Innovative Lighting Specialist WILA Lighting is proving its commitment to sustainable lighting solutions by providing a circular economy practice through maintaining and upcycling old luminaires into LEDs.

Serviceable luminaires are often disposed of when they could be refurbished with new light sources. WILA is honouring its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and engaging in carbon offsetting by upgrading old luminaires to new light sources, reducing energy consumption and costs.

WILA is offering this upcycling service to businesses regardless of whether the product is an outdated WILA luminaire or those supplied by other companies. This allows WILA to effectively meet the demands of developers, building owners, and companies, without having to pay out for a completely new lighting scheme when the current system works well. WILA can phase out old lamps by replacing the light source in these luminaires to LEDs, quickly providing individual bespoke solutions, including payback calculations.

This innovative solution allows businesses to reduce energy usage and carbon impact, as well as lowering overall running costs. A 10-15-year-old lighting system consumes five times as much energy as a new system, yet 95% of the environmental impact caused by lighting comes from lifetime energy consumption. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 80% by implementing modern LED luminaires.

This announcement comes after WILA was awarded status as a Carbon Neutral company by organisation Carbon Footprint Ltd. WILA has been recognised at the highest level of Carbon Neutral+ standard. This makes them an exemplary organisation within the lighting industry, demonstrating their commitment to supporting a range of additional environmental projects.

Sustainability is at the forefront of WILA’s agenda, and the company is dedicating themselves to efficiency, sustainability, and environmentally friendly practices. WILA Lighting brings together innovative and highly engineered lighting solutions and flexible manufacturing, working in partnership with clients, design teams and end-users to fulfil project design specifications.

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