The Electrical Industries Charity launches Mental Health Virtual Training Courses

The Electrical Industries Charity has recently provided Mental Health Awareness Training courses to organisations throughout the UK and although now they cannot offer these courses in person, the charity have launched an exciting new virtual service for members of the electrical and energy sector. The courses can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection and alongside the longstanding introductory course to raise awareness for mental health, The Electrical Industries Charity have launched four tailored courses. The Electrical Industries Charity virtual trainings will offer you and your team a space to reconnect, engage with key areas affecting our mental health, helps you to tackle new daily challenges resulting from COVID-19 and learn how to support your own mental health while acquiring skills to help colleagues, friends and family through these uncertain times.

The breakdown for these courses are listed below and are provided through secure portals, Zoom and Microsoft Teams for a maximum of six participants per session. In these sessions you will get the opportunity to talk openly and frankly with a qualified trainer as well as access resources provided by The Electrical Industries Charity.

These training sessions are a great way to support Mental Health Awareness Week within your team, department or business. Although you may be furloughed or furloughing staff you can still take part in training. Over 15 million working days are lost to stress each year and by participating in a virtual mental health course you can help to prevent, recognise and alleviate workplace stress. You can also gain insight into spotting signs of depression and anxiety as well as managing relationship breakdown plus help with home-schooling.

Here is an overview of each course

1. Virtual introductory course to raise awareness of mental health

Points covered

  • Highlights and explains some of the common mental illnesses and disorders
  • How to spot the signs of mental ill health in employees/colleagues/friends/family
  • Interactive discussion about COVID-19 and how to engage in self-care
  • Which steps to take (remotely) if you spot the signs of somebody with mental ill health
  • How to approach the conversation with an employee suffering from mental ill health
  • Remote strategies a manager can use to support employee mental ill health
  • What to do in self-isolation if somebody is self-harming/suicidal
  • Opportunity for complex case discussion
  • Challenging work-life cultures and how to cope with working from home

2. Anxiety and Depression Focused Virtual Training Session

  • Engages with the subjects of anxiety and depression as experienced during COVID-19
  • Tackles the diagnosis commonalities, differences and develops interactive discussion on how we are experiencing this in relation to COVID-19
  • Case study and support solution discussion
  • Delves into support strategies for self and others in need

3. Stress Focused Virtual Training Session

  • Engages with the subject of Stress – what it is, how we experience it and what it means during COVID-19
  • Coping strategies to manage stress
  • How to protect yourself from its affects both psychological and physically
  • Where and what help is available to you

4. Relationship Breakdown and Repair Focused Training Session

  • What is relationship breakdown and how do we repair it?
  • How are our relationships being tested during COVID -19?
  • Engages with the relationships we have with ourselves and how to improve on them
  • Engages with support strategies on how to help ourselves and others in need

5. ‘SOS: Save Our Sanity! Parenting 101 with the EIC’ Virtual Training Session

  • Guide you in ways you can support your family, or a colleague/employee’s family, through difficult times
  • Identify and respect different parenting techniques
  • Tackle some of the general challenges you may encounter with your child at different developmental stages, including infants, children, and teenagers
  • Help you to recognise and understand how your child/teenager may be dealing with isolation during COVID-19 and ways to support them
  • Highlight some of the difficulties facing children if parents go through a relationship breakdown, and how best to support them
  • Case study and support solution discussion

If this is something you, your employees or colleagues could benefit from, please get in touch with to arrange a session at a convenient time for your business from the safety of your home.

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