Although the planned celebrations for the International Day of Light in 2020 (IDL2020) were impacted significantly by the global pandemic, many individuals and organisations were able to reorganise to move activities and events online.

With hundreds of events moving to virtual formats through Streaming events and Social Media, in many cases this actually facilitated easier international participation. There was worldwide response to activities such as photography contests, BINGO games, lectures and talks, educational meetings, and more.

In addition to the variety of innovative and engaging events that took place online, a highlight of the 2020 celebrations around 16 May included the #SeeTheLight campaign, which featured a special video and four insightful articles by distinguished specialists. These pieces describe the role of light and how light drives cleaner energy, sustainable farming, high-speed connectivity and better diagnostics and treatments. The IDL Secretariat also called on its community to submit original videos that celebrate the role of light. Over fifty creative videos were received from more than 30 countries worldwide, and many of these were shared on the IDL social media accounts throughout the month of May.

The detailed results of the IDL2020 celebrations can be read in this report. Some highlights include over 300 registered events in 69 countries, an estimated 750,000 event participants, and 400,000 social media impressions. On Twitter, #IDL2020 trended globally on 16 May. In fact, #IDL2020 was used 30% more in May 2020 than #IDL2019 was in all of 2019. The IDL Secretariat is delighted by this result considering the extenuating circumstances faced by event organizers this year.

In a few months, planning will begin for the Day of Light celebrations in 2021. Please contact IDL if you have ideas or interest for collaborations, sponsorships, or other participation opportunities.

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