Image: Alan Daniels from P4 (top left), Emma Quigley from BSI (top right), David Mudd from BSI (bottom left) and Tolga Sakar from BSI (bottom right).

P4, a UK independent self-testing emergency lighting specialist, has again been breaking new ground by being awarded an enhanced level BSI kitemark for lighting.

Certification to the BSI Mark of Trust Kitemark for IoT Devices was achieved in March this year for their Fastel systems M-Web Controller Ecosystem following rigorous testing by BSI’s highly skilled team at its state-of-the-art IoT laboratory.

The kitemark for IoT (Internet of Things) devices is designed to address the potential for cyber threats to all internet-enabled products. In the modern world, any connected device has the potential to be exploited by hackers as a way to access personal data and to disrupt or divert services. Reducing this operational risk is a key concern for any business, but particularly public sector bodies such as NHS hospital trusts and universities.

Alan Daniels, Technical Director at P4 explains why this certification is so significant for their customers:

“We work with many institutions responsible for large amounts of personal data and critical services. By choosing our emergency lighting system, customers can be sure that they’re getting a system which is not only reliable in terms of guiding people to safety in an emergency, but is also secure in terms of reducing their vulnerability to attack and keeping their data safe.”

P4 has made a commitment to ensure their systems provide the most secure emergency lighting on the market. Kitemark certification involves ongoing regular testing of the systems to ensure they continue to meet the requirements. Alan continues:

“For us, the kitemark is really important because it offers certainty to customers from a respected third party that our system is secure and their data will be safe – they don’t just have to take our word for it!”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the team at P4 has been unable to receive their award in person. Instead, an online presentation took place on Thursday 23rd July as the team from BSI officially awarded the certification.

This is the second kitemark that P4 have been awarded, after achieving their first kitemark in November 2019 for self-testing emergency lighting systems.

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