PLDC 2017: the lighting design happening for experts in the field

Nominations for the PLDC Recognition Award 2017
The PLDR Award aims to acknowledge those individuals, entities or organisations that have made a contribution to the development of the profession and, through their exceptional activities, have made an impact on and for the Professional Lighting Design community.

The complete shortlist for the eight categories Best Newcomer, Best Daylighting Project, Best New Project, Research, Education, Best Partner in the Industry, Award at Large and Lifetime Achievement can be viewed here.

The winners will be announced on the occasion of the Gala Dinner at PLDC on Saturday
4th November, 2017 in Paris.

The Future of Urban Lighting − eight visions from the Masters of Lightan exhibition on the occasion of PLDC 2017 in Paris − Curator: Roger Narboni

Lighting design as a discipline and practice is currently undergoing a significant change. This is especially evident in the field of urban planning − the design and use of the public realm will be affected by technological developments and ongoing changes in the society. Wouldn’t it be great to take a trip to the middle of this century to see what our changed world will look like?

Dr. Marco Bevolo to deliver a Keynote at PLDC 2017 in Paris − an expert from the field open to dialogue and discussion.

With Dr. Marco Bevolo, PLDC has been able to gain a further expert from the field of visionary lighting design in the urban realm. Marco Bevolo will be present at PLDC on Friday and Saturday, and open for dialogue and discussion, bringing the convention to a climax with his Keynote on Saturday. Read more about Marco Bevolo’s work and expertise here.


What makes PLDC so different? 
Fifth reason: The lighting design community that knows no borders. There are national groups and there are specialists, there are designers, researchers, educators, architects and clients, employers and employees, students and manufacturers. But at PLDC everyone has a place and a voice, everyone is part of it, a community moving together towards the market and design trends of the future.

Read here, about how the lighting community knows no boundaries between countries at PLDC.

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