Once Berlin, always Berlin: CMP-represented equity fund acquires Selux AG

– Globally successful specialist for lighting is set for continued growth
– 400 employees worldwide, including around 190 in Germany
– Investments of several million euros planned
– Innovation growth at the production site in Zachow and in sales

Selux AG, a long-standing Berlin-based company founded in 1948, plans to systematically expand its position in sustainable lighting solutions in Europe and North America by quickly increasing innovation. In order to realize this ambitious plan, Selux has brought on a strong partner – an equity fund represented by CMP Capital Management Partners is assuming control of the globally active specialist for high-quality, efficient, and well-designed lighting solutions. Selux already casts light on major streets, squares, and places around the world, including the famous 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial in New York City. The aim is to further develop their position as one of the leading companies in the industry in the coming years.

The head office will remain in Berlin, and the important production site in Zachow near Ketzin (Brandenburg) will also remain open. Thousands of lights have already been produced here, including the famous Schupmann candelabra standing at the Brandenburg Gate. The sites in Miribel (France) and Highland, New York (USA), which have both been successful for over 30 years, will continue to ensure the efficient international production of Selux products in their local markets.

“Selux is a champion in its field”
“When we were approached by the company founded by the Bansbach family to form a partnership, we immediately recognized that Selux is a champion in its field. With its activities in Germany, North America, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Benelux, and Australia, Selux has a powerful worldwide production and distribution network. At the same time, we see strong growth potential for the global brand in many prominent locations around the world. Using light as a creative element in central locations in high-quality designs with outstanding technology enriches our lives,” says Kai Brandes, Managing Director of CMP Capital Management Partners, which is also headquartered in Berlin.

Approval by the Federal Cartel Office completed – closing has taken place
Execution of the corporate acquisition was in the hands of Jan Dettbarn from CMP, who has also been a member of the Executive Board of Selux AG since mid- November. “We are pleased with the successful completion of the transaction. The purchase contract is signed, the approval by the Federal Cartel Office has been received, and the closing – the fulfilment of all contractual terms – has taken place.

This means security for the employees, customers, and partners as well as for the suppliers.”

The company generated approximately 85 million euros in sales last year and employs around 400 employees worldwide, including 190 in Germany. In October 2019, a reconciliation of interests and a redundancy plan were agreed on with the General Works Council. According to these agreements, there will be limited staff adjustments by the end of the year to increase efficiency, particularly in the administrative area. As part of the plan to drive innovation, investments in the amount of several million euros will be made in new intelligent products and the digital networking of the international production sites. Specific focus is on the Berlin site and the Zachow production site as well as the expansion of the sales offices in Europe and North America.

Klaus-Peter Siemssen returns to Selux as CEO
“After some difficult but constructive negotiations, and despite some staff changes, we in the General Works Council are looking optimistically to the future; especially with regard to Klaus-Peter Siemssen’s return. As in previous years, we can continue to count on the expertise, devotion, commitment, and loyalty of our employees into the future. Together we look forward to building a relationship that ensures we continue to supply our customers with sophisticated lighting solutions,” explains Robin Hübner, President of the General Works Council of Selux AG.
Returning to his former domain, Klaus-Peter Siemssen will take over the leadership of Selux AG as CEO on 1 January 2020. Siemssen previously held this position from early 2010 until the end of 2014.

“Selux is a strong brand. We realize sophisticated and sustainable lighting solutions with the most famous designers and architectural offices around the world. To have the opportunity to implement the vision of a strong, internationally active Selux with CMP and the global team is a challenge I very much look forward to. Because of their durability, our products have a very special responsibility – they shape the urban space and therefore our culture, as well as impact people. Partnership is crucial in this context; we can only achieve these extraordinary results as a team.

I want to develop new things with the dedicated team. In the future, with their expertise, we will be able to ensure the well-being of people and put very special places around the world in the best light. With this great foundation, we will be able to continue to create many highly-regarded lighting installations together with our customers, lighting designers, and architects,” says Siemssen. “After all, it’s part of the DNA of Selux to create product innovations and to offer ever more capable lighting solutions. The market thinks long-term, and in addition to high-quality light and an efficient, timeless design, first-class workmanship is called for. Finally, the individual lighting projects realized by us should do one thing above all – work reliably for decades to delight people.”

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