Specialist Lighting Distributors expands Xicato’s Presence in lighting applications and Smart Building Projects in Australia and New Zealand

Xicato, a provider of Bluetooth smart building wireless controls and high-quality spot and linear light sources, has announced a strategic partnership with Specialist Lighting Distributors (SLD), a manufacturers’ representative firm, to promote and sell the broad Xicato portfolio of lighting and controls products in Australia and New Zealand.

Xicato’s lighting business has grown over the years from spot lights with their pioneering remote phosphor technology, used in the most discriminating lighting projects; to the highest quality COB family with matching color points, used in all general lighting segments; to the most recent addition, the broad portfolio of premium flexible linear lights, XFL. The increased demand for quality lighting products along with energy efficiency requirements has also brought with it increased demand for the company’s advanced Bluetooth wireless mesh controls. SLD’s focus on advance solutions encompassing both lighting and controls is synergistic with Xicato’s mission to expand its presence as a one stop vendor for smart lighting in key regions like Australia and New Zealand.

“Xicato fits the very definition of a truly innovative company in every lighting product they offer. These products combined with their market leading lighting controls technology provide our customers with premium solution packages,” said Brett Salisbury, General Manager at SLD, “The consistency of color points in the lighting portfolio with the support of an endlessly scalable and flexible controls system will enable us to provide custom solutions that grow with our customers’ needs.”

“The smart building industry is expected to have double digit growth to exceed $100 billion in the next 5 years,” said Amir Zoufonoun, Xicato’s CEO. “Our diversified portfolio of innovative products, coupled with regional and local presence through key partnerships with forward thinking and service-oriented agencies that value innovation, such as SLD, will fuel this rapid growth as we help building owners and businesses accelerate every phase of their smart building projects. We welcome SLD to our distinguished and growing family of partner representatives, as we establish Xicato’s local presence and support worldwide.”

May 2023 issue

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