Photo shows Phil Hurley on the left and Scott Bainbridge on the right with some of the new ESPRITES.

Cardiff, Wales-based rental and technical production specialist Stage Lighting Services have added to their existing all-Robe moving light inventory with a new investment in Robe ESPRITES which join the rental fleet.

These are the first Robe LED profile / shutter fixtures for the company which delivers a diverse and interesting range of work encompassing professional and semi-pro theatrical productions, corporate shows and brand activations, music and live performance shows and events.

Owned by Phil Hurley, together with sister company Stage Sound Services, Stage Lighting Services has a heritage of over 30 years’ experience and excellence, in which time it has built a great reputation in the industry.

The last few months have seen a steady increase in work and business as shows and events start to return post-pandemic. With all the signs being so positive, Phil and the team, including head of hire & sales, Scott Bainbridge, thought the time was right for some new investment!

With clients frequently asking for LED profiles with good framing shutters, particularly for the theatre and corporate work, this was where they focused for this specific purchase.

The great existing relationship with Robe UK – dating back approximately 16 years – and success Stage Lighting Services has enjoyed with products over this time made the ESPRITE an immediate front runner. However, Phil, Scott and the team also took the opportunity to evaluate and extensively test a range of other similar class products available on the market.

They arranged several shootouts at the Wales Millennium Centre (WMC), and concluded that they were “very happy” to stay with Robe as the ESPRITES performed “spectacularly” against the competition explained Phil. This plus the excellent support “fully reconfirmed that we have made – and continue to make – the right choice of moving light brand.”

Robe’s TRANSFERABLE ENGINE (TE) technology played an important role in the decision making to go with ESPRITES.

TE is a hugely flexible patented concept offering the option of having different and interchangeable LED engines – high powered, high CRI, ‘tungsten’, etc., – in the same fixture hardware, which can be quickly and painlessly changed / ‘transferred’ in around 5 to 7 minutes.

“This adaptability really boosts the ROI of the units,” stated Phil. “The fact that we can purchase new and different engines related to the project needs or client demand is a great asset. We have a wide customer base and need to optimize our stock at every opportunity, so this technology is ideal and really adds value!”

Stage Lighting Services has steadily expanded and updated its Robe stock to ensure that the latest and most appropriate fixtures are available. The Robe journey started with the 250 / 300 Series products in the late-noughties, and continued with Robe’s then next-gen LEDWash 600, followed by LEDBeam 100s, Spikies, Spiiders and LEDBeam 150s. “These fixtures were all picked to best suit the size and scale of our core work,” explained Scott, adding that they are also impressed by Robe’s most powerful luminaires, and generally by the comprehensive cross section of products and the continuity e.g., in colours, between all of these.

Their general impression of Robe is that the luminaires are well designed and robustly engineered “workhorses offering plenty of flexibility,” coupled with the outstanding customer service mentioned above.

The new Stage Lighting Services ESPRITES have already been out on several shows including Welsh language musical comedy “Anthem” at the Wales Millennium Centre, production managed by Emil Owen with lighting designed by Katy Morrison, and “Ynys Alys” a Welsh language touring theatrical production which is lit by Ceri James.

The fixtures were also on comedian Tommy Tiernan’s new stand-up show, “Tomfoolery” at the Eventim Apollo, which is being lit by Donal O’Luanaigh and production managed by Niall Barrett.

The intention is to invest in more ESPRITES later in the year in what they see as “the start of a long-term commitment to TE technology,” confirmed Scott.

Stage Lighting Services and sister company Stage Sound Services offer quality full production and imaginative great-looking and sounding technical solutions for a wide range of shows and events. A cornerstone of the company philosophy is investing in the good technology, products and people with passion and commitment for their work and the industry. The lighting division currently has 15 full-time staff and is looking forward to a busy year ahead and some return to a more ‘normal’ flow of business putting the pandemic behind!


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