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Silicone Optics

The new Silicone S1 Range from Carclo Optics is the latest innovation from the premium optics manufacturer. The optic is overmoulded into a base creating a single part. Due to it’s universal design, the part then fits with a multitude of interconnects by a single manufacturer. You simply need to select the model that fits with the your interconnect manufacturer. The high temperature resistance ensures the optimal results are acheiveable with 6 – 23mm LES. The Ultra Narrow model offers an incredible <10 degree beam angle.



High Bay Strip Optics

The latest addition to the strip optic family is the narrow beam High Bay. Designed for use of up to 12 metres high, this flexible extrusion produces a narrow beam perfect for retail, architecture, signage & warehousing. Available in two standard lengths of 600mm & 1200mm, the High Bay Strip Optic takes it’s place in the strip optic family alongside the linear and side emitting options. For more information on the high bay or any of our optics, please refer directly to our website.




Mini Hubbles

The Mini Hubble freeform optics are available in multiple configurations. From the single option right through to the 3 x 2 array, the entire range displays excellent performance results. The range also includes optics that meet the emergency lighting standard EN1838. Conforming to numerous standards including US Type I – V and European ME, the Mini Hubbles are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Our web engine Optic Select, details the performance results of all our optics tested with multiple LEDs.



The 33Up Family consists of 32 part numbers spanning across 30 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree and Double Asymmetric beam patterns.

Available in PMMA and PC, the family of 33Up arrays are compatible with Fortimo and Tridonic boards – as well as many other standard supplier boards. Recently updated to include the extra cavities required to ensure compatibilty with the latest Philips Fortimo Gen4 boards. They are backwards compatible and with the option of an overlap, the optics can be laid out to produce the illusion of one continous optic. This also serves to minimise the possibilty of accidental contact with high voltage wiring.



If the demands of your project require something outside our premium range of standard optics, we can offer extensive custom capabilities. Our in-house team will consult with you to ascertain your requirements and suggest tailor-made solutions for your project. No matter the scale or setting, we have the skills and experience to guide you through each step of the process towards a highly effective bespoke solution. The possibilities are truly infinite and with the technological advances both in the LED world and the moulding industry, we are able to make even the most imaginative project an affordable reality.

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