London Southend Airport is one of the UK’s fastest-growing regional airports. A recent project to deliver a major refurbishment and new build of a hangar at the airport included a lighting scheme provision, and Ovia was the number one choice of the contractor leading the works.

The company responsible for the electrical installation was Kent-based Prowired Electrical Contractors, which offers a wide range of electrical services throughout the southeast region. Prowired undertook the project following the relocation of a specialist aviation company to the Southend Airport site. The aviation company in question carries out repair, service and maintenance of aircraft, and the overall project involved design consultation, full installation for the new hangar and associated workshop area, as well as the refurbishment of the offices.

A long established relationship between the Ovia regional sales manager for the area, Reg Oldrey, and Danny Edmonds, director of Prowired, led to Ovia securing the lighting part of the project. After completing a detailed lighting design scheme, a range of Ovia lighting solutions were delivered to site for installation.

Commenting on the collaboration with Ovia, Danny Edmonds, said: “There were very tight deadlines on this particular project and with the restraints on materials availability continuing to be an issue, it was a challenging job to get over the line on time to suit the client’s relocation from their existing premises. We knew, however, that we could rely on the ability of Ovia to quickly come up with the right lighting design scheme for the job and to deliver the right products in the right quantities at just the right time. This meant we were able to hand the job over on time.”

A range of lighting solutions from Ovia’s extensive portfolio were selected, with the contractor citing the quality of the products as well as ease of installation as key criteria. In the hangar itself a selection of highbays and emergency LED signs provided the lighting solution.  The Highbay fitting selected was the black Ovia Grus and a total of 17 of the 100W LED 1-10V Dimmable Highbays along with six Emergency versions have been fitted.   The Grus Highbays were fixed to the ceiling using the surface brackets, to provide the finished look required by the client.  For the emergency lighting provision two of the 4W Emergency LED Maintained Box Exit Signs in white and showing the Up legend were chosen.

For the office area Ovia specified the Inceptor Slate Low Glare LED Backlit Panels, with 35 of the fittings installed to meet the requirements. The Inceptor Slate Backlit Panel is a range of TP(a) rated backlit panel lights with a low, <19 UGR diffuser, making them suitable for a range of installations and working environments.

The Building Regulations Approved Document B2 (buildings other than dwelling houses) places restrictions on the use of certain thermoplastic materials when they are used as lighting diffusers and form part of a ceiling. TP(a) rated materials may be used almost without restriction, but restrictions exist on the use of TP(b) rated materials.  Inceptor Slate Backlit ceiling panels are TP(a) as standard.

Inceptor Slate Backlit Panels are designed to fit standard 600mm x 600mm panel sizes, making them an ideal retro fit for existing, less efficient lighting options. They come with a pre-wired push-fit 3-Pole Flow connector making for quick and easy installation.

In the staff room – two of the Jura 30W LED Panels, featuring cool white colour temperature, were chosen, along with four of the 3-hour emergency conversion packs. Lighting requirements for the WC facility on the site were catered for with one of the 24W IP44 recessed AluPanel downlights in the 300m diameter option, as well as three EVO Slim 16W IP65 Bulkheads. With a depth of just 57mm the EVO Slim is ideal where space is tight, or a subtle solution is sought. It benefits from a fast-fit twist and lock installation mechanism and features a tri-colour CCT switch integrated onto the LED Board, making it easy to switch from 3000k, 4000k and 6000k.

Finally, to provide security lighting for the exterior of the hangar and surrounding area, seven of Ovia’s 50W IP44 LED Pathfinder Floodlights with PIR sensor have been installed.

Danny Edmonds continues: “The process from start to finish with Ovia was seamless as always. From the design to delivery, we had peace of mind that we could complete this job with the excellent standard that we strive to achieve.

“I’ve worked with Reg on many projects and trust his judgement when it comes to specifying the right products to deliver the solution needed. The Highbays we fitted were exactly what the client required providing the respectable amount of light the locations required.

“As our relationship continues to grow with Ovia, we look forward to the many upcoming projects ahead in delivering high quality and reliable products to our clients.”

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