Continuing its mission to educate and inspire end-users about the value of light in education, Thorn Lighting is introducing an expert led series called ‘Let’s Talk Light’. Focusing on Schools this series will promote a greater understanding of creating lighting that provides the optimal learning space. Thorn Lighting will use the Let’s Talk Light series to share the company’s in depth knowledge of delivering dynamic lighting moods in the classrooms that perfectly complement the particular teaching situation – proving that changing the room through light adjustments offers a new interactive teaching tool that supports learning processes.

If you would like to participate in this series and benefit from Thorn’s first-hand knowledge and experience in lighting for education, visit and simply register your interest.

By completing all three Let’s Talk Light sessions (“How light can help pupils learn”, “5 questions to ask on every school lighting project”, “School lighting in practice”) of the Education Lighting series you will receive certification of your achievement and greater understanding of the issues and solutions in this sector of lighting.

First webinar: 11.00 – 11.30 on 16.03.2021    


Session 1: How light can help pupils learn

Discover the role of lighting in education, what makes a good school environment and how light influences human performance, helping pupils to learn.

Description: We have never known more about the education process and how we as people learn than we do today. Valuable scientific research has brought the role of lighting in the modern education space to the forefront. In this session of Let’s Talk Light, you will learn about what makes a good school environment, how pupils are influenced by light, and what can be done to design the optimal learning space.

Second webinar: 11.00 – 11.30 on 23.03.2021

Session 2: 5 questions to ask on every school lighting project

Your step by step guide to successfully planning and delivering a school lighting project.

Description: Learn about the key considerations of a school lighting project. In this session of Let’s Talk Light, the pivotal factors that must be addressed, understood and resolved when designing and planning a school project are discussed. What standards to apply, the use of daylight, working with people in mind, understanding the space and of course getting the most from lighting, are all brought together to create one concise and accessible guide to school lighting.

Third webinar: 11.00 – 11.30 on 30.03.2021


Session 3: School lighting in practice

Covering the complete school, inside and out. We offer best practice advice, product solutions, and discuss new technologies to improve schools.

Description: A school is more than just a building, it is a functional space that must support the work of the staff and the education of the pupils. In this session of Let’s Talk Light we cover all school spaces from indoor to outdoors, which solutions are best in these spaces, which technologies are represented in product solutions, as well as some best practice advice and tips.

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