Tamlite Lighting has been re-awarded the prestigious Planet Mark certification for its commitment to sustainable best practice throughout its operations. The Planet Mark framework offers external verification of Tamlite’s impressive carbon reduction of -13.5 percent [relative to turnover].

Planet Mark is a globally recognised sustainability certification that recognises businesses that are taking positive action to reduce their environmental impact. Moreover, to achieve certification,businesses must measure their carbon footprint, set ambitious reduction targets, and implement a comprehensive sustainability plan. Tamlite was re-certified by Planet Mark alongside its sister companies CEF and Wrexham Mineral Cables. 

Sustainability initiatives

The Planet Mark certification process applies scrutiny to companies’ Net Zero actions. This includes accurate and transparent carbon reporting across Scope 1, 2 and core Scope 3 emissions. By achieving recertification, Tamlite remains one of just 600 firms to carry the Planet Mark badge.

Already widely regarded for its commitments to sustainability, Planet Mark’s recertification process applied scrutiny to the measures and initiatives Tamlite has implemented to reduce its environmental impact – with a particular focus on carbon. These include investments in energy-efficient technologies; waste reduction measures; materials recycling; and use of sustainable materials.

Planet Mark certification also underpins Tamlite’s commitment to transparent communications. Its reporting tools enable the lighting manufacturer to present its carbon footprint data clearly and comprehensibly. This acts as a shield against greenwashing, thereby giving Tamlite the confidence to communicate its sustainability efforts effectively.

“We are delighted to end 2023 on a high,” says John Allden, Managing Director of Tamlite Lighting. “Recertification to this trusted framework aligns with our sustainable development goals, as well as Planet Mark’s, with all parties recognising that transparent communication is essential for transformational change. We have made tremendous strides in delivering on our sustainability ambitions – and this certification system offers external proof of what we are doing. We know that transparency is vital to our relationships with our customers and specifiers; Planet Mark offers a much-respected ‘mark of confidence’ that validates our progress. We look forward to sharing this story over the months ahead.” 

Tamlite Lighting is no stranger to environmental efficiencies and minimal impact design. Industry peers have widely recognised them for their sustainability efforts – from a product design perspective as well as within its manufacturing operations. Tamlite has set a goal to become a net-zero emission organisation by 2040, with work ongoing to try and bring that forward significantly as we lock-in progress on relevant fronts. 

EcoVadis awarded their Bronze Medal to Tamlite, in November 2023. EcoVadis is a trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, and their bronze medal is a testament to our commitment to running our business in a responsible and sustainable manner.


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