Sondrio in Italy has been transformed into an enchanting Christmas landscape with a mesmerizing light show, made possible by the PROLIGHTS Mosaico range image projectors. The project, managed by the communication agency Sviluppo Creativo and the rental company Liteo Tech, turned Campello square into a captivating snowy setting with projections of the Enchanted Forest, created using the PROLIGHTS Mosaico and Mosaico L projectors.

In total, 13 units of projectors were utilized, customized with Gobos and Animation Weels, also crafted by PROLIGHTS. These versatile projectors designed for outdoor installations played a crucial role in establishing an immersive Christmas atmosphere in the main square of Sondrio.

The decision to opt for PROLIGHTS Mosaico projectors was driven by the pursuit of flexibility and quality. Daniele Licchetta, the lighting designer of the Liteo Tech team, emphasized, “What convinced us to choose the PROLIGHTS Mosaicos was the extraordinary efficiency, flexibility, and quality they offer. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, featuring remote and motorized control, multiple on-board functions, and optical zoom, the Mosaico range projectors allowed us to create a dynamic and engaging Christmas scenario.”

Moreover, the 300W LED source with which the projectors are equipped contributed to making Sondrio’s choice sustainable, reducing consumption and the environmental impact of the Christmas lights.

The breath-taking images of the illuminated buildings swiftly captivated social networks, becoming viral and garnering enthusiastic comments from both residents and visitors.


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