Smart Home Experts Lightwave Announce Expansion from Birmingham to Berlin

The fully integrated smart home tech will now be available in Apple’s retail and online stores across Europe

Lightwave is launching throughout Europe today, including Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

Its fully integrated smart plugs, sockets and light switches will be shipped across 19 European countries, available via Apple’s online store, Lightwave directly and Amazon. It will also be available in 57 Apple retail stores, with plans to expand into selected APRs (Apple Premium Resellers).

Having cemented its place in the UK smart home market over the past decade, Lightwave set its sights on the growing demand for integrated smart home in Europe, driven by the proliferation of smart speakers. Germany is particularly rich with opportunity, as 43% of people said they are considering investing in smart home technology in the next 3-5 years[1], making now the perfect time for British-born companies such as Lightwave to expand throughout the continent. 

Working closely with Apple to ensure Lightwave’s European range is fully HomeKit compatible, the European expansion required Lightwave to adapt its power products to deliver the same level of ‘smart’ into the configuration of the European model. Fully compliant with the specific conformity regulations and retailing at 89.95 Euros, the final result offers beautifully designed fittings – available in white and premium stainless steel to suit your home environment – at a fraction of the price of home automationbrands available in these markets today.

Lightwave’s dimmer switches and power sockets enable intelligent energy monitoring and two-way communication, meaning you will know if there is an unexpected power surge while you’re away from home. They are extremely simple to install and use the home’s existing wiring, keeping costs and time to install to a minimum. Its clever ‘lock’ function also means you can lock your power sockets and dimmer switches to ‘off’, increasing safety in the home and protecting small hands from risk.

CEO of Lightwave, Jason Elliott commented: “We are incredibly excited to be expanding into Europe. With more than 10 years of growth under our belts in the UK, we’re confident we are bringing to market the smartest socket available in Europe.

“Spearheading our European expansion through Apple retail and online stores means we’ll get in front of our target customers from day one. Following the launch, we’ll be continuing to consider the needs of our new customers across Europe and ensure we’re providing them with a complete, integrated, smart home solution to meet the needs of the modern homeowner.”

Product info:

Smart Dimmer








Information: Begin your home automation adventure with Lightwave’s stylish smart dimmers to control your lights. With a Link Plus hub and one smart dimmer, you’ll have everything you need to start controlling your lights, setting scenes, and creating automations (such as turning on the lights whilst you’re away to mimic occupancy) from your smartphone or tablet from wherever you are. Voice control is an additional convenient benefit, giving you the ability to set your lights to just the right level, even if your hands are full.

Price: 1 Gang Dimmer 69.95 Euros, 2 Gang Dimmer 119.95 Euros

Availability: Currently available from and selected Apple stores

Smart Socket








Information: Our retro-fittable smart sockets are easy to install with no need for extra wiring. Plug any device into the socket and enjoy remote control via the Lightwave app. Whether that’s setting the cooker to come on in time for you to head home or turning off the straighteners that you’re panicking you left plugged in, it’s easier than ever to start controlling your power remotely.

Price: 89.95 Euros

Availability: Launching on Apple store online and in 19 stores on 16 April

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