Shoplight Limited launch new ‘Relight’ scheme

Shoplight Limited have launched their new ‘Relight’ scheme designed to tackle the lighting industry’s lack of sustainability and attention to the 3 P’s (People, Planet, Profit). Formed in 2014, the company has seen tremendous growth in its first 6 years of trading and has some of the country’s best-known retailers amongst its clients.

Mark Shortland (Managing Director) said: “At Shoplight we are totally committed to providing the best possible service to our clients, community and environment and so we are thrilled to launch Relight; a new scheme designed to reduce the volume of lighting waste and packaging dumped in landfills whilst still providing our clients with an industry leading light fitting.”

Currently, in the lighting industry, retailers and designers purchase lights when they are renovating a current store or opening a brand-new store. Shoplight supply the lights with a 5-year warranty and at some point after the warranty has expired, the retailer disposes of the lights during a store refurbishment. The retailer purchases a whole set of new full-priced lights. This comes with another 5-year warranty and the cycle repeats.

Shoplight state: “If a client replaces the existing lights for new in 20 stores over a year, then 12 tons of carbon is produced from vehicles, over half a ton of packaging is sent to landfill sites, 20 Days of trading is lost to install lights and £5000 (plus expenses) is spent on electricians.”

Trying to disrupt the norms of the retail lighting industry, Mark suggested: “What if, instead of replacing these lights, we can refurbish them? This led to the birth of ‘Relight’”.

Relight is Shoplight’s refurbishment scheme that has a goal of providing a greener and more cost-friendly solution to replace lights. At the end of the light’s warranty there are only two parts of the light that could have failed due to time. The LED chip and the driver. Shoplight’s Relight team would head out to the store and take the track spotlights down. These would get replaced with a temporary set of lights whilst back at Shoplight’s lab, the LED chips and drivers in the existing fittings are replaced before cleaning and testing. The Relight team take the refurbished lights back to the store before refitting them and focusing. A new 5-year warranty is then issued to the client.

After more calculations, Shoplight evaluated what replacing lights would look like if their Relight service was used and concluded: “If you refurbish the lights in 20 of your stores annually using Relight, compared to traditional methods, then 3 less tons of carbon are produced from vehicles, nearly half a ton of packaging isn’t sent to landfill sites, no days of trading are lost to install lights and no electricians (or costs) are needed.”

It’s initiative’s like Shoplight’s Relight that are essential to be put in place, industry wide, in order to have a positive impact on our environment and make a start on reversing the effects of climate change.

Relight is available now to all Shoplight customers. Visit to find out more about Relight or other Shoplight services.

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