Victory Monument is a symbol of Thailand’s triumph in the Franco-Thai War. It has graced Bangkok’s skyline since its establishment in 1941. The iconic monument stands within a busy traffic roundabout, serving as a central point for both motorists and pedestrians. The roundabout serves an estimated 150,000 motorists a day.

Over the years, the lighting at the roundabout had become problematic. The existing High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights were insufficient in terms of brightness and prone to frequent breakdowns due to the fact that they were over 30 years old. This resulted in light pollution affecting the surrounding buildings and dimming the monument’s nocturnal presence.

A project was launched to upgrade the lighting at the roundabout to energy-efficient LED lighting. The new lighting had to provide an average brightness of at least 34 lux and uniformity of at least 0.33, to create a well-lit and safe environment for the estimated 150,000 motorists who use the roundabout every day. A further consideration was to minimise light spillage onto the monument and prevent light pollution above 180 degrees, to preserve the monument’s aesthetics, while reducing energy consumption, operational and maintenance costs.

CU Phosco Lighting’s local agent in Bangkok, Tasjinda Ltd., was selected to implement the project. They chose the FL810 floodlight, a solution that met all the project’s objectives.

The FL810 floodlight is a high-output, versatile LED floodlight that is designed for mounting on existing masts. It offers remarkable luminaire efficacy, reaching up to 141 lumens per watt, thanks to its high transmission flat glass optics. The floodlight also has a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI), which ensures clear and vibrant illumination.

To reduce glare and light pollution, the FL810 floodlights are equipped with precision-controlled cut-off and cowls. This significantly mitigated light pollution compared to the previous system.

The transformation of Victory Monument Roundabout’s lighting has yielded significant results and benefits. The new lighting has significantly improved safety for motorists, pedestrians, and commuters, markedly enhancing nighttime visibility. The roundabout is now much safer for the estimated 150,000 motorists who use it every day.

The FL810 floodlights are also robust and reliable, designed to withstand challenging conditions. They boast IP66 protection and vandal-resistant toughened glass.

The installation has achieved impressive energy savings of 51 percent, saving the city money in the long run.

The innovative solution has breathed new life into the Victory Monument roundabout, elevating the monument’s stature as a symbol of Thailand’s victory. The project has achieved its objectives by transitioning to energy-efficient LED lighting, enhancing brightness and uniformity, reducing light spill, and delivering substantial energy savings. Victory Monument roundabout now stands not only as a historical landmark but also as a beacon of efficient and environmentally conscious illumination at the heart of Bangkok.

Pop Jindavanich, Tasjinda Ltd, comments, “Our collaboration with the CU Phosco Lighting team was a highly professional experience from inception to completion. Their expertise in lighting was evident throughout our partnership. They provided valuable insights for complex tasks and proved instrumental in problem-solving.

The comprehensive support extended beyond advice; they provided simulations, documentation, and installation support. Their commitment extended to generating CAD files for our project.

The quality of their LED floodlight is noteworthy, as it demonstrates exceptional durability and excellent performance without any glare or light pollution.

Our project received acclaim from the general public and some prominent figures within Bangkok City, including the Mayor, some of whom applauded the increased brightness and quality of the illumination.”


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