Powerlite Fitzgerald, a UK manufacturer of energy efficient LED lighting for the commercial, industrial, educational and healthcare sectors, has been selected by Wiley to update the lighting systems at its UK site.

Based in Oxford, the education services giant, which has more than 200 years experience in developing digital education, learning, assessment and certification solutions, was looking to overhaul its current fixtures and chose Powerlite Fitzgerald’s systems and experience for the application.

Throughout the project, Powerlite Fitzgerald’s team brought the lighting levels in line with the latest CIBSE guidelines and refreshed the current fittings which were reaching the end of their lifespan. Taking into consideration the size of the site, which houses more than 350 members of staff working around the clock, Wiley had previously faced the challenge of ensuring emergency light testing was compliant and found it difficult to set aside time for the FM team to change the constantly failing lamps and components.

The office space also had a 500x500mm concealed grid, which meant that the replacement product needed to be able to fit around its location. This led the installation team to change the planned fitting to another within the Powerlite Fitzgerald range that would work with the ceiling to allow for a quick and easy installation.

Ben Arscott, Sales Director at Powerlite Fitzgerald, commented, “Scott Owen of Baqus was appointed to manage the lighting upgrade at Wiley. Out of the three manufacturers competing for the project, Powerlite Fitzgerald was chosen due to the competitive package offered which included our wireless system, price, lead time and the fact our products are UK manufactured.

“Our wireless system Fitz-i offered huge flexibility over a traditional hard wired DALI system. The Facility Management team now has access to a secure web portal where all of the reporting is captured. This allows the storage of energy and occupancy reports (heat maps and figures) and remote emergency testing results that are kept secure and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. The facility management team can then use this information to optimise the building and ensure compliance is maintained with minimal involvement.”

James Plummer, Facilities Manager at Wiley, added, “The system really helps with the day to day running of the site. Firstly the LED lights are great, and it’s great as a Facilities Manager to not have to be running around constantly monitoring which lights are working.

“The automated emergency lighting testing report also saves time for me and my engineers and the Fitz-i web app is a great resource and simple to use. If I ever want to see the energy usage of the lighting in the building it’s easy to produce this report, and if needed I can really get down into the details to look at movement patterns and occupancy around the building using the heatmaps report. All in all it’s a great system.”

May 2023 issue

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