractive product presentation have increased customer satisfaction, while the lighting’s energy efficiency has reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions. This project is a testament to both companies’ high standards of quality and sustainability and a promising step towards further cementing Herbolario Navarro’s position as the market leader in the field of ecological products in Spain.

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