The right light at every time of day – Zumtobel presents light for life at Light + Building 2018

Under the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Inspiration”, Zumtobel is set to use a series of key applications to showcase the Active Light approach at this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt / Main. Visitors to the Zumtobel Group stand in Hall 2.0 will experience how dynamic light can accompany and support people in their everyday lives.

The lighting industry is going through a period of profound change, as networked lighting and lighting services take on an increasingly important role. This is also the driving force behind this year’s Light + Building motto: “Connected – Safe – Comfortable”. The Zumtobel Group will use its 1280-square-metre stand (Hall 2.0, Booth A30, B30/31) to put the focus on the comprehensive service portfolio from the Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) brand. This is summed up by the Zumtobel Group motto “Lights. Connectivity. Action” and supported by the innovative lighting solutions from the other famous sister brands. As a true innovation leader, Zumtobel develops sustainable lighting solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of people in various application areas. In line with the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Inspiration”, Zumtobel will demonstrate the Active Light approach – in offices, industrial buildings, retail settings and art and culture projects.

Active Light builds a bridge to human nature

Light – whether artificial or natural – has a marked visual, emotional and biological effect on humans. Active Light uses natural light as its model and dynamically supports the core relationship between people and light in time and space. This innovative form of artificial light makes a valuable contribution to the stabilisation of human biorhythms – especially in environments where daylight is at a premium.

“Supported by Human Centric Lighting, Active Light solutions put the focus on people and their needs,” explained Daniel Lechner, Marketing Brand Director Zumtobel. “Zumtobel reaches the dynamics of natural light by utilising technologies such as tunableWhite, which allows stepless adjustments in intensity, direction and light colour, from warm reddish to cold bluish, throughout the course of the day.”

Using light to evoke inspiration, precision, emotion and imagination – four key application areas

Active Light in offices provides improved wellbeing, as the light can be adapted to suit different tasks and reflect individual visual capacities and personal tastes in terms of light colour. Whether working at a screen, engaging in a creative exchange with colleagues or doing some concentrated reading – versatile control options mean that the office solution can be adjusted depending on the current activity and individual user preference. Active Light adds a dynamic lighting element to the everyday office life, positively influencing cognitive performance and fuelling creativity and inspiration. This concept also supports human biorhythms with the targeted use of dynamic lighting moods throughout the day.

The best possible light is essential in industry to make sure that production processes can run without interruption. These kinds of applications therefore demand light that is as versatile as the tasks associated with industrial manufacturing, which is why Active Light helps workers and supports activity-based lighting. Intelligent lighting systems and sensors are combined to deliver the right light for each situation, actively boosting safety, precision and quality. For example, a delicate assembly process would benefit from additional lateral light, with the option to increase the illumination level for visual inspections. When it comes to shift workers, Active Light can also contribute to a customised sleep-wake cycle by adjusting light intensity and colour – much to the relief of shift workers. This strengthens the feeling of wellbeing and enables employees to enjoy restful and regenerative sleep.

In the world of retail, light can be harnessed to shape unique shopping experiences. On the one hand, Active Light appeals to customers on an emotional level by using their preferred lighting moods to put people at ease and thereby increase the amount of time spent in the store. On the other hand, products and brands are presented in the best possible way, directing lines of sight and enabling better customer orientation. The improved perception of consumer offers has an influence on the quality assessment and, as a logical next step, the willingness to buy.

Enjoyment and visual comfort are major factors in the field of art and culture, along with the protection of precious artworks. These exhibits are often light-sensitive and therefore require delicate lighting to preserve them for future generations. Active Light takes these visual and conservational aspects into account and optimises the light colour and spectral distribution to suit the individual objects and the message of the artist. The way art is experienced is clearly shaped by the interaction between the exhibits and their respective surroundings. Architectural and application-oriented lighting can reveal the true meaning of artworks and spaces. Active Light offers the desired range of variation using tunableWhite luminaires and the latest controls technology. In this way, luminaires no longer merely emit light, but also transmit information in situations such as when people pass through a room. The system supports user-oriented visitor experiences by

conveying information to personal devices carried by the visitors.

Photo credits: Zumtobel

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