Dextra Group are delighted to announce that their state-of-the-art, in-house testing and development laboratory has achieved full accreditation status according to the Lighting Industry Association’s Goniophotometer and Integrating Sphere Certification Scheme. As a result of this process, the Dextra facility is now entitled to be known as a “Registered Laboratory.”

Registration in the LIA Gonio and Sphere Scheme means that the laboratory demonstrated to the LIA’s team of ISO9001/17025 qualified auditors the accuracy, calibration and traceability of our measurement equipment, the technical competence of our employees, the consistency and reliability of our testing procedures, and the lab’s commitment to ongoing improvement.

Achieving full certification means that Dextra Group’s laboratory meets the requirements of the official document ‘TSD-003 LIA Laboratory Registered Photometric Laboratories’ and becomes part of an elite group of only nine companies to be granted this level of recognition for its luminaire testing facilities.

The registration to this scheme proves to the end users of our products that the stated performance results on our data sheets correspond to actual measured reality and have the official stamp of an impartial, third party industry body to prove it.

Dr Gareth John, Dextra Group Laboratory Manager, commented: “My job here is to ensure that the integrity of our test and measurement results is respected above all else, so I am very pleased that what we do has the endorsement of a respected organisation. This certification is the result of weeks of hard work by myself and team here at the Dextra lab.”


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