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Casambi-enabled Ceiling Flush-mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor and Photocell

This PIR (passive infra-red) occupancy detector with a built-in photocell is designed to operate as part of a Casambi ecosystem of products. All the devices in a Casambi ecosystem intercommunicate to perform a range of tasks, determined by the way the ecosystem is programmed to operate

This device detects the presence of people moving within its vicinity plus detects the light level in its vicinity too. This information is communicated to the other devices in the Casambi ecosystem. Hence, as an example, lights can be automatically switched on or off as needed, or dimmable lights can be dimmed or brightened.

This flush-mounted ceiling product fits through a false or plasterboard ceiling.

There are also versions of this product for a range of other ecosystems, including Silvair, Ingy, Mymesh, IQRF and Wirepas.


Casambi-enabled High Bay PIR Occupancy Sensor and Photocell

This Casambi-enabled device is designed for high bay mounting. It can fit onto a ceiling or onto a wide selection of mounting boxes.

It detects the movement of people over a circular floor area of up to 28m in diameter.

There is also a versions with a long, narrow detection area, ideal for storage aisles, and a version with a narrow spot detection, for detecting, say, people entering or leaving a storage aisle.

All versions include photocell detection, and, as with the flush-mounted product above, there are versions for a range of different ecosystems.


Casambi-enabled Build-in PIR Occupancy Sensor Module and Photocell

This Casambi-enabled PIR detector module with built-in photocell can be mounted into a luminaire. It could be an ideal solution for other Original Equipment Manufacturers, allowing their luminaires to be used as part of a Casambi ecosystem.

It has a mounting height of up to 17m, giving a circular detection area at ground level of up to 24m in diameter.

As with the other Casambi-enabled DANLERS products, there are similar versions to suit the same range of alternative ecosystems.




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