Swedish designer Alexander Lervik celebrates Scandinavian light at The London Design Festival

As one of Sweden’s leading product designers for the past 20 years, Alexander Lervik has always experimented with light, and this year he is showcasing his work during the London Design Festival. His Scandinavian Light  exhibition at The London Design Fair in East London showcases a selection of Scandinavian furniture and accessories and how they intersect with light. The centrepiece of the exhibition will be the world’s first design-led domestic lift which Lervik developed for award-winning Swedish lift specialist Aritco, unveiled to the UK market for the first time. Aritco asked Lervik to design the first-ever residential lift as if it was a piece of furniture, using light and the latest technology to make it adaptable to modern ways of living, and the smart homes of the future.

The Aritco HomeLift  is sleek, strong, light, silent, safe, low-maintenance and can be controlled via a smartphone. Crucially it comes with its own shaft, making installation into both new and existing homes straightforward. Crafted from large panes of laminated, scratchproof, acrylic glass with no visible screws or fixings, its backlit DesignWall comes in a range of 14 patterns and colours. Soft white, recessed LED lighting along the walls and in the lift’s ceiling can be controlled via the SmartLift app, developed in-house by Aritco – coloured light to create different moods is optional. The SmartControl panel inside the lift is intuitive and ergonomic, and the SmartSafety system includes child locks, an alarm button and battery-operated backup in case of power failure.. High quality PVC carpet from Swedish supplier Bolon on the platform lift floor is durable and easy to clean.

“It’s taken three years, from a blank sheet of paper to the final product in which I designed everything from the shaft to the lift platform and also came up with a whole new solution for the control panel. My ambition was to come up with the ultimate flexibility for consumers, who have to be able to identify with their choice of lift through a range of options in terms of materials and colours”,  says Lervik.


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