Any sports enthusiast will have visited a Decathlon store. The sporting goods retailer is famed for stocking a wide range of sports products; from basic supplies like tennis rackets to advanced extreme sports goods such as scuba diving equipment. Stores are typically sized at an average of 4,000m².

Decathlon’s main mission is to “make sport accessible to as many people as they can.” Their UK property team are working on delivering this by ensuring the shopping experience allows customers to test and try products in an environment which communicates the brands values of vitality and responsibility. These were core to a recent lighting upgrade program, which covered their Reading and Wednesbury stores.

TRILUX proposed that the Wednesbury Decathlon store replaced its existing 49W T5 fittings with E-Line LED on the salesfloor and the back of house fittings with carefully selected LED equivalents. By switching to LED, Decathlon are not only benefitting from increased LUX levels on its retail space but would reap more rewards with the added benefit of healthy energy savings and minimal maintenance costs.

The existing lighting was positioned in between aisles which made fixture movement quite restrained so a proposal was put to Decathlon to rotate the lighting by 90 degrees so it would no longer be aisle dependent which they were keen to implement. This allowed the removal of redundant trunking and cabling in the ceiling areas, reducing clutter.

In implementing this scheme Decathlon have achieved a fresh modern look throughout the store. They have created more impact with a better quality of light which intensifies and improves the clarity of product presentations, enhancing colours vibrancy. Light levels have increased from 500lux to 800lux at floor level and they are also benefitting significantly from energy and maintenance savings.

Conor McAteer, Decathlon Operations Manager, concludes, “The new lighting has provided us with a modern and much brighter look to our store. As a company we aim to be as sustainable as possible and this lighting project has allowed us to do so by reducing our energy consumption.”

September 2023 issue

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