LightingEurope were excited to host their members in Paris on 31st May and 1st June for a General Assembly dinner and conference. On this occasion, LightingEurope also organised the LightingEurope 2021 and 2022 President’s Awards ceremonies to celebrate individuals’ outstanding contribution to the work of the lighting industry.

In a spirit of friendship among peers and on what was the first in-person meeting for over two years, Lionel Brunet, President of LightingEurope, revealed his choices, highlighting how each of the recipients has impacted the work of LightingEurope and helped Europe’s lighting industry move forward.

LightingEurope congratulate the winners of the President’s Awards (in alphabetical order of family name):


Nathalie Coursière from IGNES

Peter Hunt from The LIA


Otmar Franz from ams OSRAM

Fabio Pagano from ASSIL

Over the past two years LightingEurope members have continued to collaborate and exchange to help shape the future of Europe’s lighting industry, addressing such topics as how to apply the new ecodesign, energy labelling and EPREL obligations to lighting products, how to accelerate the uptake of LED-based lighting systems with sensors and controls, how lighting contributes to sustainability, or how to prevent and quickly address online freeriding.

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