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Mackwell expands the TEMPUS Range with a versatile bulkhead

The TEMPUS BHD2 bulkhead is the latest versatile addition to the Mackwell TEMPUS emergency luminaire range. In addition, the TEMPUS EXB2 keeps all the favourable design elements of BHD2 yet, can be used with a legend pack for defining escape routes and final exit locations.

The luminaire shape is no longer constrained by historic 8W T5 sizes and is optimised to a low, 36 mm profile. The BHD2 is suitable for wall or surface mounting as standard and has an optional recess kit available for ceiling mounting.

The bulkhead uses a linear LED strip consisting of seven LEDs giving an impressive output of 325 lumens. Wiring configurations allow maintained or non-maintained operation to be chosen simply and safely by the installer. Whilst working in non-maintained operation, the integral Mackwell powered control gear implements SmartCharge operation and reduces standby power consumption to less than 1 watt.

The white polycarbonate body and clear diffuser provide a tough and durable housing and give an ingress protection of IP65. This allows the bulkhead to be mounted in a variety of challenging environments, including factories, warehouses, car parks etc.

The BHD2’s sister product, EXB2 is a 120 lumen output bulkhead variant that can also be used with an ISO exit legend pack for escape routes and final exit location. This alternative bulkhead can be incorporated into designs to give a solid spacings whilst consuming only half a watt of power. The EXB2 keeps all the features of BHD2 including its slim, lightweight design and IP65 ingress protection ensuring the product is protected from dust, dirt and water.

The bulkheads have been designed and tested for use in all European emergency requirements including anti panic, escape routes, emphasis points and high-risk task areas. All variants have Kitemark approval, additionally, the luminous flux is sufficient for use in the UAE 10.8 lux market or higher for high risk task areas. 

All variants of the BHD2 and EXB2 range are available with DALI Autotest technology and 3 hours duration as standard.

Emergency lighting is a legal obligation that Mackwell believes should never be compromised. Safety should be through choice, not by chance.


Mackwell launches new exit sign range

The XYVEX EXC is the latest versatile addition to Mackwell’s successful XYVEX emergency exit sign range. The XYVEX EXC is designed to allow complete customisation for each application, making it ideal for meticulous, architecturally designed areas.

The goal is to remove project disputes which often occur when placing mandatory and safety critical exit signs; the sleek design of the XYVEX EXC can be coloured to match any room while the LED power can be reduced during normal operation mode to give safe but satisfying guidance to exits. In the case of a loss of power the output jumps to 100 percent automatically to ensure safety is paramount.

The XYVEX EXC contains Mackwell’s ELEDD Micro control gear as standard which is fine-tuned to its accompanying battery and LED load, allowing a very low circuit power of 2W when at 100 percent output. The ELEDD Micro core gives the XYVEX EXC exit sign a myriad of Mackwell’s tried and tested features including DALI Autotest compatibility, SmartCharge and ORIGIN functionality.

The XYVEX EXC has a sister product in the TEMPUS EXC2; this uses the same architecturally designed housing but is a simpler, out of the box luminaire for more general applications. The TEMPUS EXC2 is a functional and compliant emergency exit suitable for front and back of house applications.

Both the XYVEX EXC & TEMPUS EXC2 exit signs come with multiple fitment and stylised legend options. Both products can be ceiling and wall mounted, including on angled surfaces, as well as recessed or suspended. The ISO legends are available in 90 degree increments and as a smart pack which are held to the blade via metal studs, allowing the direction to be changed and chosen on site rather than during the buying process.


The New Intelligent Emergency Driver From Mackwell

The ELEDD MICRO range of emergency drivers from Mackwell completes the ELEDD family and adds new intelligence to emergency lighting. The Origin technology is MICRO’s core and enables the driver to be pre-configured to suit defined applications, this includes varied output levels in maintained and non-maintained operations as well as ability to be configured to specific charge and discharge levels prior to shipment allowing perfect harmony of the control gear, battery and LED load.

Suitable for a range of battery chemistries, the ELEDD MICRO is designed to use nickel cadmium (NiCd) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH) as these currently are the only battery chemistries for emergency lighting approved by ICEL. The modular approach to the design of ELEDD MICRO ensures that developing battery technologies can be accommodated in the future.

Intelligent battery management alongside Mackwell’s SmartCharge technology is integral to the design, allowing optimum efficiency of batteries and prolonging life in high temperature applications. Available as a conversion module, Mackwell has a solution suit every application. Emergency just became intelligent!

Further information on Mackwell emergency lighting is available by contacting customer services on +44 (0)1922 458 255, by or by visiting the company’s website at


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