SmartBridge™ Duo and SmartBridge™ PoE

SmartBridge™ Duo is a full-featured lighting controller designed for commercial offices. With two DALI channels it provides full control and monitoring for 128 DALI lamps plus sensors, scene plates and switch inputs. It also offers local I/O and six high current relay outputs to switch legacy lighting circuits or ancillary devices (for example, water valve shut-off). With a wide range of lighting control strategies and features available, SmartBridge Duo provides comprehensive lighting control in a convenient DIN-rail mounted package.

SmartBridge™ PoE is the smallest, most versatile BACnet DALI lighting controller on the market today. This tiny single-channel controller has all the DALI control capabilities of SmartBridge Duo, wrapped up in a tiny package just 80 x 100 x 22.5mm. With just two connections for DALI and Ethernet, SmartBridge PoE can be mounted almost anywhere, even when space is at a premium – ideal for commercial offices, high-end residential projects and retail applications.

SmartBridge PoE and SmartBridge Duo DALI lighting controllers both support BACnet/IP to integrate seamlessly with all popular commercial BMS systems as well as Calon’s Active Lighting Manager to provide emergency light testing and reporting, full lighting status information as well as parameter adjustment and time scheduling.
Both SmartBridge models are configured and commissioned using simple, intuitive web forms, with rapid backup and restore to support off-site pre-engineering. SmartBridge controllers are designed for rapid ‘walk-about’ commissioning, using a smartphone or tablet.

InfraLIGHT™ 600 FLC

InfraLIGHT™ 600 FLC from Calon is the newest member of the InfraLIGHT FLC series, the world’s first range of IP-connected lighting controllers designed specifically to manage external lighting on petrol filling stations. With an installed base of over 1,000 sites across Europe, InfraLIGHT FLC offers remote monitoring and diagnostics of
lighting status and faults, and management of lighting parameters via a web browser. Full integration to a BMS or asset management system is supported via BACnet/IP and web services.

Compared to a switch or a simple photocell solution, typical energy savings of up to 25% and maintenance savings of 30% are achievable, giving a payback time of less than 18 months coupled with a typical system lifetime of 10-15 years.


SmartSensor™ is an integrated DALI multisensor which also includes an advanced DALI controller. It can operate standalone or work as a high-performance DALI multisensor in combination with Calon SmartBridge and other popular DALI lighting controllers.

SmartSensor works straight out of the box without commissioning, but can be quickly and easily set up for more demanding applications such as larger offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and corridors. Where a networked or building-wide solution is required, SmartSensor can be combined with Calon SmartBridge™ DALI lighting controllers to form part of a managed lighting system or BMS.

A high-quality digital light sensor provides accurate light level measurement while a premium PIR detector and lens combined with advanced digital filtering ensure accurate and sensitive detection without the risk of false triggers.

Active Lighting Manager™

Active Lighting Manager™ (ALM) is a high end colour touch screen and supervisory controller. Available in
7in and 15in versions, ALM provides a user-friendly environment via a capacitive glass screen which can be wall or panel mounted.

ALM can be customised to individual requirements, but typically includes facilities for scene set and recall, management of time-scheduled events and settings, and adjustment of lighting parameters. It also supports DALI Emergency light testing and reporting.

Active Lighting Manager can also act as a web app server, allowing end users to access individual lighting settings from their phone via an inbuilt secure firewall.

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