They might not have been as common as flags at Glastonbury, but CHAUVET Professional fixtures seemed to be everywhere one looked at Worthy Farm during the world-famous event. The company’s products were used to add extra colour and excitement to 17 of the festival’s stages.

Included in the group were main attractions like the Pyramid, Greenpeace, Flying Bus and new Levels stages, as well as more specialised attractions like the Avalon Stage, nightclub-like Salon Carousel, The Hive Stage, Outside Circus Stage, and the San Remo Stage, an interzone for dreamers, visionaries and other revelers.

CHAUVET Professional’s wildly popular Color STRIKE M was clearly one of the brightest lighting stars of the festival. This was evident at the Pyramid Stage, where John Luke Roles used 30 of the motorized strobe/blinders, supplied by Solotech, UK Group,  in his floor package for Lizzo’s performance. A collection of 14 Color STRIKE Ms lined the base of the central stage riser, which had a sliding backdrop that the Detroit singer exited the stage through, while 16 other units lined stage left and right risers.

The Color STRIKE M fixtures strobed to the beat of the music to accent the passion of Lizzo’s performance in hits like “About Damn Time,” and connect directly to the almost 100.000 in the crowd. For some songs, such as “Truth Hurts, the LD relied on the unit’s pixel face to create ambient colour tones on stage.

In addition to revving up the looks for Lizzo’s performance, the Color STRIKE M was an integral part of the kits on the new Levels Stage (supplied by SR Production Services), West Holts Stage (DPL Production Lighting Ltd.), the Lonely Heart Club Stage (Fineline Lighting), and the Sensation Seekers Stage (Enlightened).

CHAUVET Professional’s impact on the festival wasn’t limited to the Color STRIKE M. The pop music at the Avalon stage was brilliantly reflect by a production design that relied on The Maverick MK2 Wash, Rogue R3 Spot, COLORado Panel Q40 and Ovation E-910FC supplied by Wave Co. Productions; while at The Levels Stage, SR Production Services helped elevate the excitement level with Maverick Storm 4 Profiles hired in from IPS, STRIKE Array 2, Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash and Rogue Outcast 1L Beam.

The Rogue Outcast 1L Beam also got hearts beating faster at the Glasto Latino Stage, where Enlighted specced the Outcast 1L Beam, and Outcast 2X Wash, along with the COLORdash Par H12; as well as at the San Remo Stage, where Wolf Lighting made effective use of the Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash and Rogue  Outcast 1L Beam..

The Greenpeace team in turn drew often on the dynamic features of CHAUVET Professional fixtures. At their area, IPS and Colour Sound Experiment combined to furnish a kit that featured the  Maverick Storm 4 Profile, and  STRIKE Array 2. Meanwhile, GLX Productions was essential in creating the Flying Bus Stage rig, where it supplied the Maverick Storm 4 Profile hired through IPS, Rogue Outcast 1L Beam and STRIKE 1, along with the Color STRIKE M.

Fineline Lighting also made good use of the company’s products. At the Circus Big Top, the company generate exciting visuals with help from the Maverick Storm 1 Spot and Rogue R2X Wash, while using the Color STRIKE M and Rogue R2X Wash, as well as the Color STRIKE M at the Lonely Heart Club Stage. Fineline used the COLORado Q40 panel, along with the Ovation E-910FC at the Acoustic Stage, and Maverick Storm 1 Wash at the Cabaret Stage.

Among the other innovative uses of CHAUVET Professional fixture were at the Outside Circus Stage, where Enlightened deployed the Rogue Outcast 2X Wash, and Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash to project excitement in the air; as well as at The Hive Stage, where Luke Adams Lighting supplied the Maverick Force S Spot, STRIKE Array 2 and Rogue R2X Wash.

A few years ago, before one of her appearance at Glastonbury, Adele said the festival provided her with “some of the best times of my life,” ones that the singer said created lasting memories. It was a feeling shared by many who attended this year’s festival. For them, some of the best memories were lit by CHAUVET Professional fixtures.

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