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Blade R – All in One

Blade R is a compact and miniaturised ring of light which develops the concept of integration in architecture, with 

a high level of visual comfort and a central core that can host a range of different devices to meet user requirements, including; loudspeakers, smoke detectors, emergency, video cameras, Bluetooth multi-sensor, smart service activation through a beacon and other luminaires such as the iGuzzini’s Easy Tunable White, Palco Framer and Laser.

Blade R is available in frame or minimal versions, in three different dimensions (80mm, 125mm and 170mm) and three colour temperatures (2700k, 3000k, 4000k). Characterised by its extremely compact design (only 37-44mm high), 

Blade R can be recessed into any ceiling thickness.


Palco InOut Framer –Skin Changer

Palco InOut Framer, available in 2700k, 3000k & 4000k, uses the patented Opti Beam lens to ensure high luminance and efficiency – emitting a very precise beam, free of chromatic aberration with luminous flux levels from 160 to 3500 lumens. The 30Ø version has a remote on-off driver and can use four different sized gobos to create circular shapes. In addition the 116Ø version can create rectangular and triangular shapes by using external magnetic wings, and can be pole mounted. The luminous flux dimmer can fade effects and create natural dynamism thanks to the DALI power supply, that can also be managed through a smartphone.


Robin – Freestyle

Robin, available in white or black and mounted on a slim 48v track, can be tilted up to 160° on a vertical plane and rotated 360° horizontally. Due to the adapter’s rapid electrical and mechanical connection to the track, installation is tool free. Robin can also be installed onthe upper part of a Superrail.

Robin is available in three sizes (37mm, 51mm and 62mm) with luminous flux levels from 500lm to over 2000lm, with optical and photometric accessories to guarantee ultimate visual comfort. Robin can be Bluetooth controlled using a smart device and beacons can be activated to implement smart services.


Superrail – Infinity System

Superrail is a miniaturised track that is only 25mm wide and can be ceiling, pendant or recess mounted in minimal and frame versions. Superrail can mount luminaries in both the upper and lower sections, as well as LED screens for continuous general direct and indirect light. The system for mounting the spotlight is mechanical, making the system extremely safe and allowing luminaires to be mounted quickly and easily.

Superrail can mount a series of compatible iGuzzini luminaires, including: Robin, Laser Blade Pendant, Laser Pendant, Laser Blade XS, Palco LV and LED screens, and can integrate smart accessories to offer smart solutions.


Agorà – Life to a city

Agorà is an architectural spotlight designed with an extremely decreased thickness

(72-201mm) and an optical assembly that can be adjusted horizontally (-50°/+ 90°). Available in two versions: Slim, with a remote power supply, and Compact, with an integral power supply. There are six light distributions, (super spot to very wide flood), five different sizes and six colour temperatures (2200k, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, RGBW, Tunable White),with luminous flux levels from 3,500lm to 50,000lm.

Agorà comes with patented Opti Beam optics for maximum visual comfort and can be integrated with DALI technology, and can be floor, ceiling or wall mounted.


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