UK independent lighting specialist, Atrium, announces a new exclusive partnership with Vancouver-based pioneering LED lighting manufacturer, Fluxwerx.

Since its inception in 2011, Fluxwerx has been redefining the industry’s expectations, pushing the boundaries of imagination and technology. The company’s pioneering spirit led to the development of anidolic optical technologies, allowing the creation of vertically orientated light with no view of the source through a semi-transparent material. This innovation embodies the company’s ethos of challenging conventions and pursuing meaningful advancements in lighting technology.

Fluxwerx’s approach is characterised by a synergy of industrial design, optical engineering, and LED technology, all brought together with meticulous attention to detail. Moving beyond traditional form factors, Fluxwerx’s extensive portfolio of designs leverages the efficiency, space-saving potential, and advanced technology of LEDs to create a whole new category of general-purpose lighting solutions. With an LED life rating of L70 at 200,000 hours, Fluxwerx lighting offers exceptional longevity, minimising maintenance, and replacement needs.

The new partnership marks Fluxwerx’s first foray into the European market, with Atrium becoming its first exclusive supplier in the UK. Atrium will now be able to propose Fluxwerx innovative designs to all its customers, empowering architects, lighting designers, and engineers to create healthier and more inspiring workspaces. In addition to this collaborative approach, Atrium actively supports the building industry by offering CPD training and technical guidance throughout the design process.

Ulysse Dormoy, Strategic Director of Atrium, says: “We are delighted to be at the forefront of introducing LMPG’s brand Fluxwerx to the UK market for the first time. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, bringing together our commitment to quality and innovation with Fluxwerx’s cutting-edge solutions. Fluxwerx stands out as a true pioneer in both product design and optical performance, boasting an impressive track record with 46 product design awards, along with a remarkable 16 utility patents, 10 of which are specifically dedicated to optical design, and an additional 37 design patents. Together, we look forward to illuminating spaces in the UK with unparalleled brilliance and efficiency, setting a new standard in lighting technology and design with the common objective of enhancing the ambiance and functionality of any environment.”

Reuben Bartlett, President of Fluxwerx Illumination, added: “We are very excited to be partnering with Atrium, marking the introduction of Fluxwerx luminaires into the UK market. Atrium’s expertise in lighting and their commitment to creating well-lit human-centric environments perfectly aligns with Fluxwerx’s dedication to meaningful innovation in lighting solutions. We look forward to collaborating with Atrium and the architectural design communities in the UK, shaping exceptional spaces that prioritise people’s experiences” All Fluxwerx products are available exclusively through Atrium in the UK market from April 2024, adding to Atrium’s extensive portfolio and expertise.

Marking the launch, Atrium’s showroom will showcase for the very first time in the UK a selection of designs including Profile in black, a continuous lighting system with virtually seamless runs, Aperture Round in silver, a high performance suspended fixture with two unique breakthrough aesthetics, Lines Suspended in black, minimalist and ultra-thin in profile providing beam control with no view of the LED sources, and View Max, the ultimate transparent, vertical optics engineered specifically for LED.

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