Acrospire, a solar street lighting solutions provider, announced that its Defender solar street lighting has been chosen for two prominent public locations in Luton, England. The installation is part of a street lighting maintenance contract with Luton Council and is expected to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in the area significantly.

“We are excited to partner with VolkerHighways and Luton Council on this project,” said Acrospire Area Sales Manager James Brooker. “Our Defender solar street lighting is the perfect solution for these public spaces, as it provides clean, efficient, and sustainable lighting that will benefit the community for years to come.”

The Defender solar street light is designed specifically for the UK market and features several innovative technologies that make it ideal for public spaces. The passive lanterns automatically come on at night and remain at 20 percent brightness until someone is within 15 metres on either side of the streetlight, where it then switches to full power. Each streetlight is evenly spaced 30 metres apart, and the units require no maintenance other than cleaning every few years. Defender can be provided with the SAM (Solar Asset Monitoring) system, which allows the maintenance team to remotely monitor the light’s performance, identify potential faults, and adjust the brightness settings.

This installation isn’t just about saving energy and reducing carbon emissions; it’s also focused on creating safer and more inviting public spaces. David Easton, Operations Director for VolkerHighways, said: “Solar Street lighting provides continuous light while saving optimal energy and light pollution. It’s great to see Luton Council making use of these eco-friendly innovations. The parks are now well-lit, making the areas safer for park users and residents.”

Cllr Javed Hussain, the portfolio holder for Sustainable Development and Highways, said, “Every action we take as a council matters when it comes to reducing our town’s carbon emissions. Installing zero carbon street lighting in these areas will save emissions and money and help keep our residents safe at night.”

The installation of the Defender in Luton is part of a broader trend of municipalities and businesses adopting solar street lighting solutions. Solar street lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable way to light public spaces, and it can help to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, and light pollution.


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