Showlight 2017 – Exhibitor Spaces SOLD OUT!


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The tenth Showlight quadrennial, the full speaker programme of which was announced last month, takes place in just three months (20th – 23rd May) at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Florence, Italy. It is with delight that Showlight can report that all exhibitor spaces have sold out – they even managed to squeeze in a few more spaces due to popular demand! The latest exhibitors to be welcomed on board are AED, Elation Professional BV, PRG, SGM and Music & Lights. The full list of confirmed exhibitors can be found on the Showlight website at

Exhibitors are a vital part of Showlight’s winning formula where manufacturers, distributors and lighting practitioners, from all disciplines and levels of expertise, are in the enviable position of being able to discuss ideas in a much closer, more relaxed environment than that offered by large scale tradeshows.

Showlight’s exhibition is held in the foyer that encircles the auditorium of the Villa Vittoria in the Palazzo dei Congressi. All companies are allocated the same size shell scheme to ensure everyone is on an even footing, regardless of the size of the company. Uniquely, the exhibition closes while the papers sessions are in progress, so the exhibitors can also listen to the presentations and enjoy full participation in the conference. Delegates will be able to chat to manufacturers during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunchtimes when the exhibition is open.

Each exhibitor sponsors a lighting student for the duration of the show to give them a valuable opportunity to network with industry professionals in return for help (and experience) on the stand.

Most exhibitors host company dinners on the Sunday evening, so every Showlight delegate will be taken to one of Florence’s many excellent restaurants in good company. Delegates can choose which company they dine with, and a restaurant will often host several company dinners so there is plenty more opportunity for networking.

This is your opportunity to get to know the manufacturers and distributors, as well as the speakers, and exchange ideas in a leisurely environment, so make sure you make the most of their availability.

Programming Panel Discussion
Showlight’s conference programme traditionally includes a panel discussion, and this year is no exception as renowned TV lighting designer, Bernie Davies, chairs a panel that focuses on the subject of Programming. Programmers Stuart Porter, Brad Schiller and Ross Williams will explore the changing role they fill and how they fit within the lighting structure. They will look at how this vital role varies in different genres of lighting, how they got to where they are, and where they think things will go in the future. More details can be found at


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