A national historic monument, the Teatro Galia was intended to reflect the pride and character of the Los Ríos region when it was built over a two-year period in the 1940s. Designers Felipe Barthou Lapouple and Juan Poletter Saint-Simon adopted a balloon frame system for the 500-seat theatre to reflect their country’s rich art deco tradition. Inside, they used only native Chilean woods for flooring and paneling, including warm, orange-tinged Lenga, famous the world over for its depth and texture.

In 2020, when the Chemtrol Chile team began a socially distant lighting upgrade project as the historic structure, they were careful to preserve the unique character of the building. They accomplished this with the help of 34 CHAUVET Professional LED fixtures. This made Teatro Galia the first theatre in Chile with an all-LED rig.

“For the execution of the rehabilitation of the Teatro Galia, in which Chemtrol had a very active participation in relation to the installation of the scenography systems, we used all the luminaires developed and manufactured by CHAUVET Professional,” said Italo Bascuñan, head of the Commercial Department of Chemtrol Chile. “Due to the quality, price and performance ratio, Chauvet luminaires were the only possible option. In addition, the brand has one of the most complete lines of LED theater lights.”

Casting warm smooth even fields of light, the new fixtures will provide impeccable stage lighting for shows at the theatre, while also bringing out the full aesthetic features of room itself.  This is accomplished with 12 Ovation F-910FC Fresnel units, 10 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidals, four Ovation CYC 1 FC cyc lights and eight COLORado 1-Quad Zoom par style fixtures.

“Teatro Galia has 10 motorized poles manufactured by CHEMTROL, that make it easy for them to reposition lights depending on the performance,” said Bascuñan. “This allows different lighting designers who visit the theatre to arrange the fixtures to fit their style.”

Regardless of where the fixtures are positioned, visiting designs can count on them delivering excellent stage lighting — all while allowing the beauty of this room to shine.

November 2023 issue

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